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Letters from very happy customers - 2014

12-3-2014 - Alberta, Canada

Hi Melinda,

Thanks to you and Brad. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on this. It is going to be very hard for me not to share the gift with Jane before Christmas. I am so excited. She has talked about the pan flutes every trip we made to Hawaii.

At the moment I my second novel has been released this month and I have been busy with PR stuff. I am also working on the development of a feature movie script and a television series, and I am so looking forward our February 2015 break in Hawaii. Got the flights and room booked at the Royal Grove.

May you have a wonderful festive season and when I dip my toe into the waters of Waikiki, I will be thinking of you and Brad.



11-25-2014 - Petaluma, California

I very much appreciate the excellent customer service that you and Brad have provided me. You would easily earn a more-than-5-star rating for your service alone!

I'm excited about receiving my Panflute and learning materials along with Brad's CDs of his beautiful Panflute music. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress. I will let you know if I have any questions or encounter any problems in learning to play it.

Thanks again, and Aloha to you, too!


11-18-2014 Cambridge Ontario, Canada

Hi Brad & Melinda,

After much anticipation the Tenor pan flute finely arrived today.

It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and after some practice I was able to get most notes out of it. It has a beautiful full sound.

Thanks for the pan flute lessens CD it really helps a lot also thanks for the CD with your beautiful pan flute music.

I listen to it when I commute to and from work, it is very relaxing.

I still have lots of practice to do before I can play a song but it is word it.

I love the sound of the pan flute.


Johan Meijer

11-14-2015 - Redford, Michigan

Just to let you know the effect of your music: my partner is in the last stage of incurable lung cancer and enjoyed your sample CD so much he asked me to get more. Received you 6 CD's today and put them on, the music helps him relax and get through some of the pain and anxiety he gets at times. Your music will be part of his therapy. Thank you so much.


11-10-2014 - Pompano Beach, Florida

Dear Brad,

We recently purchased your beginners package with the 15-tube pan flute and CD's. I am quite excited and pleased with it. As I have had about half of a lung removed because of cancer, I am particularly encouraged by your You-Tube session on breath control. Thank you for including that session.

Could you send the accompany music (MIDI) to "Your Tribute" by return email. The piece is quite moving. Thank you. Aloha. Bob

11-5-2014 - Brie, France

I received 5 cd last Saturday.

Thank you for your free cd,

your music is really beautiful !!!!

Again congratulations for your music !! I love!

see you soon


11-3-2014 - Tulsa, Oaklahoma

Dear Brad:

Please excuse me, but since I have watched your videos so much, I feel we should already be on a first name basis. I want you to know I really love my Grand Tenor Pan Flute and I have been playing every day and I am getting better each day. The mid-range pipes are the easiest for me to get a good strong clear tone with some vibrato. The very high and real low pipes still need more practice, but I am getting there. Also thanks so much for the CD of your beautiful music. I enjoy listening to it so much I had to copy it to a cassette tape so I could listen to it in my old Chevy work van because it can’t play the CD.

At first I was a little concerned as to my being able to play the Pan Flute due to having a mild case of C.O.P.D. But as you taught, with the proper mouth position, I quit wasting so much air unnecessarily so I am doing much better now and also I am not getting light-headed as much as I thought I would. I told my Pulmonologist that I had started playing the harmonica and she encouraged me to continue to do so because it was good for me and I am sure she will be happy to know I am also now playing the pan flute.

Brad you will probably find this amusing; about two months ago I bought a real nice upright console piano for $2,000.00. But it seems now, I enjoy playing my $200.00 Pan Flute more - because I can play duets with you while listening to your music CD. You do not realize how much you have influenced me for the good. So because of that -- I felt I was obligated to write and let you know that you have a new friend and fan and -- I Thank You So Very Much!

Your Pan Flute Tooting Buddy from Tulsa: Tom Gaines.

10-30-2014 - Czech Republic

Hello Mr. White, I received my pan flute, it is beautiful, thank you! I am looking forward to learning how to play it. Still working on trying to get all the sounds out, especially on the smaller pipes, but I'm loving it.

Thanks for all the help and information regarding the purchase of my pan flute.

Kind regards


10-25-2014 - Rockton, Illinois

Hi Brad,

I received my flute today. It is really a fine piece of craftsmanship. Thank you.

Your customer service is first rate and very unusual today. I place a high priority on that in my business also. I believe the Lord would have it that way.

I played a trumpet for many years but my 70 year old lip has taken to splitting when playing so I gave my trumpet to my grandson. I am getting pretty good tone on the flute. I suspect all the hours I spent as a kid blowing on Coke bottles has helped me.

Lots of practice and fun ahead.

I don’t miss the spit valve.

Thanks, Al

10-21-2014 - Milesburg, Pennsylvania

Hey Brad,

Just got my pan flute yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the cd on breathing techniques. I thought to myself I will never be able to play this pan flute. I'm dizzy and run out of air. This was one of those occasions when all else fails read I'm really looking forward to mastering it. I love it already. Thanks for the fine craftsmanship. Have a great day will keep in touch in the future.


10-18-2014 - Kocaeli, Turkey

Hi Brad and Melinda,

After waiting for 8 days, i could get my flute at last. It was really very quick process and i could track it in every steps in USA and Turkey. Custom clearance process compeleted in three days and i had to pay some additional custom tax fee too.

Your package was very nice and strong and thanks for the instruction paper, teaching DVD and audio CD. (case is also so beautiful and i did well by buying it too).

When i come accross some troubles i will of course take your advices.

Thanks for everything, talk to you soon.


Mustafa Kemal DUZGOREN

10-11-2014 - Bangalore, India

Hi Melinda,

The panflutes are finally with us and they shall be presented to Karn on Monday, 13th October which is his 22nd birthday ??

Coincidentally, the last set was given to him on his 18th birthday while we were on holiday in the Maldives.

Beautiful memories are made of these!

Thank you once again


Sent from my iPad

10-8-2014 - Winnsboro ,Texas

I received my pan flute today. The package was in excellent condition. Your customer service is the best! I'm so excited to learn to play. Thank you very much.

Glenna A.

10-2-2014 - Overland Park, Kansas

Hi Brad!

I got the pan flutes! One came (incredibly) on Saturday and the other one arrived today. I can't wait to show my student, Fred!

They are beautiful, and I really appreciate the dvd and cd too! I had to go to a flute festival on Saturday, so I have not had a chance to look at the DVD, but I looked at several of the videos on your website after we talked, etc. VERY helpful! So, I know the DVD will be great as well.

I'll keep you posted as to how Fred and I do with this adventure! He's loving it so far; and I can't wait to give him his new PF - it's going to make it much easier for him to progress now!

Thank you so much!

gina hk

Dr. Gina Hart-Kemper

Flutist & Teacher

9-25-2014 - New South Wales, Australia

Hi Brad,

The pan pipes have just arrived..Anna is really happy .

They are beautiful so well made.She noted how smooth they are on her lips.

Thankyou so much for the extra touches.The birthday wrapping,that was a real surprise.Thankyou so much.

She is right in the midst of her final high school exams, this will be a great way to enjoy the breaks between the study.

Is there such a thing as a cover for the pipes?If so are you able to give me a few ideas.

Once again thank you so much for everything.Anna was right when she felt you guys are really passionate about your pipes and that is the reason she wanted to get them from you.

Take care. Cheers


9-20-2014 - Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Hey Melinda--

I received the pan flute earlier this week and all I can say is WOW. It is truly a beautiful, high quality instrument, and I can't believe the music I'm able to produce after just a few days of playing! I love it. I plan on practicing until I have my technique down and can play full songs, and then some! I should also thank Brad for including the CD, and for all his helpful videos on YouTube. Very inspirational. I hope one day I play as well as he does! Thank you very much!

-Christian Hidalgo

9-18-2014 - Duncannon, PA

Hey Melinda, the panflute arrived today! I got it out and was practicing on it right away. Glad to have the book, it gave me some great pointers. Also glad for Brad’s instructions on the care of the flute. He mentioned some things I never thought of, so I’m grateful for the extra info. I’m going to watch Brad’s DVD tomorrow, and we’re going to listen to the CD tonight. So glad that was included, thanks!

Chris Bordner

Duncannon, Pa.

9-13-2014 - Steinbach Manitoba, Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda,

Just to let you know that the pan flute package arrived last Thursday, 04 September. (It was shipped on 25 August) I have only had a chance so far to read through things, but have also produced some nice sounds. I am impressed with this package and look forward to listening to the cd, the teaching dvd as well as practicing with and using the book.

My Dad passed away recently. He was my hero in many ways, and I learned a lot about music from him as he was also a music teacher – specializing in choral work. One day my friend stopped by with $100 and a card, saying that she wanted me to buy something in memory of my Dad. I knew I wanted a panflute, and when I found your package for almost the exact amount, I jumped at it.’s to Dad....cheers!! He was a person of excellence, and this package (and hopefully the music I will eventually produce) will be a lasting reminder to me of this amazing man in my life.

All the best to you and yours.


Lois (Reg) Fast

9-6-2014 - Toronto Ontario, Canada

Hello again Brad and Melinda.

Just letting you know that I received an absolutely lovely pan flute in the mail from you yesterday afternoon. I've been playing it like mad since I got it! I'm looking forward to listening to the CD and DVD you sent along with it. Thank you for your prompt shipping and info on usual time frames for the shipment—and for a WONDERFUL pan flute!

All the best/Mahalo,

John Sproule

9-5-2014 - Avon Park, Florida

[One of our Clients] AVON PARK — In the Gulf War, Randy Livingston faced death several times. He came back with a griefstricken soul, saddled with post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War syndrome in 1991.

Though he went through some difficult times, he now finds solace in playing a pan flute.

Livingston recalled some of the most difficult times in the war — such as facing land mines that very nearly could have killed him.

“We went foxhole to foxhole in Iraq,” he said. “There’s a foxhole before there’s a bunker, and that’s how you know a bunker is there. I started going down one at a 45 degree angle to the Earth. I heard someone calling my name. I stopped and looked around, but neither one of my comrades had called my name.

“I looked down and there was a trip wire, about three feet off the ground, right near my boot. If I would’ve touched that trip wire, I would have been vaporized.”

Livingston also recalled seeing enemies killed by poison gas. He said he wanted the opportunity one day “to just share notes, to say ‘hey, I love you like a brother. I’m sorry for what happened. I love you no matter what happened,’” he said.

In his post-war years, after returning to Florida, he went through dark times involving alcoholism, and turned to God to get out of his downward spiral.

“I realized if I turned it over to God and meant it, he would take (the alcoholism) from me,” he said. “I remember the meeting...I walked out of the meeting and I said here you go, God, and he pulled it right on out of me.”

Now, he sees a psychiatrist in Sebring. His pan flute playing days began nearly three years ago, around Christmas in 2011. His psychiatrist asked him what he enjoyed doing, and he said he liked playing the pan flute. This prompted her to give him a challenge: get good at playing the pan flute, record an album and show it to her.

Since then, Livingston has been practicing at any opportunity. He plays at Sunny Homes Retirement Home sometimes and is slated to play at his niece’s wedding in November, where he’ll do a 10-song concert.

Livingston says playing the pan flute helps him deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War syndrome, fighting the personal demons that ail him even now.

“Sometimes when I play, a tear comes out of me,” he said. “It comes out of my soul, my anguish and horror over realizing as a person, the things I did in the war. I’m practicing because I love it. It’s therapeutic to me. I wouldn’t say I’m good yet, but I’m OK. I’m learning and getting better.”

9-2-2014 - Quebec, Canada

Thank you for the beautiful pan flute .I like it probably soon I will buy another one.


I love my profession as a musician

9-1-2014 - Chehalis, Washington State

Thanks Brad. By the way, my friend and I watched your video last night. My technique has improved greatly since then. This morning, I played the same piece at church for a special. I am not as easily winded as I used to be. The pan flute sounds beautiful, and I was able to get some of the high notes out easily sometimes. Also, you can post my progress to the testimonials page as well if you'd like. I'd like people to know that it can be done, even with sight impairment. Thank you much, and once I get the church performance edited, I'll send you that one, because I think I did better today than I did on the recording I sent you.

•Tristian Gallegos [Tristian is a blind high school pianist]

8-29-2014 - Monaghan, Ireland

Hi Melinda,

Thank you for the wonderful pan flute. I've received it today.

Best wishes.

Gytis Stamburas

8-26-2014 - Lincolnshire, UK

Greetings Melinda,

Happy to say my Pan Flute arrived this morning. It is everything I hoped it would be. A beautiful instrument. Now to get down to the serious part - learning to play it, etc. But hey, that's part of the fun.

Please thank Brad for his CD. It was very kind of him.

Thanks to you both for your advice and for the wonderful service you provide.

Kind regards and good wishes'

Gerard Davey

Lincoln UK

8-16-2014 - USA

Hi Brad,

I am amazed at your follow up communication for an inquiry. My husband and I also operate a small business, so we appreciate not only your obvious talent, but the way you go above and beyond the norm.

I would like to purchase one of your flutes; perhaps the "fun flute" for one grandchild who is musically inclined. This would be for a holiday gift. You and your flutes have rave reviews, so I see no reason to look elsewhere.

I have your information, and will allow plenty of lead time for my holiday order.

You are amazing. We WILL be in touch, and I will place at least one order.

Regards, Nancy Cole

8-14-2014 - Orlando, Florida


I received my new pan flute last Thursday, What a great instrument and beginners package! It's been a week today and I have been practicing at least 15 minutes each day. I can now play a consistent tone on each pipe, but strive to get better and more consistent. It's been a bit of challenge, but notice improvement each day. I am now working on achieving consistency and working on breathing technique. I watch the instructional videos every other day and repeat the lessons to learn all I can. My next goal is to learn to read music so I can begin to put notes together. Although, yesterday I played the simple melody "Mary had a little Lamb" by listening to the tones and playing by ear.

I am really enjoying the challenge and my goal is to be able to play a Christmas tune by the Holidays. Also, I really enjoy the CD's and listen to them constantly. I am looking forward to our journey together and any tips, advice and support you can offer.

Thank you again,

Dan Leonard

8-9-2014 - Cyprus

Dear mrs Melinda and Mr. Brad


Good morning.

Today morning I have received the pan flute from the post office-custom depart.

Thank you very much for your cd Mr. Brad , and also thanks for the good way of packing my pan flute.

Best regards

Panayiota Koursarou



8-7-2014 - Banning, California

Anna Ruth: Oh my goodness! Thank you, Dad! I love it!! 8:20 PM

Me: Hand made in Hawaii 8:22 PM

Anna Ruth: It is beautiful 8:22 PM

Anna Ruth: He included an instructional DVD, too. And a cd of music ! 8:22 PM

Me: 1st class outfit 8:23 PM

Anna Ruth: These are really nice, Dad. It has beautiful tone. Have done a scale and thirds (tricky!) and played 2 songs. Really fun! 8:43 PM

The gift wrapping was a nice touch. Thanks Brad!


7-29-2014 - Singapore

Hi Melinda and Brad White,

Glad to know the progress of the item, thank you so much. Such a quick and professional service. I really enjoy talking with Brad over the phone yesterday, warm and friendly. Let me tell you something that to me, getting to know you and be your friend is much more valuable then just become your customer.

I pray, may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. And bless your business and Family.

I will let you know as the flute arrive.


Hanny Andries.

7-25-2014 - Oxnard, California

Thank you so much .I just received it ,yesterday. The workmanship was more than my expectation. A work of art. The service was great, I really wasn't expecting it till next week. I was taken back when the UPS man handed me the package . Aloha ! Steve

7-20-2014 - Yandina Creek, Australia

Hello Melinda

The Pan flute arrived on Monday WOW! WOW! what a beauty!!!! Could hardly wait to get it unpacked and it was well packed indeed and arrived in perfect condition. Sorry I didn't reply sooner than this but was too taken with the Pan flute to do much else. After a couple of attempts, made a noise resembling a squeak, so have been working on the embouchure and have improved mightily and can sound each note now.

Many thanks to you all for a beautiful instrument and first class attention to all supporting aspects of my purchase...packing...communications...and reasonable postage costs, as a matter of fact I used your white instrument packing box as the basis for the wooden flute case I'm making for the tenor, I'll send a pic when completed.

kindest regards

john platt

7-15-2014 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

[This is a surprise gift for my husband. We heard a pan flute while on vacation recently, and it tugged at his old former-music-major heart. Now that he has retired, this will be a great new hobby. Now I have to hide your email so he won't see it. :-) Thanks again.]

SUCCESS!! I let him open the package this evening. The gift wrapping was a sweet surprise! He blew into it a few times and in less tha a minute was making a pretty decent sound. After playing a few tunes ( to show off for the grand kids) he now has his nose buried in the book and trying chromatic tones. I think we have a winner! Thanks so much for your help. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him soon with some questions.

Lora Carroccio

7-5-2014 - Bandung, Indonesia

Dear Melinda, i just received the flute this morning. In my country today is Saturday June 21, 10.15 am. I really love it. I'm proud of you. Thank you very much. - Elisabeth

7-1-2014 - Veszprem, Hungary

Dear Melinda and Brad White,

Many thanks, the panflute has been delivered today .

I like it, nice work, nice tone!



6-25-2014 - Queensland, Australia

Dear Brad & Melinda,

My panflute arrived this morning, I'm going to get many hours of pleasure in learning how to play it, thank you.

Gordon - husband - & I have have played the DVD and CD's - love your music Brad.

I sincerly appreciate the added CD & the DVD of the lesson.

Yes, Melinda, I will keep you posted on my progress.

Cheers for now,

Judy Roberts

6-15-2014 - Pitman, New Jersey

Brad and Melinda,

In my many years, I and others of all ages have seen good people spend their time and energy doing work that benefits life in this world. Very rarely is a thank-you given. I would like to thank you for the work you are doing. Through your work, you are both giving a most important and beautiful gift to humankind. You give a gift of light and hope.

I play the pan flute you made for me everyday. I play outside, and usually at the public park in our town. There are trees, fields, and a nice lake. There are walking paths in the park, and around its perimeter. Some people sit down to listen, others stop to tell me how the sound of the flute makes them feel. They say that the sound of the flute can be heard throughout the park. The music seems to float through the trees and across the water. People feel good when they hear the music, and feel as it they have transcended to a magical realm. They ask me if I would continue to play as they finish their walk.

I thank you for providing the pan flute which allows me to play. I ask you to continue because your work means so much to so many.


Richard M. Kenvin

P.S. Please feel free to use my letter in your "Letters" section.

6-11-2014 - State College, Pennsylvania

Hi, Brad! Happy Birthday!

I want to tell you that you have been such a help and inspiration to me in my Pan Flute Adventure! I couldn't believe that time you called me and stayed on the phone for 40 minutes to help me with a "notes-too-flat-in-the-upper-octave" issue I was having. I still smile when I think of how you told me you practiced long notes while watching movies when I said I found long notes useful but boring! Every now and again my husband comes home finds me in front of the TV, playing my pan flute. Well, I think of you then, and I'm grateful.

Happy Birthday, Pan Man!!!


6-5-2014 - Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Hi, my name is JJ and I felt that I should have thanked you a while ago. Thank you for the customer care that I could feel from all of your communication with me and within the package. I really haven't got to try it until the past couple of days and I love it. I've been wanting to find an instrument that I think fits me. My sisters play the guitar and piano, and are very gifted musicians, but I haven't been able to join in that area of our family much. Now I feel that I've found an instrument I can connect with, and I look forward to getting better at it. I really liked that one piece in your intro video with the very first example of a song on it. It was fast, and reminded me of peter pan or something Irish. I really want to learn how to do that:



6-1-2014 - Mandeville, LA

Hi Brad!

I am Happy with my pan pipe thank you ever so much for it.I have made good progress so far in this pan arrived on Thursday and was very nice and very well packaged thanks a lot for everything!!!!!!!!!!!


5-31-2014 - Long Beach, California

Got My Flutes!

They play great! Thank you so much! Strong, solid tone and intonation.

What an intuitive instrument to play.

I may just end up getting your regular tenor for a matched set!


Todd Lemmis

VP HR, Talent Acquisition

5-27-2014 - Kyoto-Fu, Japan


Long-awaited panflute arrived on the 27th.

Thank you.

It is the start of the lesson of panflute instantly from today.

I do my best so that it may not suffer a setback.

Tateo Murase

5-22-2014 - Nairn,UK

Hi Melinda,

My Panflute arrived today and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you very much.

Now for the hard bit - learning to play it.....although trying to wait patiently for it to arrive was difficult enough!


5-10-2014 - New Nienna, Ohio


I just received my Left sided Grand-Tenor and it is awesome! Thanks for your one-to-one attention in helping me choose it. I also wanted to thank you for the Dream eScapes CD. It is very relaxing.

So far, I have managed to get a note out of every pipe, some were somewhat painful on the wild animals, but I didn't have to put any of them down. I look forward to learning how to work these pipes. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks again,


5-2-2014 - Chicago ,Illinois

Good morning Melinda,

A huge thanks to you and Brad for the fantastic communication. I will definitely be looking forward to my pan flute. Thank you so much for the amazing customer service. I will definitely give the most positive feedback on your products and especially the services. Have a wonderful day.

Kind regards,


4-31-2014 - Alberto, South Australia

Hi Melinda

I received my grand tenor back in February (it took 12 business days to arrive in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia in case you're interested).

Every night I get home from work and start playing it before I even get changed out of my work clothes...that's how much I love it! After a few weeks daily practice I'm getting pretty good, too!

Thanks very much to you and Brad for this fine, reasonably priced instrument as well as your excellent customer service.


4-29-2014 - Fajardo, Puerto Rico


This is Alfredo Maldonado.

The Panflute now is here. I am very happy with the because have a great tuning. I like that instrument bacause have a angelical sound. I want to play my Panflute to my lord and his son Jesus.

Thank you for all.

God bless you


4-26-2014 - Egypt

Hi Mr. Brad

I got the pan-flute today . it is perfect and very nice . blowing in the pipes is much easier than my previous pan-flute. and the tunes are very nice .

thank you very much for this amazing instrument .

Dr. Ashraf Bourei

4-23-2014- Beit Hayarden, Israel

Hi Melinda,

I just picked up the pan flute from the post office. I received the notice last Thursday, but the local branch was closed for the Passover holiday, so I only got it today.

I was amazed, first of all, by the quality of the workmanship. And then, I put it to my lips, and just like that, I got good, strong and beautiful sound out of every note! I can hardly get a note out of my wife's pan flute from South America.

Thank you so much for this, and DVD and the instructions.

All the best,


4-17-2014 - Grand Junction, Colorado

Hi Brad and Melinda,

My flute arrived! It is so beautiful, and I LOVE the bag too. So I can safely take it to show people (and when we go on our Saturday day trips to various mountains, canyons, etc.)

The first time I tried to play a note, nothing came out...I thought...well, I won't be able to do THIS....

Then I just sat with it for awhile, and after a couple of minutes, began getting notes out. I am really surprised how rich the sound is. Very, very surprised.

I think the learning is going to take some time. I am used to instruments coming very easily to me, but this is different than anything. I think that is why I am so attracted to it.

When I make my first recording with harp, I will send you an mp3 :-).

Thank you so very much,


Blevins Harps

4-7-2014 - Staffordshire, UK

Hi Brad pan flute arrived today 11.30 local 7th April by royal mail. Not a mark on the package that is to say it wasn't knocked about, pan flute looks great sounds awesome managed a verse of amazing grace a bit breathy and the odd squeak but things can only get better. Thanks for everything. Garry

4-2-2014 - Sherwood Park Alberta, Canada

Hi Melinda,

The Tenor Panflute arrived this morning, April 2nd. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for such great service and attention to detail. Now I have to set about and learn to play such a magnificent instrument, I'm excited at the possibilities.


Stan Wangen

3-21-2014 - Northridge, Calfornia

Hello Brad and Melinda,

I received the pocket pipes today and they are fantastic. They are beautifully constructed and sound great. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will enjoy these very much.



3-16-2014 - Mount Vernon, Washington

Hi Melinda,

Just got the flute today in the mail. It was only 3 days ago that I ordered it! Thank you so much!

First impressions: AMAZING! The woodwork and craftsmanship are perfect. Nice smooth transitions between pipes and they're all fitted together seamlessly. The sound is wonderful with robust deep tones that resonate well. Solid construction, great sound, pleasing aesthetics. It's amazing! Thank you for making such a wonderful instrument available at such a reasonable price!

Matt VDG

3-14-2014 - Flatwoods, Kentucky

Hi Brad thanks for opening up a whole new world for me. The panpipe really opened my ears to music. I thank you more than you can possible know. - Jim Wilson

3-11-2014 - Holland, Michigan

I am sold on your flutes! They have an amazing sound. I hope that I can do it justice at some point.

Karen Green

3-5-2014 - Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you so much dear... this is the first for me buying something from overseas, and because of you everything seemed to be easier! Have a great day! Xoxo

3-3-2014 - South Australia

Hi Brad

just want to let you know that today i received the panflute, i love it, so thank you very much for the DVD and CD as well

I appreciate it

God Bless


2-27-2014 - Chiba, Japan

Hi Brad and Melinda,

Just wanted to let you know that my uncle has received his pan flute on Saturday the 22nd. He was extremely pleased with both the quality of the pan flute and the service you provided to us. He was also impressed by Brad's wonderful performance shown in the complimentary DVDs.

My uncle has been playing pan flutes for years and does lots of volunteer performances at various places and occasions.

Recently his favorite pan flute got broken by accident, so he desperately needed to replace it with a new one. Now he's very happy to have been able to find a wonderful pan flute in such a short period of time.

Please give our best regards to Melinda!

My uncle asked me to convey his appreciation to you.



2-25-2014 - Rochester, New York


I got my flute! My husband David said, you and your wife we great to deal with. He said you were two very nice people. He also said, that you had sent him some private things for me, but since then and my birthday yesterday, his computer crashed and he has lost everything on it including what you had sent. So I am not sure what you sent but I wanted to personally thank you for making this such a smooth and pleasurable transaction for him. I am so excited to start to learn. I have my first attempt planned for tomorrow and everyday to follow!! Wish me luck :) I am very sure you will be hearing from me again in the very near future!


2-21-2014 - Seol South Korea

Dear Brad,

I received my instrument safely a week ago.

I think that the flute is stronger than I had from others that were made of bamboo.

This tuning is very accurate and clean.

I'm VERY satisfied.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Duckeun Jung

2-15-2014 - Rushville, Indiana

Dearest Brad & Melinda, I received my wonderful work of art on Saturday. I have worked with it very hard. That CD you sent with the pan music is very emotional. My sister Lisa will be in contact with you. She has health issues. I have spoke with her (with several years of flute experience) I suggested she purchase a pan from you too give her release from her pain. my other sister sharyn will be purchasing this wonderful pan CD. We all live in different states. You music was listened through a cell phone from Indiana to Texas and New Mexico. God bless you both.

Thank you ever so much-Marc

2-10-2014 - Jackson, California

Dear Brad,

I must say I’m very impressed with your speedy service, care, and thoughtfulness for my mistake in making the correction so quickly, and on a Friday night! Thanks for the tips and links. With this kind of service your business should be doing very well.

Thanks again for the personal touch. I will definitely share and you may use my comments if needed.

Love, peace and harmony,

Gloria K

2-8-2014 - Montecavolo, Italy

Hi Melinda , the Grand Tenor Panflute has arrived in perfect condition. Now I have to study the flute. I conclude with a thank you and Brad .



PS: I hope to have written in an understandable way

2-4-2014 - Askersund, Sweden

Well, whad'ya know. The package arrived today!

I'm so thrilled, looks great! Even I can make it sound.

I haven't had time to try it that much yet, or to listen to the cd's but I'll let you know how it goes.

Thank you for a beatiful instrument!

Best regards,

Per Sundberg

2-2-2014 - Wharton, New Jersey

Hello Melinda,

Please tell Brad my Pan Flute arrived Thursday. And the book today! I couldn't be more pleased. A beautiful and well made instrument. I've watched Brad's video and listened to some of his music.

Just wanted to let you know everything was received quickly and that I'm very pleased! Will be practicing!

Thank you both so much!

Mary Ellen Allen

01-30-2014 - New South Wales, Australia

Hi Brad !!

I'm emailing to let you know we received our Pan Flute today !

I honestly cannot thankyou enough, Ryan is absolutely ecstatic. I cannot believe you went to the effort to wrap the gifts incorporated with your personal message and the extra gifts, thankyou thankyou thankyou ! From the bottom of my heart what a fantastic experience this has been with you.

Such a beautiful instrument that emits the most pure beautiful sound ! Ryan hasn't put it down since the delivery, we are absolutely over the moon ! This has been the best birthday present I've purchased in years and I bet for years to come.

I will be forwarding your business to everyone I can and letting them know what fantastic products and service you provide.

Its been an absolute pleasure Brad.

Take care ! I'm sure I'll be making future purchases.

Kindest regards,

Jenelle :)

01-20-2014 - Sun City Center, Florida

I have had my 15 pipe pan flute for about three days and I am playing anything I want to play! I originally purchased the Grand Tenor and I was overwhelmed in trying to play it. I decided to try a simpler flute and it worked. I am sure if I went back to the Grand Tenor right now I could play it and I am really looking forward to that. I haven't gone through the book and DVD you sent but will very shortly. I am so proud of both of my instruments, the quality of workmanship and the tone they have when I play them. I was really surprised at how easy it is to sense just how far to move up or down the flute to get the notes of a song, I thought that would take a lot of time. And yes, Brad, I am enjoying playing panflute as much as you do. I have watched all of the videos on your site and now I will be able to play with you the next time I go to your site. Thank you for making such beautiful instruments, I am so enjoying playing. Right now I am playing piccolo and flute for the concert band in our area, the bass flute and concert flute in our new flute choir, taking lessons once a week on flute and bass flute, learning ukulele, playing in a ukulele group and now I am learning the panflute. I sometimes get a little tired out but I never get tired of playing! Aloha and Mahalo, Brad.

- Anita

01-4-2014 - Flatwoods, Kentucky

Wow I just received my wonderful Tenor Flute, I hope I Can learn to Play this flute. The sounds of this instrument is so peaceful .Well that is when you play it. You done a beautiful job of makeing it. I have so much to learn and as much as I love this instrument , I hope I can do it.

James Wilson

01-3-2014 - Borgo D'Ale Vercelli, Italy

Hi Brad,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I've received the Grand Tenor today. Everything looks ok and I can already play some notes! I will practice and practice in order to obtain a good sound. Thank you very much!



01-1-2014 - Storden, Minnesota

The flute arrived yesterday. It is beautiful. And sounds wonderful. It will take some getting use to, but since I use to play flute and oboe (years and years and even more years ago) I will probably get the lip shape fairly easily. My only question at this time is what type of sheet music can I use. I have piano music and harp music. I use the piano music for the harp, but can I use it on the 18 pipe flute? Are they interchangeable? - Candy

Hello Candy, I am so glad you are enjoying your new panflute. You can play any melody from any source.. piano, flute violin, oboe, recorder.. So explore all the wonderful melodies of the world. They all sound great on the panflute.

Here is my online songbook for some ideas...

Aloha .. Brad White

12-29-13 - Uppsala, Sweden

Hello Brad,

I just got my pan flute yesterday and just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased with it! Really beautiful sound and comfortable to the hand. I'm very sure I will buy another one in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Happy new year,


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