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Letters from very happy customers - 2011

12-30-11 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda!

I received my pan-flute today (although it came earlier last week, Friday, Dec. 23, and I had to pick it up after the Christmas holidays) and it is absolutely beautiful! The workmanship obviously shows in its quality. I can't wait to get practicing on this fine instrument. I've played flute for about 10 years now ever since the eighth grade and this pan-flute is a great addition to my ever-growing instrument collection.

Thank you and the rest of the staff who made this possible. Hope you all have a prosperous new year!

Sincerely yours,

Mitch Mullings

12-30-11 - New York

Hi Brad,

Thanks, I just ordered the soft case with your invoice. My friend Bob got me the grand tenor for Christmas- I love it! beautiful sound. Can't wait for the case. I've been playing regular flute for 35 years, and welcome this challenge.



12-29-11 - Koping, Sweden

Ordered 22/12 and arrived 29/12... 7 days... Good work!

I love the instrument already, have just watched the included DVD Brad sent with the package and I practice as much as I can.

The instrument feels really solid and as well built craftsmanship ... impressive!

I will return to Brad when I need help!

Again ..... Thank you, Brad!..and Thank you to, Melinda!! :-)

Sincerely, Heimo

12-29-11 - Louisiana, USA

Thank you so much for the Fun Pipes!

My girls consider it their best Christmas gift.


Rachel in Louisiana

12-28-11 - Pera di Fassa, Italy

Good day I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy 2012 the flute's fine and after only 3 months I'll make a small concert at Christmas mass in the Church maybe next year aquisterò another flute of another hue thanks again Claudio

12-26-11 - Quebec, Canada

Hi Mr. and Mrs White,

Sorry for my english. I am very happy. My panflute is perfect.

I will ask you: Do I need to put oil inside some pipes once a year ? After some months, do I have to wash the pipes with a Qtips ? ( I played Transverse flute and I had to put oil on keys.)

Your DVD is very useful and pleasant. I thank you for your teaching.

Maybe later , I will ask you other questions. Thanks.

Martine Landry wife of Robert Vézina from Quebec


Hi Martine, Your flute has been treated in oils and waxes. It does not need any further oiling... brad

12-21-11 - Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Hi Melinda,

Just to let you know, I received my panflute today. Iactually bought it for my husband cos he's always wanted one. Im in another city, im talking to him on the phone and hes playing it already.

He is very pleased with the quality of the panflute.



12-16-11 - Okinawa, Japan

Melinda and Brad,

I received the items you mailed. You EXCEEDED my expectaions! Gift wrapped!!? What a pleaseant touch. As she was the one that retrieved the items at the post office and was quick to put a name/location together...your gift wrapping saved me! My wife has yet to see the beauty of the enclosed flute, and has even asked me, "What are the other two gifts and who are THEY for?"

From the Langs in Okinawa, we want to thank the Whites in HI for the timely receipt of the order, and the professional/personal extra touches included for the flute, the carrying case, and the CD.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you as we celebrate the reason for the season - namely, the birth of Jesus the Christ, Son of GOD, Savior of Mankind.

SF, Kurt Lang

12-6-11 - Toronto, Canada

Hello Brad

Just a note to tell you that the pan flute is in my hands. The craftsmanship is all that I knew it would be. Thank you for your attention to my order and it did arrive on the time you said it would. I played a few notes and it sounds amazing. I will be changing servers on Friday so my internet will be down until I get another server. I will be in contact in the near future. In closing let me say Good job and well done to all who had a hand in creating my musical friend!!!

Have a Merry Christmas and the best for the new year.

Your friend George

11-22-11 - New Zealand

Hi Brad from New Zealand

Just to let you know that my new Grand Tenor with Shoe, panflute has safely arrived. It's all I expected and more besides. It is much lighter that my existing panflute and certainly resonates far better than my old one does.

My old one is called Shepherds Panflute, there is no other marking on it to indcate where it was made. I think I may be retiring it My new one of yours is so much smoother to move across my lip compared to my old one. Will let you now how I progress

Ka Kite

Paul Geertson


New Zealand

11-19-11 - Belgium

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to let you know that I have watched your instructional CD and I'm so touched by all the wonderful explanation you give there. It's such a beautiful, professional job! I have to wait till Christmas to start to practice and I cannot wait...

Thank you so much for a wonderful job!

All the best to you and Melinda!

Jitka Martins

11-15-11 - Brissago, Switzerland


Panflute is on my sounds well!

Thank you very much for all!

Enjoy your day!!


11-9-11 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Aloha, Brad

Thank you very much indeed for the pan flute package which I received today

(Wed.9 Nov.)I have listened to some of your videos and can play "Ode to Joy"

already! I shall enjoy this journey very much.

Aloha from NZ, Maureen

11-6-11 - New York

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the left-handed 15 pipe maple pan flute. It's gorgeous and very comfortable to hold.

I watched your teaching DVD and have made fine progress. I'm looking forward to the journey.

Thanks for being a support and readily available.


Brian G (age 64 - New York)

10-28-11 - Brampton Ontario, Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I'm glad I found your panflute shop online and immediately called to place an order for the 15 pipe panflute.

The package has arrived today! There was a note from the post office stating that the package was damaged during the mailstream. I was a bit worried but it was only a minor dent on the package. The panflute was well-packaged in its own box and there was no sign of any damage and all items in the package are in good condition.

Thanks for your DVD instructions, I've just started the lesson. It was 10 days worth of waiting to own the panflute! As a fan of panflute music for many years and this year I've made it my personal goal to actually play one. Thanks for being there for all the panflute lovers.


10-19-11 - Richmond BC, Canada

Hi Melinda and Brad,

The package arrived today. 2 weeks to the day. I am very impress with the fine quality craftmanship. Hopefully in the weeks to come I will be able to play some easy tunes. I am all excited and ready to start my first lesson tomorrow. Will keep you both posted on my progress in due course.

Once again many thanks.



10-15-11 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Brad,

I've just received my pan flute (actually it arrived on the 10th already, but I picked it up at the postoffice yesterday). This morning I've seen your videos, and I've started practicing! I've played a lot of instruments in my time, but never anything like this, so I'm very excited! Have a great weekend!

Many greetings,


10-13-11 - Davenport, Iowa

Brad and Melinda, I received the 2 funpipes yesterday and they are wonderful! Because of your packaging they arrived safely, thank you. I couldn't blow one note until your "pumpkin seed" analogy! After 2 evenings with it i can hit them all! (rather roughly) Clearly i need to work on my breathing out-put. You are a wonderful teacher, the dvd was so helpful. I feel inspired and as if a whole new world of music has opened up and thank you for bringing a little of the island into my home. Sincerely, Karen Bell

10-9-11 - Liverpool, New York

Hi Melinda and Brad!

I have been trying since Monday of last week to post a comment on your website to let all know of your quick and great customer service and product but I could not figure it out. Please steer me in the proper direction as my son was so happy to receive his panflute and is happily learning how to play it. Though, I must state it is way harder than I thought it would be, both my son (and mother) were able to play the key scale by just reading your directions!!! I even have got the hang of "blowing" the first few notes on the scale! My son is practicing each day to get the scale really down and I am sure will take off from there! He insists he does not yet need the DVD, but I am betting he will soon decide to watch it and not try to learn so much on his own. If what I have already seen from your company is true, I am confident the DVD will prove amazingly useful for him and also confident that if we need to call you for help, you will be there!! SO, THANK YOU for helping to make my son's 12 yr old birthday a WONDERFUL event! Please also let me know how I may post a comment to your website to share our gratification and appreciation! Thanks - Sue


Hi Sue, consider it posted.. thanks - brad

10-8-11 - Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Melinda,

My new panflute arrived on Friday 7 october. On your note to the US postal service it says september 28, so that makes it 9-10 days from Honolulu to Stockholm.

Thank you for this new musical experience....I'm following the instructions on Brad's enclosed DVD....AND hmmm.....perhaps a couple of more days;-)) Fun fun fun!!!

Take care!


Lars Dalén

10-5-11 - West Sussex, England

Many thanks Brad for my lovely 15 tube pan pipe. It looks and plays beautifully. Should I say it will when I am a little more accomplished. It is the best Christmas present I could have given myself. My grateful thanks once again.

Warmest regards

Steve Morgan (England)

10-2-11- New Delhi, India

Hallo Melinda and Brad,

on 30.09.2011 I got the pan flute now. I am happy. Thank You both for quick dispatch and help to facilitate easy delivery.

Nice to meet You people,

Ernst Krahn.

10-1-11 - Liverpool, New York

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to thank you and your wife! My son's bday package arrived today safe and sound and BEAUTIFULLY wrapped. I was especially pleased with the "Hawaii" sticker and cannot wait to tell him his flute came directly from you!! I am sure he is going to be very happy! I will definitely post a comment on your site to let all know what excellent service you provided. I will wait to post until he gets to play it only so that I can also boast about the amazing product I am sure it will be!. I wish everyone in business had your outstanding attitude, communication skills and commitment to their customers as the two of you!!!

Thank you again - Susan

9-26-11 - Cumbria, UK

Hi, I returned home from France to my BEAUTIFUL panflute. I can hardly believe how much I love it already. I wish I could do it justice, but I hope to soon! I have only had it 2 days but am starting to be able to play F sharp & B flat! The temptation is to play as many tunes as I can but then the technique goes out of the window! I really struggle when reading the music, after playing the piano everything tells me I should be playing to the right of the instrument for the higher notes, it feels like I am playing in a mirror! In October we are going to travel to Africa for a few weeks to visit our sponsored children and help at some orphanages. I do not want to be parted with my panflute! SO thought I may buy your 10 note pentatonic to practise on. Very many thanks for my beautiful panflute,


9-25-11 - Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Brad and Melinda..

It is glad to inform you that my 15 pipes starting package and Fun pipes already reach my house.

it took about 2 weeks to reach it ( i can't wait to start blow them since this is my first time have pan flute )

Thank you very much for your kind help and patient during completing the step by step order and choose the best pan flute for me as a beginner.

i will contact you if i have something to ask

Best regards from Indonesia,


9-20-11 - Middleburg Heights, Ohio

I love this pan flute! Thank you so much! I am Blessed to have come across you on the internet.... Sincerely Lisa

9-18-11 - New Jersey


Pan pipes arrived safely and Chris is enjoying himself with them. this was totally his own idea, and I am very happy that he has decided to have some music in his day. Appreciate the good service, will let you know if he has any questions.


9-16-11 - Taichung City, Taiwan

Hi Melinda,

The panflute arived Last Thursday, on Sep. 15. It is beautiful! The package was opened and resealed by the custom, but we didn't need to pay any tax. Thank you again!

Have a nice day!


9-12-11 - Highland, Michigan


Just figure I'd let you know that I got my panflute today. It's wonderful, and it shipped so quickly! Sent out Friday from Hawaii, got all the way to Michigan by Monday. It's perhaps the quickest I've ever gotten something in the mail. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the quality of the instrument (it puts my other panflute to shame!) and the excellent service.

Thank you very much for the wonderful instrument and service!


9-10-11 - Glen Allen, Virginia

We got the panflute so quickly-it was actually on time for my daughter's birthday. She just turned 15 and has been asking for one for about 2 years now. I had my reservations, but as she was so consistent in her request and it was the only thing she wanted, we decided to go for it. She had been searching the web for some time and hand-picked your company/panflute. Just wanted to let you know how thrilled she is with it and your personal service has made the experience even more delightful. I believe we made the right choice!

Thank you,

Julie Gibson

9-3-11 - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Hi Melinda, Brad,

I recieved my pan flute today.

Great instrument!!

Thank you

Biji Abraham

8-27-11 - New South Wales, Australia

Hi Brad,

 Thank you, I have just received the Tenor Panflute picked it up at my local post office, all ok I am very happy with it sounds beautiful found easy to play even hit the high notes, it helps when you have played the silver flute and have the right embouchure, only have to learn to land on the right notes as you move from each note not like silver flute just change keys for notes.

Thanks for the DVD etc will be spending many hours playing.. and will keep watching on your web site..

Thanks again for the prompt service, would like to keep in touch.

Regards Paul...

8-26-11 - Penang, Malaysia

Hi Melinda & Brad,

 Finally, today i got my first Pan Flute. Yes, it only took 16 days to reach me in Penang, as you told me it could take up to 3 weeks time. I'm glad to have it even earlier..

 Everything was in good condition including the soft case, CD & DVD. The sound of the flute is nice and sweet, I like it very much.



8-19-11 - Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Hi, ya'll (pl) (that's Arkanese for Aloha),

Just letting you know that I received my wonderful pan flute today. My husband was amazed that I could 'play' it right out of the box. Since I haven't played my silver flute in several years, I amazed myself, too. I even managed (or should I say mangled) a rough version of the William Tell Overture ! know I will enjoy my flute for years to come.

Thanks for the helpful video and being there to answer questions.


8-17-11 - Friendsville, Maryland

Hi!, Brad & Melinda,

I received my Panflute today !!!!!

It is so beautiful, as is the sound. The soft case is really nice, too. I am very pleased and delighted!

It arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for the great packing and shipping job, Melinda.

Brad, I watched the instructional CD and played along a little when I could, except at a lower octave.

The high notes, which you had warned me about, were very difficult to play.

But, I'm not afraid. I believe it will only be a matter of time.

My son stopped by and zipped right up and down it, and even higher notes than I could play.

GeeWizz...and it looked beautiful in his hands.

I hope to purchase a Panflute for him in the future, when his work schedule slows down some.

Your CD is such a special gift, which I already treasure.

You are very talented, Brad, and all your Panflute music on the CD just sails me away.

I am so grateful to both of you.

Thank you once again for your help, kindness and the beautiful instrument.

Donna Dressel Baker

8-15-11 - Baltimore, Maryland

Hello, receeived pan flute in mail today 8/15/11 It is lovely and in perfect condition, now I have my work cut out for me.

Great doing business with you, thanks again, Jim Gilleland

8-15-11 - Albuquerque, New Mexico


Flute arrived in the mail today...what can i say, picked it up played unchained melody, missed a couple of notes, wow, wow, Was able to play 2 complete octives right out of the box without much effort, can barely do that on a keyboard. I am just absolutely impressed!

Will be in contact.

Thanks Again

Art Salazar

8-12-11 - Alberta, Canada

Hi Guys:

I just got my pan flute in today. I have been working on it a bit and just wanted to thank you for this instrument. The sound on it is fantastic.

I was wondering if i could request some sheet music from you? Specifically beauty and the beast. I was listening to it on your site as well as on youtube and it seemed pretty easy to play, plus will help me learn the high notes (which I'm frustrated with cause I can easily play them down scale but not up...). Any way I am enjoying the flute.

Thanks again you guys,



Hi Naji,

I am so happy to hear how much you are enjoying your new flute. The high notes will get easy in time. Once your embouchure is stronger and you are able to make a focused air stream it will sound so sweet.. and easy.

I am emailing you a copy of Beauty and the Beast to practice. I wrote out the melody.

Enjoy!! - brad

8-10-11 - Colorado


I meant to send this note many weeks ago when I received the cherry deluxe pan flute - packed very well, thank you very much! It is so beautiful! I was actually able to make some music come out of it!

I have packed away nicely and am very much looking forward to giving it to my daughter for Christmas. I know she's going to love it! Is a beautiful instrument and it sounds so clear and lovely. It is something she's going to be proud of for many years to come. I'm sure she's going to be the only student in any of her three music classes in high school to play the pan flute, specifically one custom-made and from Hawaii.

Thanks again for all of your kind attention and for the personalized comments inside the packaging. I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.



8-8-11 - Moscow, Russia

Hi Brad and Melinda,

sorry for late notice - I got parcel with flute and book about a week ago, so it was delivered 3 weeks after order. All's fine, everything arrived safely, no problems with customs appeared. Thank you much for care, hope i will learn how play it soon and it will bring me a lot of pleasure.

Best wishes,


8-5-11 - Turkey

Hi Brad,

I've received the panflute mid July and been experimenting with it since then. I can easily say that your make is much better than those I bought at higher prices earlier.

Take care,


7-29-11 - Athens, Greece

Hello Melinda,

I received my panflute today. Everything is okay

Thank you


7-25-11 - Nantou City, Taiwan China

Hello my friends,

I got all of the 9 panflutes this morning.

It is a nice cooperated experience, our members do like your panflutes very much. I am also a panflute teacher of the school, boy's ensemble. I will recommend our boys to buy your panflutes if they want to improve their instruments, and I will send you an email to order. Thank you, the quality is so good, I like them so much.


7-19-11 - Almaty, Kazakhstan

Hi Brad and Melinda!

Panflute received today, in a nice package.

Thank you very much for the book and DVD.

The first thing tried to play the panflute, great sound, and generally a great tool.

My daughter immediately took the PF start, something to pick out simple melodies, I think now, thanks to your instructions, we will achieve great things.

Once again, thank you very much for your attention and attitude towards customers.


If I have questions, can I appeal to you?


Igor Karavayev

Kazakhstan, Almaty

7-16-11 - Fort Myers, Florida


You and your wife where a pleasure to talk to and very helpful. I could definately hear the passion in your voice when discussing pan flutes which is why I chose to order from you. The grand tenor came extremely fast and I was very surprised as I mentioned how beautiful it was in person. It is great looking instrument in the featured photographs on your site but in person it really shines. Thankyou for all the helpful instructions that came with the instrument and the time you all put into it.

Jason Hann

7-15-11 - Waterloo Ontario, Canada

Hi Melinda and Brad

Yesterday I received my Grand Tenor pan flute. I was so excited...It arrived in just six days. The day before yesterday my book came as well. Thank you guys again, you are great. The instrument is wonderful, you feel that it is a work of an artist. I tried to play the scale and I was successful just up to the half. I haven't realized that it is so hard to play those higher notes. I guess I have to master my technique first using Brad's instructional DVD. When I watch Brad playing it looks like a child's play. I guess it's a long way in front of me, however on the other hand nothing in life comes easy. But then the reward will be more satisfactory. Thanks again on such a professional service. And once again thanks on your complimentary CD which made my day even greater

We'll stay in touch



7-11-11 - Silver Spring, Maryland

Hi Brad!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the amazing work you've done!

I have fallen in love with my Grand Tenor panflute and have been playing it with friends at least 2-3 times a week.

The sound of the instrument is so pure and it's ease of tuning is great! The customer service you've provided is also remarkable, being in sales myself I know the quality of service you all provide is not commonplace in todays world! And I wanted to let you know that it's greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for an outstanding product and introducing me to one of my most favorite instruments! Your site has great character to it and is very welcoming.


Eric Malcolm

7-3-11 - Stockholm, Sweden

Hi there!

Awesome service you guys, loved the video.

I’ve been freestyling my way forward and trying to get the feeling for it and I love it, it’s a special instrument for sure.

The delivery went perfect and fast too! Greatly appreciated, I picked it up at our local post office here on Friday the 30th of june.

The gift marking worked perfectly i suppose, never heard anything about it so

Once again, loved the video and the pan flute and the service, I will recommend you to everyone who is interested!

Kind regards /Anders

7-1-11 - Skane, Sweden


I just wanted to inform you that the pan flute arrived yesterday. So it took 10 days to be exact, which actually is pretty nice considering the distance it had to travel.

The pan flute itself is really nice, and so is all the included help (book, DVD etc.). I'm really excited about learning to play on it.

So basically I just wanted to thank you very much and tell you that I'm very pleased with my pan flute.


Martin Szuter

6-23-11 - Brighton, Massachusetts

Dear Brad & Melinda,

My left shoe grand tenor just arrived. And it is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen! And it's so light. The sound is amazing, soft, mellow and precise. Just beautiful instrument! Thank you so much for all your great work. Your gift of joy playing this instrument is priceless! Many, many thanks:)))



6-22-11 - Victoria, Australia

Hi Melinda,

Great news, the Student Panflute arrived this morning shortly after breakfast. I purchased the flute as a gift for my daughter who has a growing interest in anything musical. My daughter, Shannon open the box after tea and was very excited by the Panflute's wonderful workmanship.

She was completely surprised to receive such an unique musical gift. Thanks for making this instrument available and providing great supporting materials.

P.S. Shannon's favourite film happens to be called, 'Pan's Labyrinth'.



6-15-11 - Swift Current SK, Canada

Thank you for the beautifully, handcrafted pan-flute. I was able to follow your written instructions on the basics of the pan-flute and also watch the beginnings of the DVD that was enclosed in my package. I spent time holding, blowing in to it and actually came out with a sound very similar to yours.

I am anxiously waiting for some quiet time to listen intensively to your CD.

Thank you, Cindie Dyck

6-7-11 - Portland, Maine

Hi, Brad. Received my order on 6/6/11 at about mid afternoon. Got home from work and there it was. Very fast. Didn't expext till Tuesday or Wednesday. Awesome flute, looks great and sounds great. CD is awesome too! All great quality.

It really feels great to do business with a small business thats not a chain store like yours. I'm always doing business with big stores like most people. It's a pleasure with yours. I enjoyed the phone call with Brad. Hope you guys stay in business for a long time.

May order from you again sometime. Keep playin, and thanx again. Book'um Dano! Had to throw that in!

Kenneth Floyd

6-2-11 - Manitoba, Canada

Hi Melinda and Brad,

The "Fun Pan" arrived is perfect condition. Very well packaged. Thanks so much from both Kathy and myself for helping us with these beautiful instruments. I find the funpan so easy to handle and play notes on. I play the NAF and the Andean Quena so am looking forward to learning to play music on the pan. Kathy is starting to get more and more notes going. Super fun.. Thanks both of you, Al Booth

6-1-11 - Missoula, Montana

Hello Brad,

My beautiful cherry grand-tenor pan flute arrived here today!!! It's everthing and more what I was expecting!! I have already played a couple songs,not at all perfect, but I actually got a clearer sound after figuring out the best way to position my lips etc. Your book was very helpful, and I have been watching TONS of panflutest play, and that has also helped. The cherry is most definitely a very gorgeous instrument, I love it soooooo much already, and can't wait to make it sound good, (with practice of course) It does have a lovely warm sound to it which I adore! I'm glad I decided to go with your pan flute than the other company!Thank you so much for taking so much of your time to explain things to me!!

Have a wonderful spring! Katie Vannoy

5-20-11 - Guthrie, Oklahoma

I just recieved my GRAND TENOR SHOE panflute. It arrived safely and it is beautiful. I was amazed that I could do the lower two octaves within minutes!!

This will take lots of practice but will be worth all of it, I am sure.

Thank you so much! - Sharon Darcy - Guthrie Oklahoma

5-17-11 - Danbury, Connecticut

Brad, I purchased your beautifully crafted 18 pipe tenor last year in October, and it was the best $140 I spent in my life :). I have never heard such wonderous music in my life either, until I heard your recordings. Celtic Pan-flute is my favorite :). You have changed my life entierely, and I can never be more thankful to you. I felt just like Pan when my girfriend moved, and we've been in a relationship (unbroken) for 8 and a half years now. Your music and Pan-flute which I bought brought me back on my feet, and now, I play at the tip of a lake just like Pan did when syrinx left him. Anyone looking for a quality instrument should purchase one of yours, and I gaurantee that they will be forever changed - thankyou!!!! :)

Blessed be! )0( - Jonathan Atwood

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