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Letters from very happy customers - 2019

September 3, 2019 California

“Received my pan flute today and its beautiful. Has great tone. I still have a long long ways to go but I believe my flute playing and my harmonica experience from years ago will pay off.

I have been able to stumble/stumble through a few simple songs with a few sharps and flats and I am getting the feel for it. Again, I have a long ways to go but in using an orchestrational tuner I will be able to fine tune the semitones.

My harmonica experience from my younger years (muscle memory) is going to help me traverse through the tones, I believe.

Again, it will probably take me 6 months before I play at church but maybe sooner.

Thanks again for a great instrument, I’m excited.”

– Joe Mello


August 9, 2019 Flushing New York

 Hello! Mr. Brad White,

“Thank you for your reply. I ordered a flute on August 7th and I have high expectations for the product.

I ordered products from several companies, all of which were lower than expected. Your product expects quality that I can recommend.”

Best Regards – Kenny

Follow up email; August 12, 2019

 Hello! Mr. Brad White,

“I received your pan flute today. I was NOT disappointed this time. I played a little and it was great!! Thank you!”

– Kenny


August 5, 2019 Australia

Hey Brad!

“Yes the pan flute arrived yesterday.

Thank you so much. She looks and sounds beautiful. Thank you for packing it so well and thank you for such a beautiful quality instrument.”

– Dion :)


August 1, 2019

Aloha Brad,

“Just received my new pan flute in the mail at 2:30 PM. It’s a beautiful looking instrument and I can see where it’s going to take lot’s of practice and time to master it, but practice makes perfect so hopefully in time it will all come together.

Thank you for the CD, DVD, and instruction manual also. Your business dealings are first class and your sincere care for your customers is admirable. I will definitely recommend you if I’m ever asked.”

 Thanks Brad – Sid Batty


July 9, 2019 Virginia

“Grand Tenor came in today. Have had a chance to try it out some. Like having even higher notes to play than before. Plan to start to work on technique and new songs soon. Thanks for the cd's, I'm sure that will be special. I'll be looking into what is on them after I send this e-mail. Thanks for your help, seems like a beautiful instrument, I'll know more soon.”

– Tom


June 29, 2019 Australia

“Well Brad, my Pipes arrived this morning 28/06/2019 Brisbane Australia at about 9 am.

They will give me many hours of pleasure---have even managed to put some notes together good enough for my Wife to be able to recognise what I am trying to play.

I apologise for the inconvenience I caused you and thank you for your patience.BUT, bad start good finish don’t you reckon?”

Many thanks – Clive


June 27, 2019

 Hi Brad,

“I just wanted to say that I received the flute. It is gorgeous. Thank you so much”

All My Best – Shaun  


June 19, 2019

 Hi Brad,

 “I wanted to let you know that I completed setting the world record I told you about when I bought one of you panflutes. You can watch, and hopefully enjoy, the entire video, or scroll to minute 3:50 to see the panflute you sold me. It's been a wonderful addition to my collection, I've had a lot of compliments on it, and I thank you for that!”

Cheers! – Steve


May 25, 2019 Sweden

Hello again!

 “I wrote to your wife a while ago about the panflute had arrived to Sweden, I just want to tell you that I got it today in the mail after the package left the customs service it took another week to the postoffice. Thank you, it´s beautiful 🙂.”

Greetings –Jenny  


May 23 2019 New Jersey

“Hi, Brad and company! Thanks so much for the excellent customer service. You have, I think, most customer service places beat by your superb speed in answering questions and handling concerns. I got my pan flute in a flash. The quality of the instrument is outstanding and is amazing that this amount of work is so affordable. I, as usual, couldn't get much of a sound out if it until I watched your instructional DVD. And now I can hit even the high notes. Wow, what results! I'm so excited and I want all to know that this is an excellent shop. If they want a quality instrument with quality service, quality results, and a quality price, this is it!! Thanks, Brad!”

– Celyne


March 3, 2019 UK

Aloha Brad,

“My Home address is Dorset England.

Here’s a little about myself, I am 80 years old. I  served my Country in the Regular Army in The Black Watch, I reverted the ranks to become a member of the Pipe Band, (Bag Pipes) playing in the drum section, and on a number of occasions I also played in the Military Band which was all due to my good time keeping. Both Bands played all over the World.

Later on in life I helped but together a Local Pipe Band,  playing all over the South of England acting as their Drum Major. 

I also sing and play a number of Harmonicas. I cannot wait to receive one of your Pan flutes and get playing. I am right handed.”

Kind Regards – Mike    

February 5, 2019 UK

Hi Brad,

“Just to let you  know pipes arrived in good condition. They were well  packed and look great. They are a very well  made , very sturdy pan pipe. They arrived much earlier than expected , Just under  one week is amazing . Thanks for the  instructions and DVD .It's been  pleasurable experience  to deal with you and would highly recommend  you. Thank you.”

Bill – from the U.K.


 January 23, 2019 Dubai

“Dear Brad, this morning i went & collected the Panflute from my local Post Office. I recvd it in superb condition, well protected & lovely to see, play n to have. Thk you for all the professional manner in which you handled this order, I'm glad i bought the instrument from you. Btw, this is d 1st time I have bought an instrument without even seeing it or trying it and that too on-line flawlessly. I am truely grateful to you & wud consider it an honor to be a person to offer a reference on your instrument or your manner of executing d order. “

Warm regards – Agnelo P. Q. De Melo Shukran frm Dubai 😉


January 20, 2019

Dear Brad,

 “I received the Grand Tenor pan flute in less than two days, well ahead of the promised schedule, and just wanted you to know I am deliriously happy.  This instrument has opened up a whole new musical pathway for me.  I'm already playing some simple pieces and practicing intervals.  I get the strangest feeling that I already know the instrument a tiny bit.  In any case, I am thrilled with it.  Also can't thank you enough for all the support items you included.

Your interpretation of Salley Gardens is the most beautiful I have ever heard.  It brings tears to the eyes. I'm currently working on it, and also Sine Bhan.

Please let me know if I can provide any reviews, testimonials or do anything else to support your wonderful business.

Many, many, many thanks – Gary Scot

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