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Joanie Madden - 2021 Canada

Hey Brad I love your playing and I’m glad to hear you play one of my compositions the immigrant I hope I get to meet you some day!

Joanie Madden is a recipient of a 2021 National Heritage Fellowship awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, which is the United States government's highest honor in the folk and traditional arts

-Rich Meseko 2021 Canada


Hello Brad,

Happy New Year!

I've included a little clip here. You would please let me have your kind observations for improvement.



2021 - Colorado

Hey Brad! Appreciate all this information and amazing service by you, as always. I dove right into your new website and I LOVE IT! The introductory video hit me as it did back then and the new design is very captivating :)

I LOVED the video too with your fluting and some ambience and other instruments... you have a way with music my friend. It hits my soul in a whole new way. I think I may have to get some of your CD's as well for my commutes to work. Pan flute soothes my soul and I adore your technique and story you put behind every note you play. THIS is why I advocate your work whereverI go. I hope I can help spread the love of pan flute and you bet I will point people toward your direction :)

You are so professional, reachable and dedicated to helping that I simply am without words. I am so looking forward to this grand tenor :)

I'm going to explore your sites and music some more, thank you again for all this content. 

Robert Jarden

2021 - Hawaii

Melinda Aloha,

We really appreciate your excellent service on starting our Pan flute adventure.

We are very excited and happy that we contacted you instead of buy this instrument from Amazon.

I will let you know if we have any additional questions after the arrival of the instruments and music materials.

We are looking forward to continue our contact with you as we learn and introduce others to the Pan flute.

Thank you for your support.


2021 - Australia

Hi Brad

Thank you so much for the pan flute which arrived safely this week. It is beautiful with a lovely tone. I’m hoping one day to be able to play it as well as on your recordings – lots of practice needed!

Just a quick question – is it ok to use a little vaseline on the skin below my lower lip to help the flute move smoothly = just checking it wouldn’t be detrimental to the instrument.

Thanks again 

Best wishes

Heather - Australia

Hi Heather thank you for your letter. Better than Vaseline if you feel you need something perhaps a little baby powder. But overtime you get used to playing the instrument and it’s probably better not to use anything. You don’t want to become dependent on Vaseline or powder. Be sure not to press too hard and the instrument is placed just under your your lower lip… not on. 


2021 - Nevada

Hi I purchased the grand tenor a few months back and wanted to tell you that with a lot of practice I have made this sound like heaven. thank you so much brad I am so blessed to have found this instrument. Ryan morris

2021 - New York


I meant to write as soon as the pocket pipes arrived (which they have :o)

Got excited to try them out! And wanted to thank you for the CD of your beautiful music! I imported the CD into my iTunes library and their music database had you in there already! So it was great getting the album artwork too. Also thank you again for the DVD with lessons! I’ll need all I can get. One of my goals is to get good enough with my pocket pipes & fun pipes until I feel I’ve learned (and earned) enough so I can justify buying myself one of your 22 Pipe Grand Tenor beauties :o) But that is for another time! Until then, be safe and thanks for all of your generosity!

Best -

Peter Pasquerello

2021 - Korea


Brad White

I received the instrument you sent me today.

I think it is a very good instrument that makes a good sound, andI will continue to work hard to use your instrument in Korea in the future.

I will cherish your instrument and try to be a good player.

May your business thrive at all times.

Your good friend se-rim Park

2021 - Ohio

You do beautiful work Brad. My flute arrived in perfect condition around 2 today and by 3 I was playing a rough rendition of Hallelujah. You may recall that was the song that inspired me to give this a try. I will need to build up some lung power, but I’ll get there!


Marsha O’Connor

2021 - Maryland

Good morning,

I can't thank you and Melinda enough for the personalized shopping experience you gave me. I know my granddaughter will be delighted with her pan flute.

It was an absolute pleasure to not deal with a big box store and having the gift wrapped is a big plus!!

Have a great day.

Robin Stefiuk

What a day, pocket pipe just came in and lit up this day for me in view of this days circumstances. Been wanting one for years and I'm glad I waited. Couldn’t have arrived at any better time.

Many thanks to you and your team Brad W.

This is going to bring me lots of joy.

Expect another order soon.

Good day to you and your team*


2021 - Australia

Brad and Melinda. Aloha! The Pan-flute arrived yesterday via USPS in perfect condition and it is a beautiful instrument. The manuals and case of course were in the package. I want to thank you both for your time and help in getting the Pan-flute ordered and shipped. It was a pleasure. I will keep in touch as I progress. I belatedly wish you both a happy, peaceful, joyful and prosperous New Year. Brad I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. Please let me here from you. 

All the best. Craig Williams

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