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Letters from very happy customers - 2016

12-2-2016 - New Zealand

Hi Brad,

The Pan Flute was delivered to our address this morning and I have unpacked it when I got home. Thank you! It is lovely, and a wonderful feel and finish. After some fun an ok sound was produced sporadically .

But after a couple of hours it improved and I was able to start on some tunes by ear having fun with vibrato etc. thanks’ to your teaching DVD it is of great value.

I am truly grateful for your care and support that you offer, and again the DVD’s and your instructions they encourage and will be a very good reference guide. Like you, I play the Silver Flute

and still will, but for decades have wanted to play the Pan Flute. It was only some months ago I found your web site and was riveted to the possibility to get one, I suppose that’s why I decided on the Grand- Tenor giving the range I am familiar with.

Well, bless you! As you have me.

Best wishes,

Roger Samsom

11-26-2016 - Virginia

I was following the Postal Service tracking system which initially stated that I would receive my pan-flute on Saturday; however, that changed later in the day and it said it would arrive on Friday. 

Last night (Thursday) I found out it was already in the major hub about five miles from me and early this morning when I checked, it was a few miles from where I live having arrived shortly before 5 AM. Well, I must be the last one on the route as the mail arrived around 9:30 PM Friday. 

I did call the post office around noon today and said I could come over to pick it up, but the clerk said the package was one of over two thousand and probably already out for delivery...and in fact when I checked, it said out for delivery. And so, I made sure I was home and told my son to be on the lookout.

It was already quite dark when I thought I heard the mailman drive up and went back to where my son was working and he already signed for it and handed me the package. The box was in great shape and I must say you packaged it well. It took me at least five minutes to get to the pan-flute. I wanted to be careful that I didn't stick the panflute with the kitchen knife.

It looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. I was able to get a clear sound out of three octaves with the exception of the last three pipes that will need more work...of course all the pipes need work.

I read the two page material and definitely won't try to tune it, at least not until I can play well and know what I'm doing. I will listen/watch to the two DVDs that were included.

When I get somewhat proficient on the his beautiful instrument, I will bring it to choir practice and surprise everyone. I would love to be good enough to play for Christmas! Hmmmmm. Would be nice if I can play at least one song for the holidays.

I better end this letter as it is getting very long!

George Alexa,

Northern Virginia

11-15-2016 - BC Canada

Hi Brad & Melinda,

The panflute arrived at the post office on Tuesday afternoon and I picked it up yesterday afternoon. It works great. I find it easier to play than the first one I got from somewhere else :)

Thanks you,

Joe Guliker

11-10-2016 - Lynchburg, Virginia

Brad and Melinda,

I received the flute today and am excited to gift this to my dad. It's been a dream of his to play.

Thank you Brad for your patience as you explained what would be the best for him, and to you Melinda for taking the time wrap it so beautifully.

Thank you once again,


10-25-2016 - New Zealand

The details are correct Brad, thank you.

Hawaii is a beautiful place - I imagine that you will be missing it at times. We used to visit Hawaii quite often some years ago, and of have travelled quite extensively in mainland USA as well as Europe.

We also moved 6 years ago from our last home in Dunedin of 35 years to retire further north to a warmer climate. I am a Search & Rescue volunteer (deputy chairman) and also have a busy social life with golf, bowls, cycling and kayaking among other things, but now want to realize my dream of learning to play the panflute. 

Although I can't read music I have quite a good ear and can usually pick out a bit of a tune on a piano or organ so hopefully I will master the panflute too.

Anyway it's 11.45pm here and time for bed so goodnight and kind regards,


10-3-2016 - Vancouver, Washington

Brad and Melinda,

I received my pan flute yesterday, just two days after you mailed it. You sent it out Monday morning and I was hoping to get it on my anniversary Wednesday. It arrived on Wednesday evening right on my anniversary. It looks great and still looks like it did when you mailed it.

I want to say thank you for such prompt service and for returning my email on a weekend answering my questions. I really didn't expect a reply until Monday. You even wanted me to call you on Sunday to answer some more questions. It is so rare to see customer service like that now days. I really see your passion in wanting others to play the pan flute more than you want to sell them. Both go together but you really want to teach. 

Your websites are very well done and easy to navigate in and you have so much information on them. When you send out a flute you also send more teaching instructions and a music sampler. You are first class business people.

I will treasure my pan flute for many years as the craftsmanship is so nice. I have had nothing but top shelf service so far and I know you are more than willing to help as help is needed along the way. Thank you both again and it was MY pleasure choosing you to help with my pan flute.


9-28-2016 - Michigan

Hello, Brad! I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument! I am getting the hang of it, I think. Such an enchanting sound! Liz

9-20-2016 - Iowa

Thank you so much! I was looking for a flute and Jonny Lipford recommended you. That is a wonderful endorsement from a Grammy winning artist.


9-5-2016 - New Zealand

Hi Brad and Melinda,

My friend Lavinia received the Pan flute this morning and she is over the moon about it. I will be seeing her tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing it and trying it myself.

Thank you for your excellent service - we really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


8-25-2016 - Scotland

Dear Melinda,

My FunPipes arrived this morning. Enjoying playing with them just now and am looking forward to playing them in the ancient Wemmys Caves here in Fife Scotland. Does Panflute have a facebook page? It would be nice to use this to share with friends and family.

With kind regards, from a very happy Charlotte aka (Paris Rose)

8-12-2016 - The Netherlands

I've received the pan flute in good condition.

It was delivered for quite some time to one of our neighbors but we aren't home that often so when our neighbors tried to drop it off we weren't there and they didn't leave a message in the mailbox.

Thanks again, now it's time to start practicing!


8-1-2016 - Virginia

I have one of your pan flutes and I love the sound and the quality of workmanship. :) Charles

7-20-2016 - Ogden Illinois

I'm looking forward to learning this instrument. I lost 1 1/2 octaves of my singing voice to a thyroid surgery last spring, and I've been looking for an instrument (considered harmonica, but gave it to my grandson) and found your panflutes today on YouTube. You play beautifully, and I appreciate the extras that you've packaged with the instrument.


7-14-2016 - Christchurch New Zealand

Lovely notes from Janeen Jones, Tenor, Broomfield, Christchurch, New Zealand

bought for her mother who lives on Stewart Island , NZ


response to when Panflute sent:

Thank you both very much. Mum is so excited she was nearly in tears when I told her she has a pan flute coming.

I will let you know when it arrives, and thank you for the extra care you have taken for its packaging and contents.

Kindest regards



when panflute arrived:


The flute has arrived! So quick. I don't go down to visit mum at Stewart island until next Thursday.

This is so good!

Thank you very much.

Janeen Jones.

New Zealand


when she took the panflute to her Mom in Stewart Island

Hello from early morning Stewart Island.

Mum is making noises with it today. She couldn't even wait to get out of bed.

Today is 'watch the instructions' day so there will be no stopping her then.


She is so excited.

Thank you.


7-12-2016 - Northeast Iowa

really enjoy the 22 pipe flute. the 4th time playing played rock of ages not perfect will have to keep practicing .will have more time this winter. dealing with flash flooding in northeast iowa 8 to 11 in. thanks again for making my left hand flute.


7-11-2016 - Japan

Aloha Mr. White,

 Just a note to let you know that Grand Tenor PanFlute arrived at good condition,

it's a beautiful instrument. Thank a lot for the Instructional DVD and CD Sampler of

PanFlute Music.

Thank you for everything.


7-6-2016 - California

Hi Brad I purchased one of your pan flutes about 2 years ago . It is an incredible piece of art . I'm having a great time playing it . Steve

6-28-2016 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Brad,

Just letting you know that I purchased your 18 pipe tenor G model (no book) minutes ago. I don't have any questions at the moment, but I was pleased that you personally answered my questions swiftly and were helpful. I trust that you are a great dealer (and player) of pan flutes so I decided to buy.

I'll let you know when I receive the flute if I have any questions on handling/caring for the instrument. Thanks for being personable, I appreciate that you yourself and not some email bot or basic call centre representative responded to me.

Cheers and aloha,


6-15-2016 - New York

Thanks for the Celtic sheet music that I can play on the pentatonic pipes! You certainly do have a lot of interesting and informative material! I am glad that I bought from you so that I could get all the right musical information and technique, and then some! Thank you.


6-11-2016 - Connecticut

Dear Melinda and Brad,

Received the beautiful looking and sounding pan flute today. Now, I hope I can do it justice by playing it nicely. I've got to remember to buy a DVD player so that I can learn what, when and how to play it more proficiently.

Thank you again for your very quick response.

 Sincerely, Cecilia and Ralph

6-9-2016 - Connecticut

Dear Brad,

My beautiful flute arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much!! I was overjoyed just to be able to play a few clear notes on it. More to come... I will contact you when not if but when I need your professional guidance. My gratitude to both you and your wife for helping me chose the proper flute and for its timely arrival. Enjoy the breeze of summer. Best Regards, Lynn

6-1-2016 - St George, Barbados

Hi Brad,

Just a word to inform you that I received the panflute this afternoon. Great craftsmanship.

Thank you very much.


5-26-2016 - Georgia


The flute is beautiful. It has just the tone I was hoping for. Thanks very much for your good work and fast shipping.

Now to practice ...



5-13-2016 - Northamptonshire, UK

Hi Brad yes my address is correct .Im am 68 ys young and i have not a musical note in my body but after seeing your video my heart is set on playing this pan flute. kindest regards


5-10-2016 - Israel

Dear Brad,

I received the pan flute yesterday, it looks great.


Best regards,


5-7-2016 - Massachusetts

Melinda and Brad:

It has been a joy dealing with you. My son's girlfriend (Lujah) will begin her world tour Monday, and she wanted to have some form of musical instrument to accompany her.

The additional music is an inspired choice -- my son and Lujah just watched the Lord of the Rings and will be quite familiar with Enya's tune.

Thanks again. You have made a number of people very happy, and I hope their music will bring people together.


5-2-2016 - Rocky Mount, Virginia

Dear Brad,

I received my beautiful pan flute yesterday afternoon and have been practicing since! I'm a flutist, so I was able to get fairly nice sounds right away, but it will take me a bit to get my sound as fluent and beautiful as yours! Thank you so much for the extra care and time you took to wrap the flute and envelope for my anniversary gift....that was a really special touch that warmed my heart! I love the videos and music you sent with the emails. Maybe if I get as good as you, I can visit Florida to play a duet!!! Again, thank you so much for making this beautiful instrument!




Susan Spataro

Assistant Professor of Music

Music Department Coordinator

4-21-2016 - Water Mill, New York

Hello! Just got my pan flute in the mail and am playing it right now! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for all of your help!! Best wishes!!! - Ben

4-16-2016 - Connecticut


4-11-2016 - Burdett, NY

Hey there Melinda,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my package today. Everything arrived in great shape VERY EXCITING. Looks great and sounds great as well. The flute fits nice in the soft case. Brad thanks again for all your help during our phone conversation. Gonna make a lot of great music with this flute, I can feel it!!

Be well,


Sent from my iPhone

4-10-2016 - Australia

Hi Melinda,

Just a note to let you know, Panflute arrived today.......very easy to blow compared to my homemade flutes. .....Thank you...…David

4-10-2016 - New Brunswick, Canada

Thank you, Melinda and Brad. I will certainly have a challenge on my hands trying to perfect this sweet sounding instrument but look forward to it as I am now retired...lots of time. I do take note and thoroughly appreciate your hands-on approach to customer service....blessings, Duane.

Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology

4-9-2016 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you very much. You obviously take great pride in your work and I detect a lot of love there as well.

God bless,


4-5-2016 - Alberta, Canada

Brad, Just a short note to let you know my new flute arrived yesterday in perfect condition! Your "mailing packaging" is superb :) I gave it a quick try and realize how much I must practice, but that begins today and I expect great things. I love the flute - it is beautiful, and I'm certain I will send dulcet tones over the air waves as we RV around. Will be in touch again in awhile. Cheers to you and Melinda, Erna Colloton, Claresholm, Alberta, Canada

4-1-2016 - Boca Raton, Florida

Hello Melinda, i received the pan flute yesterday, and i just love it i have been sick for the past four days but in spite of that i listen to Brad's video and I am making complete sounds already and this is the first time I have played the pan flute, kindly let Brad know how much I appreciate this masterpiece and looking forward to speaking with him shortly. Thanks again Terrence.

3-25-2016 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Came home after being "out" all day and found the package, It looks fantastic. I watched the instructional video and tried it for about a half hour. I then started to listen to the CD, and must admit I fell asleep in it. I just love the music and integration with the flute and it's sound. I especially like Hawaii Aloha, and a couple other ones, the titles excape me right now. I've been shuffling music for a book signing this coming sunday, I'll be with one of e groups playing for as many Hula Halau, one of them from Paris, we get to accompany them as they sing "La Vie En Rose" should be fun. OK Mahalo Nui once again, I'll let you know how I progress.

3-16-2016 - Corpus Christi, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the pan flute. Very nice for sure. I actually got sound out of it first try. Started on the lowest note. Not so easy on the higher notes as you describe on the video. Years ago as a hobby I played the harmonica. Haven't played one in many years. The reason I mention this because I find myself wanting to go to the left for the low notes to the right for higher notes. Will be a habit I have to break. Also you mentioned getting dizzy. Well I'm no exception to that. I'll be practicing and may let you know how it's going in a couple of weeks. Now to find a nice, and easy tune to start with. Flight of the bumblebee should do it.

Just kidding of course. Something without half tones for starters.

Thank you for the prompt service. Have a wonderful day.

Wally Z

3-10-2016 - Kona, Hawaii

Aloha, I recieved the flute. It is awesome! I sat sunset and played random notes and a tourist couple told me that was beautiful!.. your instrument is

Thank you,


2-25-2016 - Malaga, Spain

Oh thank you Brad now have the notes nearly sorted so next thing is to concentrate on getting a good tone and sound.

It’s a great instrument.

Kind regards


2-12-2016 - Saudi Arabia

This is Samir Soni from saudi arebia

Got it yesterday.

It's really excellent.....


2-9-2016 - Vancouver, Canada

The Pan flute crossed the border at Vancouver Canada last Friday and it was delivered this morning Monday to our little town. It arrived in excellent condition, you packed it well Thank you so much for such prompt service. I am excited to start learning to play, I tried a few times to get something out of it , and now I wish I had ordered a new pair of lungs also. But I am sure it will be come easier when I study your lessons. Again thank you so much. Maxine

2-2-2016 - Kuwait

Dear Brad,

Greetings from Kuwait. Finally I collected the flute yesterday. Tried it out in the night – it is really amazing – i need to practice on it and thank you for the two CD’s and the leaflet.

I keep in touch as I progress.

Best regards to you and Melinda and thanks for your patience and guidance.

Tony Fernandes

2-1-2016 - Maharashtra, India

Hi Brad,

just to inform you that the beautifully crafted,Grand Tenor Panflute arrived this afternoon.

I am very thrilled and cant wait to start playing it.

Many thanks to you both.

warmest regards,

Sohrab Davar

I am off to Goa on the 4th for my niece’s wedding and return shortly. I will get in touch upon my return. Many thanks again.

2-1-2016 - Umina Beach, Australia

Well Brad my 15 pipe pan flute arrived this morning. All good! I had to tune it to G and some of the high notes too. It is just what I wanted as I play C and G chromatic harmonica's and I have lots of backing tracks for those. Concert tomorrow featuring the pan flute. 

The oldie's have been waiting for it. The echo battery is charged and the songs are ready. Thanks for the instruction I would be still blowing air without it and bending the notes down is special too. At first I didn't think I would get it but now its easy. I write the notes using flats instead of sharps and that works for me. Thanks for everything. - John

1-28-2016 - Bayswater,  Australia

Hi Brad,

Just like to let you know the pan flute arrived yesterday,

Don't know much about pan flutes but the quality looks exceptional, thank you so much for the unbelievable services,

My partner has already claimed it so will most likely order again shortly now down to the learning bit thanks again

Andy hook

1-24-2016 - Red Deer, Canada

Hi Brad, 

You sent a PanFlute to Maureen last week. The flute is actually for me (Derek) . Just to let you know it arrived in Red Deer, Alberta today. I am very happy to start this new adventure.

Thank you, Derek....................I would say Aloha but I'm looking at a foot of snow outside. Cheers!

1-17-2016 - Maine


I received my new Grand Tenor yesterday and what a beautiful instrument! Thank you for the DVD’S also. I can get through Amazing Grace , not fluent , but in time! like you say the breathing control is what I have to master! Thanks to my Daughter Della for the gift. I have been going on the computer and watching you too.

I thought you might like to hear from a Happy and excited pan flute owner!!!!! Thanks again. Hazel

P/S If you go on Maine Artist on web, you will see me and some of my art. I do watercolors.

1-12-2016 - Maine

Hi Melinda & Brad,

I have to tell you this! I emailed you last week telling you about ebay canceling my order because seller gave invalid tracking #. Hazel is my name; you wrote back saying that was good in my favor........ So I decided that after I got my refund I’d buy the Grand Tenor from you .

Well I got a call from my daughter in TN Della. (she knew the trouble I was having with my other order). she said DON’T order a panflue ,as I just ordered one for your birthday from and I ordered a Grand Tenor! I couldn’t believe it ; I said was it Brad White ,and she said yes ! so I am excited to get it Sat.

 I never had one in my hands before ,but I play other music instruments ,and KNOW I will enjoy this venture; will keep you posted, and thank you for the extras that you are sending me . Hazel from Maine .... I hit send before I had finished the first part of this letter . sorry!

1-11-2016 - Tennessee

Thank you for the prompt email. The address is correct as it will be shipped to Hazel C… in Harrington, Maine. She called me all upset because she HAD ordered one from Peru, and the shipment never materialized. 

I quickly went on your site and ordered one for her. I figured that I should tell her, so I called her and told her that I had ordered a pan flute. She said "Well, I have been looking at one online and was going to order it-but I will wait for the one you ordered to arrive. Tell, me, what did you order?"

I said," Hell, I don't know- a pan flute- a Grand Tenor. "

She let out a squeal- and replied "That is the one that I want!"

I think that she will be pleased!

Thank you!

Della Collins

1-10-2016 - Teringie, South Australia

Hello. I received the pan flute yesterday! It sounds great, but I need a lot more practice with holding long notes. I have been playing a poorly made pan flute I bought of Ebay for a few years and I am happy I actually have a good pan flute now! Thank you also for the card and the two CD's. Thanks, Joseph

1-8-2016 - Colorado

Thank-you Brad!

Sorry I missed your call! Although I am classically trained (voice and French Horn) I have developed a great fondness for the folk instruments. I started with the bagpipe but switched to the whistle 2 years ago. I actually prefer my whistle to anything I have ever played. Plus I can take my music with me now wherever I go. My entire family plays an instrument (or sings) except for my younger brother.

He was injured in a construction accident and I’ve been looking for a instrument for him to play. He can’t play the 5 or 6 hole flutes as he needs something that doesn’t require fingering .

When I can across the pan flutes, I became entranced with the sound and thought it would be perfect for him. However, now I want one for myself : - ) Or at least to try it before I give it to my brother.

I also understand the importance of having a quality instrument to start out so one doesn’t get discouraged as this was the same with my whistles. It sounds like your pipe package will be perfect to get me started here.

Thank-you for responding to my inquery. I’ll place my order on your web site.

Aloha! Karen

1-5-2016 - Tunstead, Norfolk, UK

Hi Brad Just to say wow and a very big thank you for the pipes they arrived Monday 4th am Iam looking so forward to learning how to play them… Grand Tenor with Dark shoe

Ann Taylor xx

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