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Letters from very happy customers - 2010

12-31-10 - Mobile, Alabama

Hello Mr. and Mrs. White,

 I got my pan flute with the inlay band in the mail today and I'm so happy!! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. I want to give you an extra special thanks and let you know that I am coming along quite nicely in learning it. I'm having tons of fun every time I pick it up and will soon be experimenting with songs as soon as I can get most of the half-steps in tune. Your instrument is not only gorgeous but it is a superb quality and has such a beautiful timbre and I think it is the best. I also love your instructional videos and support. Thankyou so much, and Aloha,


 Mobile, Alabama

12-29-10 - Kansas


I wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with my new pan flute. I discovered the music of the pan flute a year or so ago and fell in love with the sound. I since have listened to a lot of pan flute music and have wanted one to learn to play more than anything. Well, my wish came true and my mom and dad bought the 15 note pan flute and book kit from you and gave it to me for Christmas. I have started practicing and I think I can make a pretty good sound on most of the notes already.

I have some background in music so I think I will pick up the pan flute pretty easily. Even though I have never really learned to read music, I have taught myself to play the trumpet, harmonica and piano. I am very anxious to add the pan flute to the list of instruments I have learned to play.

I think playing the pan flute will also have theraputic benifits for me. A little over two years ago, at the age of 37, I had a major heart attack. My heart disease is largely genetic and I am not the first in my family to have a heart attack at an early age. When I had the heart attack I was taken to a hospital that specializes in nothing but heart disease. There they performed a heart cath and placed stints in my blocked artery. I have had to go back to that hospital 2 more times since the stint to have further caths and ballooning. All of the problems and surgeries have left me much weaker than I was before. I used to be a full time firefighter and now I have an office job in inspections. I can no longer fight fire because of my physical limitations.

I think that playing the pan flute will help to strengthen my weakened cardio-vascular system. While I am sure that at the age of 39, I will never be able to fight fire again, I hope to one day get my strength back. I also hope to be a good enough pan flute player to perform. I will keep practicing and I may even record some videos as I progress to send to you if you are interested.

It is obvious that you love the pan flute and the music you make with it. It was your videos on YouTube and at your website that inspired me to take up the pan flute. I look forward to the coming months and being a student of music again. Thank you for your passion for the pan flute. The instrument is beautiful and sounds lovely.

Jeff Bauer

** Note about the photo, this is an actual picture of me fighting a fire that was taken by someone at the fire department.

12-28-10 - Auckland, New Zealand

Hey Brad. Your pan flute has arrived, and it is everything you promised it

would be. I was also really thrilled with how quickly it arrived - within a week!


Billy (Auckland)

12-28-10 - White Rock, BC Canada

Seasons Greetings.

I just want to wish both of you all the very best of the season and hope that all goes well for 2011. Over the course of 50 years I have played about 10 instruments in various bands at nightclubs etc. But the panflute is so very special. It took me a week to get the chops in shape for all the notes and now I can play any piece as I am very used to picking up Celtic fiddle pieces by ear. So now the real work begins and I know it will take many years to get that very special melodic sound that you achieve. Having lots of fun at present and thought you would enjoy a picture of "your flute" in Arizona (for the winter). Very best regards, Bob Jadis

12-26-10 - Cordova, Tennessee


The pan flute was the hit of Christmas!! My daughter absolutely loves it and it is beautiful! She is already talking about taking it to school for show and tell and playing it for her friends! Thanks so much for everything! I will send any and all business I can your way!

Thx again,

Jim Butler (1 VERY satisfied customer)

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12-25-10 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Mr. White. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. My parents purchased one of your panflutes for me for Christmas. It was such an unexpected gift. I have always been interested in music as well as different types of instruments. This pan flute is so beautiful and has such a great sound..I can't wait to learn how to play it. My parents couldn't say enough about how nice it was to talk with you. I really appreciate that. I have taken time to watch all of your videos and they have really got me excited about the pan flute. (I majored in music in Cincinnati Ohio - Saxophone, flute and piano.) I hope that my previous background will help me to be a quick study.

Again - just a thank you for making such a beautiful instrument for me. I hope I can do it justice. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Randy S. Faig

12-24-10 - Utah

Got my Pan-Flute!!!

The picture on the website does it no justice. It is absolutely beautiful. I have been playing it for about 2 hours now and I love it.

- Christopher

12-18-10 - Linden, Alberta Canada

Thank you I received the flute in the mail on the 18. You have great

customer service.

Thanks again,


12-13-10 - Nagoya, Japan

I received Grand Tenor panflute today on 13th.

Thank you sending it so soon.

Last september I bought your complete package.

I can play simple songs.

this is second panflute for me.

Shigeru Yoshino

12-8-10 - Moscow, Russia

Hi Brad,

Now I am happy owner of tenor panflute. That's excellent! Beautiful

instrument and beautiful sound. All my family ready to leave the house when

I'am playing panflute-))) That was not so long how I thought before. It

arrived to my post office at 6 December. That really so fast. I have saw

Gleb's comments (from Russia) and as Gleb was excited at post office. I thought about how

a very delicate instrument could cross the ocean and pass through our post.

Thanks for your package in twin boxes.

Please take my best recommendation in your service.

That's Great, I've got my PANFLUTE! I'm Happy! Thanks!

With best wishes from Moscow,


12-5-10 - Victoria, Australia


Just letting you know that i recieved my pan flute starter package in the mail the other day and it's absolutely PERFECT! Thank you very much.

- Very happy Customer!! Elyse Herd

12-4-10 - Prescott Valley, Arizona

Brad and Melinda,

Package arrived yesterday in good shape. I opened it to find two gift wrapped packages inside. That was nice. I did not open them, so I will be as surprised as my wife on Christmas. Back in the box they went, and it is now gift wrapped as well. Might as well have some fun under the tree. Thanks so much for your service. The follow up e-mails were great, and the delivery was fast. Now, we wait to see how difficult this is to play. At this point, I would recommend you to anyone who asked. Great service and response.

Don Bauer

12-3-10 - New Brunswick, Canada

Bonjour to you both

Just to let you know that the pan flute was delivered this morning and thanks for everything.

I will be busy trying to master this work of art and my wife and i want to wish you both the best of holidays and best of health.

Bruno &Germaine

12-2-10 - Netherlands

Hello Brad and Melinda White,

Yesterday i Received the funpipe of you in my mail, so soon already ! (8 days total, verry fast), and after my workday today i played it for the first time, Beautyfull sound it has and i am really Verry Happy with it, now i can finally learn to play. Thank you a lot for your starters DVD (verry helpfull) and for your fun tunings (if i may ask, which fun tuning is the one on you video that you tuned 2 notes lower?)

Thank you Verry Mutch ! I would like to write a good reverence on your site, if that is oke with you. Best regards, Antony Bonte

12-1-10 - Texas

Dear Brad & Melinda,

I looked at all the panflutes on the web and was overwhelming impressed with your product & website over the others.

I was so pleased with how quickly the panflute arrived, and also the beautiful complimentary wrapping! Thank you so much for all your help.

I see you live in Hawaii, and even though our worlds could not be more different we must share a love for beautiful music.

Thank you so much for your prompt & personal attention to my order, You are helping me make one sweet man very happy this Christmas!


11-23-10 - Hertfordshire ,UK


Just to let you know my pan flute arrived safe and sound yesterday 23.11.2010

Great, absolutely great, do not think I will get much work done today, I will be too busy playing with this lovely instrument.

Well done, and many thanks.

I will keep you posted with my progress.

Kind regards

Jeff H

11-22-10 - Raymond, Washington

Hi Melinda,

Today I received the panflute. The only thing I can say is... it s INCREDIBLE!!I absolutely LOVE the craftmanship and sound it produces. I just wasn't expecting such a beautiful instrument and am so wonderfully surprised!

I have to admit, though, that as I only have a short time to perfect my performance with it, I had to fudge some... I only have a few weeks before our first concert and it'll take me about that time to get the "flats" down, so I went ahead and tuned the instrument to the key of "D" :0) If I stay lazy and keep it like that, I just might have to order a second one in the original key of "C".

Thank you again for a fantastic instrument. I am SO pleased with it! And Brad's instructional DVD's were a help as well. Thanks, everyone!

Stephen W. Bramblett

11-20-10 - Czech, Republic

Hello Brad!

"The Christmas panflute" was delivered. My niece will be happy. You have magic hands when you can make these beautiful instruments.

Thank you very much


11-17-10 - Tasman, New Zealand

Hi! Melinda,

The Pan Flute arrived today, and I am absolutely delighted with it. I am going to sit down shortly and take a look at Brad's DVD. I am so excited.

Thank you I am just so impressed with the service.

Kindest regards

Ira-Mary Wogan.

11-16-10 - County Cork, Ireland

Hi Melinda,

I'm delighted to report that the Student Panflute with the book and the

white envelope with the DVD and written instructions arrived in

perfect order today Monday 15th November 2010, oh, and duty free as

well, thank you!

The panflute which you have sent to me is a really lovely instrument,

and I'm proud and delighted to own it.

I will indeed keep you posted on my progress, which with all the

instructional materials which you have provided, hopefully will be in

the form of steady improvement. I'm starting from a near zero base in

terms of my theoretical knowledge of music, so the only way open to me

is forwards and upwards!

Many thanks again.

Best wishes to you and Brad,

Gordon Oulsnam

11-15-10 - Milan, Italy

The flutes have arrived. Thanks. Very beautiful and especially beautiful sound and easy to play.

thanks again. - Yuri Esposti

11-15-10 - Queensland, Australia

Wow – Grand Tenor with shoe, it has arrived already, November 15. That’s 5 days including the weekend.

Nicely gift wrapped too - thanks!



11-13-10 - Tallinn, Estonia


Grand Tenor package came on 14th day, and panflute sounds really wonderful :)

Special thanks for DVD inside! :)

Best regards,


11-12-10 - Molokai, Hawaii

Aloha Brad, I got the pan flute in the mail today, and needless to say, I was veery excited. I can tell that you and Melinda really enjoy your work. I have never seen a package arrive in the mail so well protected and well wrapped. The instrument is beautiful, I will spend many hours of my free time learning this new gift to myself.

Thanks again for being so.................... how should I put it?....................... Well, on it. I was impressed with the quality of the instrument, as well as the service I recieved.

Aloha, Ted from Molokai.

11-10-10 - Cambridgeshire, UK

Hi Guys

Just to let you know that the Pan Flute arrived today Wed 10 Nov 2010 all safe and sound, I couln'dt belive it when the postman knocked and handed it over.

Fantastic service thank you very much totaly recomended.

I have got as far a sounding the first 10 pipes, well after a fashion anyway, but, the last five are very probmatical.

Yes I know I need to learn to walk before trying to run :)

Anyhow, thanks for the great service and help.


11-10-10 - Favang, Norway

Hello again.

Today I receved my new panflute +++. It sounds wonderful, and I am so looking forward to start to learn.

Once again, thank you for your kindnes, and hopefully I will order another one later.



11-9-10 - Perth, Australia

Hello Melinda,

Just a quick note to tell you my daughters panflute arrived today here in Perth.

She is over the moon with it & already blowing notes.She loved your wrapping too.

Thanks again

Regards David Morahn

11-7-10 - Florida

Dear Brad,

Oh, what a surprise! I got my pan flute!

When I got home from work Thursday evening a package was sitting on the front porch, and I thought it was more guitar stuff my husband Garry had ordered. Then I saw your name on the box and almost fell over! Garry knew I wanted one of your pan flutes but I figured he was going to wait until Christmas. I'm really glad he didn't wait! I am so happy to have it and the DVD and book - I can't put it down! I have been practicing the blowing technique for starters, and Garry has been helping me read the notes and scale. Thank you so much for putting together such a nice beginner's pan flute package. The instructions and the DVD (and your You Tubes) are going to help me greatly.

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Kathy Milner

11-6-10 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Brad It,s Cliff from Ontario Canada just recieved my flute lovingly package at 11:30 am this morning looking forwards to many hours of practice I already like it and will treasure it for years to come many thanks to you and yours

soo gotta go and start my practicing .T.T.F.N.

Many thanks


11-5-10 - Sezimovo Usti, Czech Republic

Hello Melinda and Brad!

I´m glad to write you that your pan flute is in my hands. It was delivered at high noon:-) Beautiful instrument with amazing voice.

Thank you for all.


10-30-10 - Singapore

hi melinda,

please be informed that i have recieved the fun pipes on 28th oct thursday. Package in good order. Thank you.



10-28-10 - Salt Lake City, Utah

I received the pan flute a couple of weeks ago. What a wonderful instrument! I watched the DVD and have practiced every day. At first I could not get the half notes but over time they are becoming more pronounced. I still cannot reach all of the upper notes but slowly I find that I can go higher. I make and play my own American Indian flutes and remember how it was difficult to do some of the notes at first. making the vibrato sound on your flute has dramatically improved my own flute playing. Your flute is a quality instrument. I thank you for producing it and selling it. It is my pleasure to own one. Perhaps in a while when I get good I will send a sound bite.

Thanks Bruce Shoemaker

A new fan!

10-27-10 - Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Dear Melinda:

I received the new panlute on Monday, Oct 25 (Korea time), safe and sound. Thank you!


10-26-10 - Helchteren, Belgium

Brad, Melinda,

The fun pipes has arrived, after 13 days in Belgium.

WHAT a beautifull sound they make, I was holding back from a panpipe made of wood, But was I wrong. I'm very impresed, and if the 22 pipes Tenor sounds is equal to this fun pipes, I go to order in a few months also a new one.

I'm impresed, thanks


Now I go to save some money to buy a new tenor from your shop, really love the new pan flute.

10-25-10 - Australia

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the quick reply!

My workmate, Ben just received his Pan flutes yesterday and they

are so well made - beautiful - I look forward to getting them!

Thanks again


10-25-10 - Welshpool, Australia

Hi Melinda,

I have just received my pipes, and they survived transit fine by the looks of it. I can already tell they're way better quality than the crappy plastic ones I started with! Very much looking forward to having a play.

Thanks again!

- Ben

10-24-10 - India

Hello Brad,

We've just got back from our holiday where Karn turned 18 and we gifted him the absolutely beautiful set of the special order pan pines. He's in love :-) You just can't believe his enjoyment when he reverently held the pipes in his hands and blew the first few notes on them. We had taken him to The Maldives for his birthday vacation so the pipes are already very well traveled indeed.

Karn is now back to his music college where he has proudly shown off his new set of panpipes and the faculty were pretty impressed with them as well.

I know you have been sending me some links to some new videos over the past few years. Could I request you to add Karn's email id to your list so that he directly gets the links from you.

Many thanks for the special efforts you've taken to ensure these pipes got to our friend in Seattle on time to enable him to carry them in to India for us as also for the soft case. It's all perfect for Karn. He's so enjoying his new gorgeous set of panpipes and is looking forward to connecting with you directly. Emails are a bit tough for him due to his visual challenges but do try.

Warm regards to both of you.

Kavita Vij

10-14-10 - Sucre, Bolivia


I have already received both panflutes the past 11th of october. They are in good conditions so don't worry.

I'll be keeping you informed about my improvement.


Eliseo Callapa

10-12-10 - Victoria BC, Canada

Melinda and Brad,

It arrived Thursday, October 7. My son has been playing it quite a bit since then. He has played parts of many different songs on it by ear. His only real challenge so far is getting used to the breathing required. He has played Electric bass and guitar for about 7 years, but no wind instruments until now.

Cool wrapping paper by the way.

Anyways, thanks for the prompt service. If my son masters this thing ( panflute ) like he says he will, we may be ordering another one eventually.

Happy Thanksgiving ( Canadian )


10-11-10 - New Jersey

I just wanted to thank you for the pan flute, its very well made and a lot of fun already. I am flirting around with playing the lonely shepard from the kill bill soundtrack already and it even sounds decent enough to enjoy as a bystander to my practice (or so I am told). I can see myself getting the hang of it and learning for years. Thanks again for the flute and the dvd that you sent with it, I will definately recommend your work to others who may be interested in one.


10-10-10 - Ecuador (email via YouTube)

Hello, Aloha, I'm Andres from Ecuador, I like your videos of the pan flute.

I have the Grand Tenor pan flute from your shop, thanks for doing it for me, I am very happy to be the first to have a pan flute of Aloha in Ecuador, people ask me where to buy the panflute that I have... the sound is very beautiful. Also the pocket pan flute is nice , I carry it everywhere..

.thanks .

10-9-10 - London, UK

Hello Melinda,

The panflute arrived yesterday. I spent part of the day appreciating

it's beauty, and the DVD really helped me get an initial hang of

producing the notes!

Thanks very much!

Many regards from Alistair

10-7-10 - Tucson, Arizona


What a pleasant surprise!!!! My tenor pan flute was here when I arrived home (I ordered on Monday and received it only 3 days later Wow), it’s beautiful, I immediately gave it a try and wonder of wonders, and I can hit every sharp note and some flats, right out of the box, and was able to play some small portions of your recordings.

Once I learn how to breathe correctly, I am sure will be playing complete pieces by xmas.

I want to thank you for all the patience you showed me during the past weeks while I decided on which flute to get, and your availability is unparalleled.

I feel as if I know you personally by now, my appreciation for all your attention to my questions and for the instrument you sent me goes beyond any words.

Warmest regards


10-5-10 - Aylesbury, UK

Hi, Melinda just to let you know my fun pipes arrived today 10/05/2010 pm and I am impressed with them! Thanking you and Brad for your great service, yours sincerely John Morand

ps. I make it 7 days.

9-28-10 - Innisfil, Ontario, Canada


I received the package on September 22. might I add I absolutely love the new pan flute, it is stunning and definitely worth every penny. I find it a little strange to play right now just for adjusting my mouth on the instrument but in due time I will reach my prior level as on the 15 pipe.

thanks once again


9-23-10 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. & Mrs. White

Hi, sorry for late reply since I just came back from my holidays. I had receive the pan flute, the book and the envelope contains instructions and DVD, all are in good condition. The management told me that the package reach at 17/9/10.

By the way, the pan flute is so beautiful and nice, I like it so much, thanks a lot.

Have a nice day... Janz

9-22-10 - Czech Republic

Good day,

Dear Melinda,

Just today I received my 2 special range 19 pipes Pan flutes ( range from E1 to H3 ).

It arrived to me in excellent condition and really very fast.

I paied nothing more ( no custom duty ).

I must say the maple wood sounds beautiful.

Please inform Brad I received the flutes.

I think I will order next 19 pipes Pan flute of the range from E1 to H3 once in future.

Thank you.

Best Regards Pavel Biskup, Czech Republic, Europe.

9-21-10 - Moscow, Russia


Just as you asked, I write to let you know that today, I've recieved my panflute. Everything is alright, thanks! Special thanks go for packaging, when I recieved the box in local post office today, post office worker just carelessly dragged a dirty postal sack with it out of the storage room, hitting it on the corner of the table on the way, so I was kinda worried about the instrument's safety. But the special little box for panflute did it's job - not even a scratch! :-) .

As for delivery time, based on my own experience, it was relatively fast. Usually, one have to wait for about a month, or even a little more, while package travels from USA to Russia. Guess I got a little lucky this time.

I've already managed to get my first musical sounds out of panflute, and it's tone is wonderful. My English lack the words appropriate to describe the sound, but it's just so cool!

Great thanks!


9-21-10 - Ontario, Canada

The package arrived September 20th.

I would like to say that right out of the box I was already pleased. I don't want to take your time up. But if you are intersested, I have a somewhat small exposure to different woodwinds. I have always wanted to try the panflute, but for some reason or another I never did. Unfortunatley I purchased my first panflute from Ebay, only to find your site the next day. The panflute I recieved

of course not knowing any better discouraged me. It was now I see inferior. I immediatley could play simple tunes on yours and the sound was what drew me to the panflute to begin with.

Thank you, your kindness and communication when I purchased my first book from you prompted me to try one more time. Success, I

am excited and motivated. Had I found your site a day earlier.

Thanks Matthew Springer

9-15-10 - Belveder Kent, UK

Hi Brad/malinda,

Just to let you know I received the pan pipes today 15th September, arrived safely.

I'l email you in a couple of weeks to let you know of my progress, at present I can't even read music so I don't expect miracles over night.

However I'm really pleased with my new instrument, so wish me luck. I had a bet with my daughter that I will be able to play them by next July or failing that I owe her £50.00

Thanks again.

Regards ( Aloha)

Bob Sargeant

9-19-10 - Venlo, Netherlands

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I got the pan flute on wednesday but was not at home, so i had to wait for 2 more days cause they deliver it twice next time other shipping address from my work, so this will not happen to me again that i have to wait.

So i did drive to the post office on Friday during my break from work. The package was HUGE... So i went with the the pan flute to my work again, barely on time again for the next shift. But i unwrapped it first of course to take a good look at it, and blew some notes on it in front of my boss, and she did looked amazed by the sound of it. After work i started to re-tuned it to my wishes and start playing My way from Frank Sinatra ( for my Dad who passed away in 2004 cause it was on of his favorite songs ). And it went pretty ok for the first time playing on the huge flute. It sounds wonderful even the high notes are allot easier to play, i still need lots of practice of course but what do you expect in that short time that i play it. YouTube helps allot with learning how to play and play together with them so i am learning just on my hearing, as that is the easiest way, at least for me.

I am happy as a 18 year old that got his license to drive a car.

Many thanks for this amazing instrument, i will enjoy it for many years.

Love Light and Gratitude.

Leon Cabri.

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know, that my panflute arrived today. I was so shocked at how quickly it got here (4 days). The flute is gorgeous and I can't wait to get good at playing it. It already sounds wonderful.

Thank you so very much.



1-2-10 - Anderson, South Carolina


The pan flute is wonderful! I think I am enjoying it as much, or even more, than my daughter, for whom we bought it. The dvd is great. If I have any questions, call or write.



1-2-10 San Angelo, Texas

Mr. Brad White,

I really enjoy my panflute! Thank you so very much. May 2010 be the best year for you and your.

Sincerely, Serafin Maskill

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