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Letters from very happy customers - 2018

December 31 2018, India

Dear Melinda and Brad,

New Year Greetings to you from India!

Thank you. The package had been successfully delivered 4 days ago. I was away traveling and returned home tonight. The panflute is very good. I'm able to produce sounds. Will work on it using the DVD and the book.

Warm regards.

Rajan Raman

December 27, 2018

Hi Brad..Cody got the pan flute

Thanks for all the extra care sending it to my son Cody

He's was very happy..

Merry Christmas and all the Best in the New Year..

Sincerely Nancy

December 17, 2018 from Jacob

Hi Brad, it's been a year now since I purchased a pan flute from you, and I just wanted to say thank you for crafting such a lovely instrument as well as for your instructions, which paid off in the long run, and especially for the special support you gave me to help me play flat notes. The beautiful music from this flute has enhanced my life so much, and I just wanted to share the positivity with you. Hope all is well in sunny Hawaii!

October 23, 2018 The Philippines

Thank you so much we received the package today. It was in very good condition. Look forward to learning how to play them now. The book, instructions and discs should be very helpful. Guess the rest is up to us. It has been an enjoyable experience doing business with you.

The Sheldons

October 1, 2018 Oklahoma City

Hi Melinda, Brad,

Thanks for the pan flute. It's beautiful and tuned perfectly. I have and learned to play your pan flute for a year, but just actually "clicked" on it the past 2 months as I began to figure out its soul. Attached is the clip I played your pan flute in front of people for the first time at our community's Lunar Festival. I learned to make and play Native American style bamboo flutes about 2 years ago.

Again, thanks for making such a beautiful pan flute.


September 11, 2018 Vietnam

Hi Brad,

I well received the Pan yesterday together with CD. I totally pleasure with it's quality.

Total time delivery to Vietnam around 02 weeks.




September 9, 2018 from Facebook

Robynn Ney is with Brad White.

7 hrs ·

I bought 2 pan flutes from him. I love playing my pan flute. I have lung problems and playing the pan flute helps me exercise my lungs not to mention the beautiful sound a pan flute makes.

September 5, 2018 Texas

Brad and Melinda,

Thank you so much for the left handed pan flute that was purchased for my husband Doug. I was finally able to go out to the Oil field and see him for a little bit and give him the Anniversary present. He is estatic about it, even made him tear up a little. Needless to say he is spending lots of time practicing while he is there. I also want to thank Brad for noticing the email my husband sent and letting me know, seems Doug is always trying to mess up his gifts. lol

Thank you once again. Doug is already thinking about the grand Tenor and a different book but I told him he needs to practice a bit first as he hasn't even come near to mastering the other ones he has. I am sure we will be in touch again soon most definitely as you can already see.

Thank you,

Turea W.

September 2 2018 Texas

Good Morning Mr. White,

Yesterday evening my wife and my 2 youngest daughters brought my tenor to me in the oilfield.

 I won't 51 years of age...I teared up some... I waited a little over a year.

It is a beautiful instrument, you have a phenomenal talent, I will enjoy every moment of bringing it to life as my musical abilities are weak, but my patients and determination are huge and all of your recordings inspire me to just practice and go one step at a time.

Thank you Brad.

-Doug A

August 30, 2018 Florida

Joubert Berrouet, West Palm Beach, FL

Pocketpipes (also has Light shoe)

Thank you Mr. White.

My panflute is in...I love it!

I gave a little concert to the birds in my backyard....they were jealous!

They went to complain to God about me...

Tell Mr. Brad I am in love with his pan flutes.

Thank Aloha.


Ps...shipment complete nothing missing.

August 28, 2018 Lubbock Texas

I have begun my musical journey down the pan flute road and become more addicted every day. My alto flute is a master piece and I again thank you for my instrument. I am so anxious to dive into the exotic tone of the tenor flute.


August 25, 2018 Paulo alto California

Hi Brad,

The Grand Tenor arrived today. Great sounding pan flute!!

Thank you!!


August 15, 2018

Greetings, Brad. I wish to thank you for this beautiful pan flute. Such great craftsmanship! I’m getting acquainted with the high-quality sound and feel. I look forward to reviewing all your teaching materials. Thanks so much!

Steve LaTulippe

July 31 2018 California

Hi Brad,

Thanks for taking the time out to send me that link and explain the wood just in time for my presentation! The kids loved it. I played my pan flute twice last week -- once for the presentation, and once for my elderly neighbor to whom I gave a personal flute concert! I purposely leave them in the case until I play them as I love to hear the gasp and oohs and aahs EVERY SINGLE time I take out my Grand Tenor. Thanks for making such a beautiful looking and sounding instrument!


July 13, 2018 Scotland

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that the Pan Flute arrived here in the Highlands of Scotland today. It was in perfect condition and also no extra fees to pay. A great delivery time and arrived before my birthday thank you. :)

Thank you so much for the extra CD and the books are fantastic. I know you're only supposed to spend 15 minutes at a time at first on the flute, but I spent a good few hours on it and am so happy with the great quality and workmanship. I watched your lessons and can't wait to get started with the "you can teach yourself pan flute" book and YouTube video. I play by ear, so am now going to learn how to read music!

I'm going to make sure I set by time every day to learn. Practice and determination and I will get there.

Thank you for all the help you have given me, I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Tina Macintosh

July 1, 2018 UK

Martin Taylor

Alto 15 pipe package

Withern, Alford, Lincolnshire,

Hi Melinda and Brad,

Cannot believe it - my 15 pipe Pan Flute has arrived this morning :-):-)

Tried it out as soon as it arrived. It is so much easier to play the music scores with a C and F present. I can even get the high notes to sound now (sometimes) :-D

This is the set I should have ordered in the first place!

Well impressed. A lovely, lovely set of Pan Pipes, thank you.

I still want to become good enough in the future to justify buying myself a set of the Grand Tenor Pan Pipes (a Pipe Dream?), even at my age ;-)

Thank you both once again

Best regards,


June 16, 2018 California

Thanks so much for all the references and help! I really dig what your doing and the education and passion you bring about to the pan flute. Mahalo! :) - Mary

June 14, 2018 Australia

Hi Brad,

Received my pipes today, The Grand Tenor Dark Shoe, nicely made and beautiful sound. Thank you.

Kind regards, Andrew

June 13, 2018 Singapore

Hello Melinda/Brad,

Words can’t thank you enough!… I’m deeply grateful for all the support and gift of music received from you and Brad, you have a wonderful team~!

Thank you for sharing with the world this beautiful sound of the pan-flute! It’s definitely life-changing and emotionally uplifting!!

Thank you thank you all so much once again!

Warm regards from 10,000 miles away,

Your humble friend,

Foong yee

June 12, 2018 Facebook

Happy birthday Brad and thank you for the flute. I found i can play it with one lung and i believe playing it strengthens my 1 lung that works.

John E White Sr

June 5, 2018 Alpine Utah

Hi, Melinda,

Pan flute arrived today. (June 2) So nice. But. . . . I wish the CD with Brad White playing so beautifully included the names of the composers. Very important in my book to recognize the composers of these beautiful melodies. Any chance you can send me the names of the composers of each of the 18 songs, or if folk songs, the country of origin. As they are listed on the CD, it looks like Brad White wrote most all of them. I would really appreciate list of composers. Thanks so much. Also would be nice to include the key each is in, but I have figured that out already. The performances are beautiful.

I LOVE the short history. What a contribution. The teaching segments of the video are so clear and easy to understand. As a prof. of music education for children, it made me want to start a movement to teach panpipe in elementary schools. (Maybe grade 5 or 6). Do you know of any schools that have adopted your program? I’ve already learned so much just going over all of your materials. Thanks so much. Now we will see how my 14 year-old grandson takes to it. The beautiful songs on recording will help the most.

Susan Kenney

May 15 2018, Indiana

Hey Brad my 22 pipe tenor arrived today. A beautiful piece of work. It wont be long and i'll be playing it. I'm an old trumpet player and I love music.

Thank you and Melinda for your prompt and professional service.

John Straka

May 13, 2018 Ontario Canada

I see your customer service is, as always, still top drawer.

I am so pleased with my Grand Tenor. You craft, in my opinion, one of the very best Pan Flutes sold anywhere in the world.

Thank You so much for the opportunity to enjoy such a fine instrument.

Best regards,

Barry Begley

May 10, 2018 Hong Kong China

Hi Brad,

I received the Grand Dark Shoe panflute on yesterday morning.

The craft quality is perfect, the bottom shoe got very nice curve shape. All blow holes are perfect aligned. Also the delivery package is well doing.

The Grand Dark Shoe has a warm and sweet sounding tone. Easy to blow for every holes.

I can see the instruments that produce by you is make with heart !

• Steven

First email April 28, 2018

Hi Mr. Brad,

Yes, the Grand Tenor with a dark shoe is what i looking for.

My panflute teacher has purchased this from you, this is so good in build and i like the tone as well.

Compare to one i purchased from China that was a bit too sharp in tone and i feel a bit inferior build quality.

Their blow holes were not well aligned.

The most crazy thing is the flute was not in tune before send out. - Steven

May 1, 2018 YouTube How to play Pan-Flute


Just ordered 1 of these about 10 minutes ago. Thank you Brad and keep up the good work and beautiful playing. Aloha

May 1, 2018 Virginia

Hi Brad!

Thank you for the quick follow up. I was inspired and greatly appreciate your website and YouTube videos. Great job!

This is a surprise for our 17 year old daughter. She currently plays acoustic guitar and flute. Cannot wait to get her started with this! Be well and thank you kindly.

Grace and peace,


Callaway, VA

Update May 10, 2018

Hi Brad and Melinda,

Just gave the pan flute to our daughter Sophia to open. She is playing it as I type this.:-)

It sounds great, and nice job on the quick shipping and beautiful wrapping job! She had no idea what was in the box.

In closing, thank you for the bonus cd. Looking forward to hearing it. May your business grow and be successful, and may you and your loved ones be well and good.

Grace and peace,


April 24, 2018 Colorado

Thanks for the excellent reply! I can tell this is not just a career for you; it’s a passion, hobby, and way of life. I can see that enthusiasm in what you do, and it’s contagious.

Thanks for going the extra mile and for great customer service!

Cheers! - Robert

April 19, 2018 Florida

You are the man Brad.

Your customer service is fantastic, any place I can leave a review?

The tuning you did for the flute is amazing, and it sounds like the flute theme from Alien Covenant, which is why I like it.

Let me just say, I say your first videos about pan flutes when I was only 16!!!

I flirted with buying one then, life got in the way, and I forgot about it.

Time flew by, and I was going through my old youtube playlist when I found a saved video from you.

I had wanted to learn a new instrument, and I thought the fun pipes would be a cool place to start, so I ordered it immediately!

Thanks Michael  

April 6, 2018 Seoul Korea

HI Brad,

How you doing?

I'm very happy today

Couse I recive frute

Thank you so so mutch

Beautiful frute

God bless you & your family

I love you!

PS. I read your Web

You gat lot a letter from your client presiate letter all of the country

But you don't have Seoul Korea

I hope wright in your Web.

Han Chung Seoul Korea Pls.

Thanks again!

April 1, 2018 Honolulu Hawaii

Hi Brad:

Thank you so much for the special wrapping on my Mom's order! She appreciated it so much and was so touched by the extra care. This is the first time EVER that she requested something for her birthday and you made it so special for her. Thank you.

Also, this second flute is for my Dad. He has Parkinson and can do very little for himself on his own but this is something that he really wants to try so we're really looking forward to this "no wrong note" flute.

Thank you so much for the joy (and hope) you're bringing them through these flutes. Happy Easter! - Jaylene

March 25, 2018 Australia

Thank you Brad,

I am so looking forward to the challenge. Over the last few years I have longed to own one, at last it has come to fruition, But I had to have your craftmanship, the tone is just beautiful. sweet and spiritual. I am 76 yrs I just love this instrument. Love Mary Keeler

February 23, 2018 YouTube

Marffv Marffv,

Thank you Brad very nice peace. I'm still learning pan flute with my very nice 22 grand tenor I bought at your shop. Still very happy with it, sound very well and very very stable in tune, just perfect. Thank you. Franck from Puyloubier village FR.

February 18, 2018 Powder Springs Georgia

Brad: I received my pan flute today and it arrived in excellent condition.

I couldn't wait to get started playing it but found out right away that it is harder than it looks. However, after I started looking at the lessons on your DVD, I actually got some nice sounds from it. The one thing that really helped me the most was when you said to pretend you were spitting out a pumpkin seed. That really helped me get a better sound. I am looking forward to learning this beautiful instrument. I will keep you posted.

Thank you,

Peggy Cantrell

February 15, 2018 Gonzales, Louisiana

Facebook Reviews

If you are looking to purchase a Panflute, this is the place you want to buy it. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I ordered late Sunday night, it was shipped immediately on Monday and I received it Wednesday morning. The communication is also exceptional. Brad makes it a point to reach out to all of his customers. Jared


Brad and Melinda, My name is Jared Braud, husband of Megan. I want to let you both know that I have received my Panflute!!!! I am so very excited to begin to learn how to master this amazing instrument! I was able to get a tone from the lower notes, but I think it is safe to say that I have a lot of practicing to do, especially with my lips and getting the right flow of air. Needless to say, my wife, who used to play the clarinet, hit more of the notes lol.

I am so very appreciative for your gifts of music, especially the Panflute, and for being so willing to pass on that knowledge. It is my hope that I honor you with my perseverance and dedication to becoming the best Panflute player that I can be. I am sure to be keeping in contact with you quite often.

Again, I am so very excited to be finally beginning a journey that I have felt called to for a while. Aloha, Jared

February 8, 2018 Florida

It's beautiful! Thank you so much. I can't wait to get started. I had to open the box right at the post office (a very teeny tiny post office) and the staff immediately called for a concert. Ha!! I may be calling for a lesson after a few weeks. Meanwhile, I'll just soak up what I can and enjoy the process. It's a pleasure knowing you. Roxie

February 6, 2018 Portland, OR

Hi Brad,


I received my Grand Tenor yesterday and am loving it. I have played silver flutes most of my life so the panflute is a challenging, but awesome, new experience!! Thank you for doing what you do! Marianne Decher Portland, OR

February 2, 2018 Belmont Mississippi

I received my new panflute today. It is better than I even expected. I spent the afternoon watching the dvd and going through the instruction book. Your instructions are very clear and easy to understand. I am very excited about learning to play a new instrument, even at 65. Thanks for your help!! - Debbie M

February 1, 2018 Des Moines Iowa

Your Name: scott gabriel Message: Brad, I just wanted to thank you for the best panflute . I can't put it down, it's beuitfull and so easy to play,tuned perficly and thanks for the CD cut four, Danny Boy is the number one song I wanted to learn. I super pleased!!!! ——

January 28, 2018 Norton Massachusetts

Hello Brad and Melinda.... I just received your pan flutes from Bella's and they are exquisite. I listened to your excellent cd sampler with much pleasure. Also, I viewed the instructional dvd that was included in the package. In addition, I have read through the brochures that came with each flute. With regard to the care of these beautiful instruments, and before beginning anything, I am wondering if the use of oil is necessary to keep them in peak condition. I did not see it mentioned in the care instructions. I am aware that oil treatment is used as part of a maintenence regimen for many types of similar instruments such as the wooden celtic flute and those of the north and south american indians. I am also going to order some hard shell cases to keep them well protected. Warmest Regards, Gene Catudal ———-

Hi Gene, no further oiling needed..... brad

January 26, 2018 Euclid, OHio

Dear Melinda Thank you. Believe me I have loved all of the albums you and Brad have sent to me. My 93 and a half year old Mom loves them too. I have recommended the Pan flute shop website to several friends. I told them I met Brad in 1986-87. Actually Brad & Lee we’re playing in Hawaii near or at the hotel where I was staying. They let me try the instrument that made such beautiful music. At that time I bought all their cassette tapes. For years I kept trying to find out if they had made them into CD’s but Brad said they did not. I am so happy to receive their CD of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. If one would ask me how satisfied I am with your (Brad & Melinda’s) service say on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, I would have to honestly say: 10+. May God continue to bless you & Brad (and Lee too) and your Pan Flute business. Aloha Judith ————-

January 23, 2018 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Hey you guys! Just got the new panflute in the mail this looks great thanks so much!l followed it's tracking and it was in Toronto on the 18th.then 5 more days to get to Thunder Bay and we are in the same province! Lol -Gordon

January 14, 2018 FaceBook ScottnBrandy Weaver reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star 1 hr · Very fast and friendly service. Brad's desire for a top notch instrument and his passion for the pan flute is immediately obvious. After talking to him and then very promptly receiving my beautiful pan flute, I would not consider purchasing one from any one else. Thank you! ————————

January 11, 2018 Montgomery Alabama Your Name: DanaLane

Message: I am loving my pan flute! Thank you for all of the help you gave my daughter Laura Phillips in getting it to me so quickly. It was meant to be...I had been looking at your site but she didn't know that and your site was the one she chose to go to! 

Thanks again...Dana ———-

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