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Letters from very happy customers - 2017

April 18, 2017 Colorado Springs Colorado

( just bought her second Flute from us this month )

Hello, Brad!

Thank you so much for the confirmation and other links to your site. I have been looking online for several days and yours was the most impressive site, so I felt I could order with confidence that I was getting a good quality flute. EBay and Amazon are chock-full of questionable instruments. I play keyboard, guitar, ukulele and harmonica but have had a recent shoulder replacement which prevents me from doing much of anything with my stringed instruments. Unfortunately, my dog finds my harmonica painful, so I'm hoping the Pan Flute will be a nice addition to my Musical repertoire. I still have many weeks of rehab before I can resume normal activities, so this is going to keep me quite busy. I have always loved the haunting melody of the Pan Flute & have a couple of CDs by Leo Rojas, so I know I'm going to have a ton of fun! 

Thank you again, Deb


Hey, Brad & Melinda,

Just wanted to let you know I received my pan flute today in excellent condition. I watched your instructional video, and I have mastered the lip placement and have eked out a small tune.

This is a well-made instrument and I appreciate the time put into it for a quality experience. Should I graduate to a larger flute in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to order another from you. I think the reverse order of pipes is going to work out well for me! I'm glad I had that option :) Oh, and my dog (Gabe) has no issues at all with it. He laid right by my side while I played it and he didn't even lift his head! Awesome!!! 


April 12, 2017 Australia Alice Springs

Thanks Brad Awesome panflutes, fantastic! !! Great sound!!


(owns many of our panflute's)

(Justin Ronberg (Iggy) was born in Alice Springs and grew up in the Northern Territory in towns such as Katherine, Darwin and Alice Springs. He regularly visited the Nullabor country to spend time with this father’s mob. 

His father, Bunna Lawrie of the international band Coloured Stone, is from the Mirning country of the Nullabor coastal areas of the Great Australian Bight. Justin’s mother, Emily Anne Ronberg, a Luritja-Arrente woman, was a stolen generation child. 

Justin, as the eldest grandson, felt his obligation and a strong desire to return to the traditional homeland and learn his peoples ways; to learn stories that were handed from generation to generation; from and Elder system which spans at least forty thousand years. 

Justin is a proud Aboriginal man who chose to follow his grandfather’s Law and become an initiated man, a Wati (pronounced waddi). 

Justin is entitled to wear a red headband and does so during performances. At a very early age he was influenced by the spiritual sounds of the didgeridoo of the old people of the Top End of theNorthern Territory, as they sat on the ground painted, and sung under the shade of the trees. 

Justin was taught the puna also or didgeridoo skills by Elders who are masters of this musical instrument. Members from his mother’s family gave Justin in depth training and knowledge. Justin chooses to make boomerangs, spears, didgeridoos, clap sticks and paint his stories on canvas using traditional symbols and designs.)

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