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Letters from very happy customers - 2008

2012-31-08 - Knin, Croatia

Hello Brad

Today is 31.12 and I receive pan flute, and I am very happy for that.

Everything is ok. Thanks for extra DVD.

Pan flute is a gift for my mother. She love this sound an she like to know playing that, That instrument is Christmas present for her.

Her name is Renata.

My english is so bad and I have no words to say thanks, and I am very unhappy because i don t know you, but who knows, someday?.......

To you and your family very happy moments in New Year



12-30-08 - Iowa, USA


Found your website yesterday. I have always been facinated with the sound of the pan flutes. I am a musician and want to learn. So I purchased your Fun Pipes today. Your introduction and playing them for a beginner was just awesome. I wasn't sure what to get. But since you were playing them I thought that might be best for me a beginner. I can always go up right? Anyway I didn't really want anything. I was just so inspired by your demos and website I just had to say what a GOOD JOB!!! If I have any questions etc. I will be sure to e-mail you. Thanks for the inspiration.


12-29-08 - Kent, UK

Hi Brad!! I have just received my Panflute. (wow!! That was quick) [less than a week]

I can't wait to learn to play it, but I am sure it is not as easy as you make it look, but I will enjoy it. The instrument is lovely, thank you, speak to you again.

Regards / Happy New Year, Brian

12-29-08 - New Orleans, USA

Dear, Melinda and Brad,

The pan-flute arrived here safely last Tuesday, it really is beautiful! Practicing since Thursday I can find a tone in each pipe, although Amelle's expression is more of curiosity when I play as opposed to pleasure when she hears Brad play on the computer.

We hope you are having a nice Holiday Season, I attached some photos we took for our Christmas card. Thank you for your previous reply and for your interest in us.

Thank you for all your personal touches and kindness, it really makes this even more of a wonderful experience!

Happy Holidays!

Amelle, Katherine, and Mark

12-28-08 - Colorado, USA

Aloha Brad & Melinda...

Happy New Year! I received my new panpipes! Thank You! When I opened the box, I was very pleasantly surprised at the fine quality and beauty of your instruments! It feels "SOLID" in my hand, unlike others I have seen and held.

The pride that The Pan-Flute Shop takes in their craftsmanship is greatly appreciated, hence, making any future flute purchases from you, a certainty.

Thanks again for your courtesy, timely service, and of course, your fine panflutes!

S. Costa

Western Slope-Colorado

12-27-08 - Las Vegas Nevada, USA

Hello Brad,

The Flutes came today in the mail, thank you! They are very nice in sound and appearance.

Again, thank you for your help!

Laraine Kaizer

[Bachelors Degree in Music, Violin Studies, from Bradley University; a Masters Degree from Indiana University, where she studied with Mauricio Fuks; and completed a Doctorate at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music]

12-26-08 - Virginia, USA

Hello, Brad

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. We all did here.

My son, Joshua, was THRILLED (and a bit stunned) when he opened the panflute! Within a few minutes, he had figured out The First Noel, and then Amazing Grace. It is a beautifully crafted instrument, with a wonderfully soothing sound!

My question is this: We saw a video clip with you playing a piece from Lord of the Rings. Where could we find that sheet music? That is Joshua’s all-time favorite movie series, and he is itching to be able to play some of the music. Any direction you could give would be appreciated. Thanks!


---------- Hi Cristy, have him take a look at the "Free Sheet Music" section of my shop. Its there with about 50 other pieces :) Aloha .. Brad

12-24-08 - Michigan, USA

Thank You!!

Just wanted to let you know that I have received both pan flutes. [18 & 22 pipe Tenors]

Both looking and sounding great. - Mario

I don't want to brag but I am an experienced player.

I've been playing the pan flute for about 17 years.

I've been looking for a real good instrument.

12-23-08 - Saskatchewan, Canada

Dearest Brad and Melinda,

Just wanted to let you know that the two pan-flutes we ordered arrived to

our door on SUNDAY, Dec.21 when it was minus 50 degrees with the windchill.

That means it was really only minus 36 degrees but with the wind it felt

like minus 50. Hence your exposed skin would freeze in minutes. So a little

insight into how far your pan-flutes travelled under extreme conditions!

As soon as the box arrived I took it over to my parent's home as they had

the grandchildren there for their Christmas party and my parents wanted to

give my daughter and my nephew a pan-flute for Christmas. (They are long

time Zamfir fans). The children opened up the box and imagine everyone's

delight to find that you had wrapped each item with Christmas paper and

added a candy cane! The Christmas card was an extra fun bonus as my children

listen to an old Christmas song on a variety cd called "Melle Kelekanuka".

My parents and entire family were thrilled which, just to add further to a

very long message, meant so much as my father is very ill and my mom just

got out of the hospital with heart surgery. I have told so many people about

the amazing service you provided when we ordered and now I have more to add

to that with the personal touch you added to our package. (The candy canes

didn't even break!)

Brad and Melinda - words cannot express our gratitude for your very personal

and excellent service. We pray that you have a beautiful Christmas and

always know that your work is appreciated and certainly made a difference to

this Canadian family.


12-23-08 - Utah

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I thought you might like to see a picture of your Pan Flute in use. We had such an amazing time and the kids worked so hard to make this show a success! Our Peter Pan (Cheryl Davis) learned a beautiful lullaby on the Pan Flute and I incorporated it into the show! Thanks for making such a wonderful instrument. It meant so much to our Peter Pan, that I let her keep it after the show closed. It will be a treasured keepsake for her. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Mark Daniels

Theatre Department

Weber High School

12-23-08 - Estonia

Hei Melinda and Brad !

The flute arrived yesterday with no troubles. First of all - thank You for

the IZ music :-) That was a great surprise. I really love IZ's Music, but

unfortunately no-one knows him here in Estonia. (weel - actually some

people know now...).

Couple of things about the panflute.

I really do love it. Amazing - how can you keep the price so low ?

I compared it to my other panflutes and here's what I think.

I have the "Black-Beauty" panflute from Svart Ovidiu (O&M panflutes). It

looks very nice, I really like the dark colour. It's not a cheap

flute, it has also 22 tubes, but it goes three tones lower (starts with


I really do like the sound of Black-Beauty.

Comapring these two together - Your flute looks smaller and is more

comfortable for me to hold. The sound of Your flute is a lot stronger and


Even in the very low notes it does not lose the "colour" of the sound and

the overall sound balance between high and low notes is much better.

Tubes of Your flute are not so wide like tubes of "Black Beauty" but the

walls of tubes are thicker. It makes Your flute smaller and (most

important) easyer to play !

Really - I can't get clear and shiny note in the low end of "Black

Beauty". The low notes sort of "fade away" and it needs a lot of air...

No such problem with Your flute !

The overall response of Your flute is also much better than the response

"Black Beauty".

I 'm really surprised.

All in all I think that Your flute is much better in very meny points

compared to "Black Beauty", but the price is less than a half of the "BB"!

Compared to my Preda (22 tube tenor, starting with G - 5 notes higher than

Your flute) - the sound of Your flute is brighter, but not so sharp. Preda

does not have that "sparkle" or "whisper" and sound more like whistle or

flute. Higher notes of preda are stronger and maybe the response is

better, but it's very easy to overblow the higher part preda and the

sound is a little too sharp sometimes. No such problem with you flute. I

guess I can give a better forte with preda in higher parts, but You flute

has more balanced sound and it's very easy to play. The tubes of

preda are smaller so it gives more dynamics, but you must have very good

training and control of your lips..


[Tommy is a well known full time professional muscian in Estonia]

12-20-08 - Minnesota, USA

Melinda and Brad,

Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful customer service. My mother is so excited to be getting this! I'm sure she will be in touch.

Mele Kalikimaka!


12-19-08 - New Orleans, USA

Hello, my name is Marc, Amelle's dad for who you mailed the $100 pan-flute student package. Thank you for the two e-mails; yes the address is correct. Amelle is 4 and half months old, and recently I became, to my great joy, a stay at home father while my wife went back to work after her maternity leave. Amelle is our first child, and since she was born (even before!) we have been singing to her which she responds to enthusiastically. I soon discovered she enjoyed all sorts of sounds, so this Christmas I purchased a small collection of instruments, mostly inexpensive, like a recorder, kazoo, slide whistle, a melodihorn, some bird calls and a jaw harp-the jaw harp took me quite awhile to catch on to,and she loves it!-some of these I've been practicing already and all of which I am committed to learning for my own self-improvement and for her learning skills and entertainment! It is a lot of fun! Last week I was looking at your pan-flute web-site and one of Brads musical selections was playing as I was walking through the room with her, she began craning and bobbing her head as if to see where the sounds were coming from, then awhile later she was in her chair as the music continued playing and she was smiling and laughing, I knew this was an instrument I should learn as well.

thank you again, we're looking forward to receiving it

Fondly, amelle and marc

12-17-08 - California, USA

Hi Brad. How are you? I am the person that lives in California from Hawaii. My name is Donald and I bought a 22 pipe left hand tenor from you. I just love this instrument and play it every day. The 22 pipe is so nice because it has such a wide range of notes that accommodates almost any tune I play.

I have finally got to the point of mastering the tune that turned me onto the pan flute to begin with. It's the 'Lonely Shephard.' Also have been expanding my versatility with other tunes.

Thanks Brad for inspiring me, and to make it possible for me to learn this instrument.


12-17-08 - Italy

Good morning Mrs. and Mr. White,

Thank you very much for the informations and the presents that you wanted to

include to the Grand Tenor pan-flute. I will inform you as soon as the package

will come in Italy. No matter the time it takes to get there but will be more appreciated for your thoughts and your kindness.

I take this opportunity to wish both Merry Christmas and a better new year.

Take care my dear friends, Aloha and Ciao...


12-16-08 - Maine, USA

[Catherine's father always wanted a panflute. He is very ill and she hope this will help inspire him to get well and play. ]

Hi Brad,

I received my father's flute yesterday as well as the other gifts. Thank

you so very much. This is really going to lift his spirits up. Today he

was able to talk so it was great to hear his voice~! He has been off the

breathing machine for 2 days now! That truly has been a wonderful Christmas

present on its own! He is still in the intensive care unit, but making

small improvements everyday. I think he will have the strength to open the

presents on his own on Christmas. It probably will be awhile before he can

actually play the panflute, but his respiratory reserves are getting better

and better everyday. He still has the tracheostomy in, but it is temporary

and when he see's the flute I know he will progress faster wanting to play

it!!! I will keep you informed and thanks so much for your thoughts and

prayers. We are getting a Christmas miracle this year!!!

A blessed holiday season to you and yours,


12-13-08 - Manitoba, Canada


Yesterday, I have received the 22-piped Grand Tenor Panflute and I am very pleased with it. Thanks so much for all your help and support.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,


Marcel from Canada

12-11-08 - Ohio, USA

Hi Brad,

I received the pan flute I ordered yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. It came beautifully wrapped and with a delightful card, which I didn't expect. I also didn't expect the kind note on the box of the pan flute (I did open it to make sure nothing had broken during shipping).

Thank you so much for all your help. Nick will be so excited when he sees his new instrument.

All the best,


P.S. The grocery store flying you used as packing material was interesting! I've never been to Hawaii, and I loved seeing the different variety of things for sale and how things were just a touch more expensive. Oh well. You guys get sun and sand, and us Clevelanders get snow and slush:)

12-10-08 - Alberta, Canada


I have just received the new 15 pipe panflute and book today. I am very pleased with it. The high quality is what I have come to enjoy from your flutes. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you, Brad and your family.



12-9-08 - Tennessee, USA

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to thank you and Melinda for your prompt service AND the beautiful presentation. I didn\'t expect it to come wrapped! My wife knew what was inside, so she dove into the packages right away - an early Christmas around our house. Your DVD is very helpful. The craftsmanship on the flute is great! The sound couldn\'t be more perfect or exotic. I\'m a guitar picker, and can\'t wait to accompany her and her new pan flute. Thanks so much, and mele kalikimaka!

Mahalo nui loa

Ron and Yvonne

PS - we also own all of your CDs. Good - no great, listening!

12-8-08 - Las Vegas ,USA

Hello Brad,

I received the flutes today. Thank you so much!! I am really looking forward to getting to know them and working with them! I really appreciate all the help you've given me. I will definitely be in touch if I have any questions!



Megan Lanz

Secretary - Las Vegas Flute Club

[ Megan Lanz (B.M. University of North Texas, M.M. University of Nevada Las Vegas) is a doctoral student in flute performance at UNLV where she is currently a Primary Instructor for Music Appreciation classes. She has had the opportunity to play with the Las Vegas Philharmonic and the Nevada Conservatory Theatre (Fiddler on the Roof), as well as great artists such as Linda Eder, Bebe Neuwirth, Dr. Peter Schickele (P.D.Q. Bach), Hillary Hahn, and a Broadway cast from Jekyll & Hyde.]

12-6-08 - Delaware, USA

Brad, Thank you very much for getting the flute to me in a speedy fashion. Thank you as well for having it nicely wrapped and ready to go. Although I would have liked to have played it myself before handing it over to Mom (just kidding). I'm sure she will have many years of enjoyment and inspiration from this. I couldn't have found a better person to get this from than the crafter himself. Happy Holidays! Aloha, Bill

12-4-08 - UK

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my panflute today and I am

thrilled with it. I brought it for a gift for my partner for Christmas but

couldn't resist having a little go before wrapping it... Sounds excellent &

surprisingly easy to play... I think he will be really pleased!

I also wanted to personally thank you for offering an excellent service

(something that we rarely experience here in the UK). I am extremely

impressed with your personal response, your products and the packaging and

delivery. You can be absolutely certain that if I want to purchase any

further panflutes or related products, I will definitely come back to you.

I will keep you posted with my partner's progress.

Thank you

Kindest Regards



12-3-08 - Los Angeles, USA


day one my arm hurt , my lip hurt , my throat hurt all because of that pan flute you sent me. honestly the best thing i ever bought online or otherwise.

i practice anywhere from 30 minutes to hours on and off. yea i know dont over do it.but i have a secret mission even my new wife doesnt know about.

one day hope fully by this next summer i plan on taking her to Kauai and before going there i hope to buy you dinner and play a song or two with ya.

well thats a goal anyway. i try hard but not as good as i want to be i improve everyday and listen to your music everyday before and during my practice.

you make it look so easy. and also play with a passion i try to duplicate.its barely been a month i think i will keep you informed of my progress. on day i will give you a ring so you can hear me and give me some pointers.

the sounds you get i can not get yet but i will. one thing i do have is patience and determination. i shall persevere in my endeavor

i hope your lungs and lips are insured ...

talk to you soon...

oh i left a comment on one of your sites ...metacafe i think...

brad white and the pan flute

attention all those thinking about ordering a pan flute from brad white.

1. before he even put it in the mail he called me.

2. when it was put in the mail he or his wife or both i think e- mailed me.

3. it got to me in 3 days

4. it was one of the nicest pan flutes i have ever seen.

5. he wrote a personnel best wishes on the box.

6. it sounded beautiful and still does even tho i am a rookie.

it says start 15 minutes a day .hahahaha good luck with that. i cant put it down.

so stop thinking order it from brad. i looked at many other ones. with out a doubt best bang for your buck. i just wish i could play as good as day i will..... 15 minutes to start........hahahaha more like careful it will consume every moment. thanks brad


12-1-08 - Texas


Just wanted to let you know I recieved the Grand Tenor today - amazing how fast it got here!!! Thank you so much - I opened it to check it - it's beautiful! I can't wait to hear my son learn to play it!

Thanks again for your prompt service! I'm sure we'll have questions after Christmas! Until then -

Happy Holidays!


11-29-08 - Virginia, USA

Hello Melinda and Brad,

I picked up the flute [Grand Tenor] yesterday and went straight to it with the Puscoiu book. It took me quite a while to get a clean tone out of the instrument, but I finally got there when I gathered what Puscoiu was talking about with the tongue. My wife Brandi on the other hand appears to be a natural and got good tones out of the flute with her first attempt (straight out of the box with no instruction)! I couched her through a reading of one of the melodies from the Puscoiu text and now I think that she may want to take up the instrument as well.

I took up the instrument in practice again this morning and watched your DVD Brad. It helped to reinforce the embouchure but most important for me was your explanation of appropriate breathing in which you made use of your hands. This was quite good. I often heard "breath from the diaphragm" during my days in chorus, but to be told that doesn't really get it. I finally figured out what this meant some time ago, but I was missing a piece that I think you and Puscoiu put into perspective. That is the resistance needed to sustain. If I understand you guys right, and I think I do, this is going to help a lot.

Well, thanks for the pipes! They sound great when I can manage to pull myself into line or when my wife takes her hand to the task! I look forward to improving and making some music.



11-25-08 - Russia

Hi Melinda!

Today I has received a parcel.

PanFlute very beautiful (I do not know how to transfer completely impressions in English :-) I'm watching now Brad's DVD, all explain well and clearly. He is the good teacher :-)

Thanks to You and Brad !Thanks!! :)

Yours faithfully, Maria.

11-20-08 - Victoria, Australia

Hi Brad,

The Grand Tenor arrived safe and sound this morning my time [ 5 days].

Not bad service at all! Thanks for everything.

The only drawback is just how much technique I seemed to have lost in the past few months and years, but I'll get it back.

I'm going to sit down with a nice cup of tea and watch every second of your DVD

(I've already read the instructions).

My next few days are going to be a steep re-learning curve.

Here we go....!

Thanks again for the excellent web site and service.






ps... In answer to your question about what music I play, it is mainly Celtic music. I'm known mainly for my voice but I also play eight instruments and the kind of instrumentals I play lend themselves beautfully to the pan flute

11-19-08 - Alberta, Canada

Hello , My name is Ben Khorshidnam, living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,

fell in love with the sound of Panflute the moment I heard it in a local

trade show by a group of south American musicians. A little research online

lead me to Brad White,,,, After talking to Brad couple of times on the phone

before I do any purchase, I sensed his integrity and honesty and also his

passion about playing Panflute was evident.

So After a lot of research and figuring out how expensive a good quality

panflute can be, I went back to Brad`s website and purchased his starting


Brad,, Thanks a lot for your honesty, first class service, and quality


You make me feel that you are always there waiting for my call or email, it

is unbelievable. When I got my panflute (15 pipe),, the first thing I did,

grabbed it and blew in it,, right out of the box,,, Bingo,, the sounds are

coming out with the least effort,, compare to a Synthetic pipes I had

before, which by the way it was most discouraging instrument,,,,, man what a


I STRONGLY suggest any beginner to not shop anywhere else,, since Brad`s

products are UN_BEATABLE in price and quality.

The Instruction book and DVDs are a real help too.

Aloha Brad.

Greetings from Canada....

Cant wait till I grow out of this panflute and get your Grand Tenor.




11-18-08 - Redondo Beach, USA

Thanks so much!

Nick’s Panflute arrived today (with the Book and DVD).

They were holiday gift wrapped so beautifully! Thanks!

-deb ivons


That's great Deb, Melinda loves to gift wrap them :) - brad

11-18-08 - New York, USA

Fantastic !

I received everything today, and just couldnt stop playing...

the lonely shepherd is a little hard for the moment but i can almost play "may it be" entierly yet. I just have a big problem with sharps. But im working on it.

What a nice instrument. Thank you again for making me discovere it.


11-17-08 - Alberta, Canada

Aloha Brad,

I got my Panflute this morning and let me tell you something., I could never

believe what a high quality panflute I am buying,, I THANK YOU VERY VERY

MUCH for your first class service, high quality instrument, and your

supports. I LOVE my panflute,, and YES I do enjoy it as much as you do.

I appreciate your honesty and friendly support.

I`ll be in touch when questions arise.

All the best to you and yours.


11-17-08 - Louisiana, USA

Hi Brad

I got the pan flute in yesterday. I have learned how to blow across the pipes, how much I don't know, and how much time I will be spending learning to know what I don't know.

I am excited!!!!! I am excited to learn all about the pan flute and how it will respond to the way I play it.

Thanks Brad, I'll keep intouch.


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