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Letters from very happy customers - 2019

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Jared Michael Braud reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star

If you are looking to purchase a Panflute, this is the place you want to buy it. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I ordered late Sunday night, it was shipped immediately on Monday and I received it Wednesday morning. The communication is also exceptional. Brad makes it a point to reach out to all of his customers.

Scott n Brandy Weaver reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star

Very fast and friendly service. Brad's desire for a top notch instrument and his passion for the pan flute is immediately obvious. After talking to him and then very promptly receiving my beautiful pan flute, I would not consider purchasing one from any one else. Thank you!

Joel A. Burdick reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star

I know, -right? This shop is the BEST! I bought a 15-pipe student pan pipe and it is awesome. Now I want to 'upgrade' to a professional model and Brad's shop keeps coming up in my searches.

Danny Porter reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star

I couldn't recommend this shop more. Brad is very responsive and helpful and makes a phenomenal handmade product with a beautiful sound. His passion is very evident. Highly recommend the grand Tenor!

Ronnie Elkan reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star

One of a kind shop, the music that flows out of this shop is just the best!!!!

David Peppers reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star

I decided to buy a panflute last year. After looking at reviews I decided on Brad White. I had some questions as most will I think at first and sent an email asking those questions. 

This was on a Saturday and the next day, a Sunday, he emailed me back gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. He answered my questions in person and he even took my order that day. I have had a question or two since and he and his wife are so kind and caring about their customers. 

They are in business not only to make money but because they love the music and want you to be very happy in your purchase and learning process afterward. Brads CD's are amazing and I listen to them almost daily. Such a variety of genres. I get inspired each time I listen to them and hear new things each time. Brad excels in many different flutes and is fun to listen too. 

I look forward to the next CD that comes out. If you are interested in playing or buying the panflute you will not be disappointed in Brad Whites products. He even gives a free CD lesson when you purchase one to start your learning process.

Terrence Babbage

James Jeong

I bought one of your panflutes many years ago now. I still play it......a fine instrument.

James Jeong


Brad White Aloha,

I enjoy listening to your various music on Facebook.Korean people love relaxing and healing music such as recorder and panflute, ocarina, harmonica. I really want to invite you to Korea or meet you as I go to your country. Aloha^(^

2020 - Perth,  Australia

Hi Brad, delighted to confirm that my panpipes arrived safely downunder today and I love the look of them. Now the challenge begins, 

Regards Paul Marshall, Perth, W.A.


Nice note from Theresa Wittman

Hello there. You and Brad are phenomenal at customer service and satisfaction! I was highly impressed when I ordered my daughter’s pan flute (it is her most-prized instrument). It is also why I returned to your company to request the case and CDs. Thank you just doesn’t express my gratitude to both of you. God Bless!

Theresa Wittman

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