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Letters from very happy customers - 2013

12-29-13 - Uppsala, Sweden

Hello Brad,

I just got my pan flute yesterday and just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased with it! Really beautiful sound and comfortable to the hand. I'm very sure I will buy another one in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Happy new year,


12-27-13 - Stayton, Oregon

Hi Brad,

I am happy to say the pan flute arrived in time for Christmas and my son loves it.

Thank you so much for the extra care of wrapping it so nicely, I appreciate it very much.

We love your music and look forward to our son playing as well as you can!



12-23-13 - Mukilteo, Washington


We ordered a pan flute for our grandson, which you sent the next day. It arrived on time and in good order. We appreciate (and we know our grandson will too!) the Aloha note you wrote on the package - it makes it seem even more special. We are excited to give it to Joey on Christmas.

Thank you,

Steve and Betsy Koepp

12-18-13 - Allen Park, Michigan

Hello Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that my pipes arrived safely yesterday!!

OMG they are gorgeous, smooth as silk and a phenomenal tone quality!!!!

Absolutely nothing like the cheap thing I had before!!!

I am already playing, using the hand vibrato and experimenting with other vibratos.

I did not realize they are tunable. Love the case also and very glad that I got it.

Have too many holiday gigs starting Thurs so I won't be able to spend much time with them until after the 25th but I am looking forward to becoming more proficient.

Will keep you updated on my progress.

Have a great Christmas!

It is 25 and we now have approx. 9" of snow.....................ugh!!!



(I am a proffesional flutist also play the whistles and many other instruments. I just heard your playing on the Feliz Navidad recording and have to learn it!!)

12-17-13 - Fife, Washington

Brad I got the pan flute, it was delivered in outstanding condition, and I might also add it was packed to perfection. I just love the workmanship that was done on it . I just know I will love playing it, I just wanted to also add I can play Row Row Row Your Boat. With the DVD’s you sent I am set. I have played the 4 string plectrum banjos for 26 years and I am still learning. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Also Merry Christmas - John

12-15-13 - Budapest, Hungary

Hello, Mr Brad White.

Thank you so much. The Book, and grand tenor pan flute is arrived.

I hope I will learning soon.

My first correct production will send you.

Thank's again.

Best regards

Matus Mihály

12-14-13 - Calhoun, Georgia

Brad and Melinda,

WOW! Your craftsmanship is AMAZING! Being a visual person, I have to figure out a way to display it. It is a piece of practical sculpture that begs for a place of prominence. (Hmmm, another item to sell on your site; a display stand made out of resin, or wood.

The sound is heavenly, and before I pass from this earth, I hope to play it as well as you.

I was allowed to play each note once before my wife took it and wrapped it up. It now sits under the tree tormenting me. (I sneaked your CD out of the box and at least can listen to you play and dream….)

Merry Christmas to you. You have made my Christmas bright!


PS. The shipping is Amazing too; shipped Monday and delivered Friday. Great job!

12-9-13 - Lifracombe, Australia

Hi Brad. We received the flute in the mail on 12/09. Thankyou very much, My daughter and I can both get a tune out of it, but will have to practice the breathing...we both nearly black out:) Thanks again, and we will enjoy it!

kind regards, Meredtih.

12-8-13 - Oirschot, The Netherlands

Hi Melinda,

Thanks you so much for everything. We can't wait to get our 'fun pipes', instructional DVD, and complimentary Panflute music CD!

Thanks for mailing the package USPS and so quickly. I'm not too concerned about the delivery time though, once the package gets to New York it will enter the APO Military system and I just hope to have it by Christmas, my 6-year-old daughter wrote Santa this year and asked for one of these. I'm really excited for us to start learning to play it on Christmas morning!

And yes, I am stationed in the Netherlands. My family and I have lived here for a little over 2 years and have another 2-5 years to go. I live in a wonderful little fairytale town called Oirschot near Eindhoven. We actually had plans to visit Delft last month but were not able to go. We'll try to go again soon though. Living in Delft for 2 years, I'm sure you and Brad have quite the collection of Delft Blauw!



12-5-13 - Kirkland, Washington

Hi Brad excellent Job packaging Pan flute arrived today Dec. 5th great shape.

Now all I need to do is learn how to play it.

Excellent workmanship right down to the signature on the back a true artist.

Thanks again

Gary Weber

11-26-13 - Elkton, Maryland


I can't begin to tell you how much fun my 18-pipe Tenor Pan Flute has been to play! Since I purchased the flute from you back in December of 2012, I have been practicing on average 1 hour per day and sometimes longer! I have learned over 35 hymns and some more recent Praise songs! I have also played 2 of the 40+ songs that I have learned in Church during the Church Offertory. I am having a blast!

People can't get over the beautiful sound that this flute puts out! The first 4 months were the hardest! It was hard to hold notes very long and I got pretty dizzy when I played. But now after almost a year of daily and consistent practicing, I'm now really enjoying just making beautiful music with it!

I come from a very large family of brothers and sisters. The male side has musical gifts and the female side tends to gravitate towards Artistic talent. I am really glad that I have bought this flute. It has had a profound impact on praising and worshipping God and people that hear me play are really enjoying the music that the instrument makes.

It seems as though you go through 3 phases of learning a new instrument. The mechanics (Breathing, note selection, scales, holding notes), the music -- being able to play whole songs and play them well , and then the expression -- playing a song not just correctly, but with expression and passion. As the first two phases become secondary -- the ability to play with beauty and expression becomes primary. I have already noticed that when I play a song that I knew how to play previously but not beautifully, now I can do the latter.

You make new discoveries all the time the more you play an instument. And with each new discovery you begin to enjoy playing all the more.

Again, thanks so much for this instrument. It has really changed my life. It has re-awakened my desire to play music and to play it with the passion that I thought I had lost.

Dave Reynolds

11-22-13 - Durham, North Carolina


I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I am enjoying my pan flute.

What a magnificent instrument! It obviously has a lot of TLC crafted into it.

Barbara loves Andean pan flute music, so I hope to work up some of those tunes for her.

Since my grand tenor is in C I can play much of my existing flute music, too.

I’ll try to keep in touch to let you know how I am doing.


Dana Keith

11-20-13 - Westford, Massachusetts


I received the pan flute yesterday- it's awesome! Took me a little while, but I can now get pretty clear tones from it reliably. Pretty sure my embouchure is not great yet. It will take some practice to be sure- I've not watched the DVD yet so need to do that.

I think it is going to work perfectly! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround- pretty amazing (order on Friday, arrives on Monday- all the way from Hawaii to the East Coast)!

Very happy with it- thanks so much!

Bill K.

11-16-13 - Bolton, Massachusetts

Hi Brad & Melinda:

I received the Pan Flute today and what a nice surprise inside, all gift wrapped! Thank you, that's great customer service. I send personal notes with our manuals when our customers request them too. It's just a small thing, but it adds a personal touch not found in business very often. I can't wait to try the flute with my kids, but we will have to wait for Christmas.

I'm sure I'll be shopping with you again.



11-14-13 - Pagosa Springs. Colorado

Hello Brad,

Thank you for the beautiful pan flute. It is a really lovely instrument. I'm very happy with its sound. You were right; I am able to play it in spite of my block with rim-blown flutes. I'm grateful to you for keeping your prices low so I could get such a nice flute! Now the hours of practice begin... but not all at once. :-)

Your CD is wonderful. Thank you for including it! I got home a bit before my husband the day the flute came and immediately put your CD in. He came home and heard it and said, "that is absolutely fabulously gorgeous."

Have you thought of selling "music minus one"-type panflute backing tracks (like the ones from your CD)?




Jessica Tsianina Peterson has played flutes for 30 years. She is an author of 14 books with recordings, published through ADG Productions

11-6-13 - Grand Isle, Nebraska

Good morning, Brad and Melinda,

The pan flute arrived and Ethan is already playing beautiful music. Some work on technique will make it even better... Thanks for the links - all the support is helpful and inspiring.

Have a great Wednesday!

Deb Wilkerson

10-28-13 - Hong Kong, China

Got the mail, thank you!! The flute is beautiful : ) Love it so much!!


Linda (Siu Ling You)

10-25-13 - Pompano, Florida

Hi Melinda,

Thanks so much for the update. It's always nice to deal with professional, caring people.

I actually played the coronet for 4-5 years in school. Sheet music was in the C scale and hopefully,

I haven't forgotten how to read all the notes. :-)

Thanks again for the immediate update.



10-23-13 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that the panflute arrived safely today.

Only 9 days getting here, that is amazing.

Thank you so much for sending it & for your prompt service.

Hope to do business with you again.

The Lord bless you.



10-20-13 - Grabo, Sweden

Hi Melinda and Brad

I received my pan flute Friday afternoon and started to practice immediately.

It is really fun J. And the flute are really beautiful.

I can read notes since I played Clarinet then I was young. But It was nearly 30 years since my last lesson. It is really frustrating that I cannot play everything I want yet. That I have to start with easy songs. And even these are hard for me…

Now my children are nearly grown up and I hope I will get a lot of time for myself. I will not give up! I turn 50 next year and a lot of people gets some kind of crises then so I decided that playing Pan flute will be mine…

Thanks and have nice day from Carina

10-14-13 - Oneonta, New York

Hi Brad...

I just wanted to tell you that i received my flute just now... It's beautiful!

Feel kinda like a.little kid at Christmas.

Can't wait to get it home and begin...

Thanks again

Joe pagillo

10-11-13 - Paducah, Kentucky

Brad, I recieved my Pan Flute, and it is absolutely beautiful. I'm excited about learning to play. and thank you so much for all the information that you gave me in helping on the decision of what flute to purchase.

Thank you for the C.D's.

Your music is so enjoyable.

Thanks again!

Tom McMurtry

Paducah, Kentucky

10-7-13- Louisville, Kentucky


Hi Larry, It is perfectly fine to play sitting in a chair. ... brad

10-4-13 - Westlake Village, California

The panflute already arrived yesterday.and it is beautiful! Can't thank you enough.

My first goal is to play 'The Condor Passes. Right now it sounds more like The Chicken Scratches :)


Pat Manalio

9-30-13 - Tamarac, Florida (follow up to 9-11-13)

Hola Brad,

This is the picture of Giovanni wih the pan flute. I hope you can open it. He loves it and is learning more songs in other keys using now more sharps. I wanted to take a picture playing along with the entire choir but the room is too dark, so I preferred to take one yesterday in the outer part of the church where he is having his debut this coming Christmas concert.

Saludos from Florida,


9-24-13 - Pompano Beach, Florida

Aloha Brad & Melinda:

My Grand Tenor arrived about an hour ago. It is such a magnificent, beautiful instrument.

I can't believe the meticulous craftsmanship and the fact you autographed it as well. It is so rare to find such caring people, that go the extra mile. It was carefully packaged, and arrived in only three days! Melinda emailed my tracking info. just shortly after I ordered it online. I ordered it on Thurs. (09-19-13) and it arrived today (09-23-13). Thank you for the enclosed instructional DVD and your Dream e Scapes CD.

I plan on watching the DVD first and go from there. I played the coronet for 4 years in school.

Hopefully all those years of practicing my chromatic C scales on it, will help me with the pan flute.

It will be an interesting journey as I learn my first wind instrument. I'll keep you updated as my journey progresses.

Thank you Brad for the TLC you put into each and every one of your beautiful pan flutes.

Thank you Melinda for your prompt tracking/shipping info.

Keep up the excellent work and may God bless you both. :-)


9-20-13 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Thank you and your wife for great service and fine craftsmanship! The Pan Flute arrived in time for the party! My girl loved her Birthday present. I am hoping she will really practice hard and learn the Pan Flute well. We all LOVE the CD and thank you for it. We play it all the time. We just love Pan Flute music. Thank you again. I may be ordering another one soon. Take care & God bless.

Jody Moon

9-13-13 - Clearlake, California

Dear Melinda and Brad,

Thank you so very much for the nicely gift wrapping!

This has turned out to be the best gift I could have gotten for my son. He told me it was his best birthday gift ever. That he was looking forward to learning the pipes.

I want to thank you again for your kindness in gift wrapping the gifts and for the complimentary copy of your recent CD Sampler of Panflute music.

1.If you ever need a recommendation, I give you a rating of 10!

2.Fast and easy ordering on web site, replies to e-mails, shipping

5.beautiful gift wrap

6.and most of all superior workmanship.

Love and prayers,

Veneta aka:


Website Hostess for:


9-11-13 - Tamarac, Florida

Dear Brad/Melinda,

Just to let you know my son is very happy playing his pan flute. Last night he had his first rehearsal with the church's choir for our Christmas concert and everyone was amazed with his ability to play with such accuracy and beautiful tone. As I said before he is autistic and has some mental retardation and this has been the most significant growing experience we think he has ever had.

Though the only thing we need to work with is the sharp and flats specifically in the lower notes and we might need some help not for the concert but for the future. So far he can play G# and F# in the higher notes.

You can edit this long e-mail and put it in the website to encourage other parents who might have children like mine.



9-10-13 - Lakewood, Colorado

I want to thank you so much for my panflute! I am so happy with it and enjoy it so very very much! My daughter is happy that I am so excited about playing. I am in assisted-living and can't always try to play the piano here as it might interfere with other activities in the building, so to know that I can always bring the joy of music into my life by playing this panflute here in my room is absolutely fantastic! You brighten my life with this incredible panflute and I can't thank you enough!

Many thanks!


9-6-13 - Cartersville, Georgia

Hi Brad.......I just want to share my excitement with you, as I learn to play my panflute. I'm coming along slowly, but surely with "Amazing Grace", and I'm playing "Precious Memories" even better.

At the age of 89 in a few weeks, it feels good to accomplish another instrument. It takes a LOT of practice, but I enjoy it very much! My violin is not getting much attention right now - ha!

Thanks again for all your encouragement. -Russ Dodd (Cartersville, Ga.)

8-22-13 - BC, Canada


Just a quick thank you, I appreciate the level of service you guys have. Thanks for everything and have a good day.


Jakob Taylor

8-18-13 - Natick, MA

Thank you, Brad and Melinda.

I just wanted to report that the 12-pike Pocket Pipes arrived in Natick, MA a few days ago along with the two CDs. Many thanks. My daughter is trying them out and will be playing them in an upcoming production of A Midsummer Night's Dream where she is playing the role of Puck.

Thank you-- it's a nice-looking instrument and she can produce a very good sound. Not a toy, as Brad said, and I'm grateful for that.


8-12-13 - Manhattan, Kansas

Brad and Melinda,

I was shocked to open my door and find the mailman delivering the pan flute I ordered just three days ago...all the way from Hawaii to Kansas. Unbelievably prompt service!!! And, all the contents were intact. Thank you for taking such care in packaging.

The workmanship is beautiful and the sounds magnificent. It will undoubtedly give me many, many years of enjoyment.

Truly appreciative,


8-9-13 - Queensland, Australia

Hey Brad, How are you? I have just received the pan flute half an hour ago. Didn't take long to arrive in Australia and be delivered. Have unpacked it and blew a few notes. Sounds beautiful. Will let you know how I go when I have played a song on it. Thank you so much. I will have many happy hours on the pan flute, it was something I have always dreamed of playing. I believe now that the other was a toy. Will keep in touch to let you know how I go. Thanks again. Regards Gwen

8-5-13 - Boxwood Music Festival Nova Scotia, Canada


We had a terrific time with your flutes and I attached a photo of the class in case you can use it. We all would have been playing your flutes (except the instructor) if the other order had arrived in Canada in time. Thanks again for your fine craftsmanship that made the flutes a treat to play.

Janet -

7-27-13 - Perth, Western Australia

Aloha Brad,

Just want to say thank you. My pan flute arrived safely in the mail yesterday, it's a beautiful instrument, I'll make sure it is well looked after and I look forward to learning to play.


Paul Hubbard.

Perth, Western Australia.

7-25-13 - Queensland, Australia

G'day brad, we received our pan flute from you, in the amazing time of 6 days!!(from all the way from Honolulu to Australia) wow! we are very happy with it, and will continue to practice and learn.

cheers, and thanks from down-under


7-22-13 - Mpumalanga, South Africa

Hi Melinda,

Thank you ever so much! Natasha is over the moon and literally jumping for joy J

Warm regards to you and Brad and thanks once again for the excellent service you provide!


7-20-13 - Astoria, Oregon


Tomorrow I leave for the Boxwood flute camp in Nova Scotia where we'll have fun with your panflute. I've had it a few weeks now and it's great! I especially like how well the wood is finished off. A friend complained that she tried the panflute (not yours) and the pipes were rough and chewed up her lip. I was happy to report to her that mine is smooth and even. The signature on the back was a nice touch but it's rubbed off already. Maybe you should sign in the middle where people are less likely to put their thumbs. Great book and DVD too.

Thanks for the flute!


7-18-13 - Lancashire, UK

Hello Melinda

Thank you for the dispatch update.

I must compliment both of you on the exemplary level of service that you have given,

I would certainly recommend you to others.............Service with a smile it definately was.

Kind regards

Terry Lendrim

7-16-13 - Bellingham, Washington

Dear Melinda and Brad White,

I was amazed to find the pan flute book in the mailbox today. It arrived sooner than expected! Thank you for including the beautiful CD Dreamscapes as well. I cannot say enough about the overall beauty of the sound and style.

Prior to last week I had never met anyone else who played the pan flute. The gentleman gave me some basic instruction I had been missing, and showed me a copy of Puscoiu's Complete Pan Flute Book. I was thrilled to find the book on your website, and plan to, with purposeful practice, attain to a new level of playing.

Thank you again for sharing your passion and expertise with the world,

Anita Calkins

7-13-13 - Glenville, New York

I recieved the Tenor panflute a while back, about 5 days after I ordered. I find the instrument easier to play the more I use it. Even if I haven't gotten around to watching the DVD yet.


7-10-13 - Seongnam, South Korea

Dear Melinda,


Today(Jul/10) 2:00pm, I got the parcel you've mailed.

Thank you for your efforts to reduce my burden of custom tax.

And, thank you for your complimentary copys,too.

I'll do my best to learn how to blow the panflute.

I'll keep in touch with you.

Joongchul, Ahn

7-7-13 - Orcas Island, San Juan Islands

Hi Melinda and Brad,

My panflute has landed. I would say it is: Pipin'Hot !!!

I am already having so much fun learning how to create a beautiful tone.

I was showing off your beautiful flute to the local musicians at the morning coffee hang out on Orcas. I have been invited to "jam" with them at the Doe Bay Music Festival !

Whistling a happy tune,


7-5-13 - Seoul, South Korea

I wanted to inform you that the panflute arrived yesterday (07/04/13).

Thank you for your amazing service.

-Tae Hee

7-2-13 - Yavne, Israel

I get it now , its an amazing instrument !!! Very beautiful !!! Yummy !!!

- Josseph

6-28-13 - Clarkton, North Carolina

I am so looking forward to this. I bought a 13 pipe pan flute off of Amazon that was listed as "professional". It wasn't and I was very dissappointed. Brad's videos and his rapid response to questions was what sold this. Looking forward to playing this in church and just knocking around with all other styles....

Again thanks, David

6-25-13 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Melinda,

The Panflute arrived in the mail on Thursday. Looks and sounds great. My son is already loving it even though he still has to learn to get a steady sound out of it. But hopefully he will enjoy it for a long time.

Thank you so much.

Jolanda Van Dijk

6-22-13 - Fox Point, Wisconsin

Thank you, Brad!!!

The Grand-Tenor arrived here in Wisconsin safe and sound! What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L instrument!!!! I've dreamed about having one these for several years!!! I picked it up and have had no real trouble playing it immediately!!! I've played harmonica for a number of years, so I think the idea of breath and lip control has helped. I can't play it like you can --- but I'm glad to have your example of what I can truly hope to do with the GRAND-TENOR after some dedicated and consistent practice!!!!

Thanks for making the world a BETTER PLACE, Brad !!!!!!

Peace and all Good to you !!!!

 Bill Stout, OFM

6-16-13 - Denton, Texas

Hi Melinda,

We received the panflute in yesterday’s mail – I am so thrilled! The craftsmanship is outstanding.

My daughter comes home this week-end from camp, and I cannot wait for her to see it. Thank you so much.



6-15-13 - Palm Coast, Florda

FYI, in receipt of my panflute minutes ago. Of course like a typical guy broke open the box and went right to it without reading any directions (ya know, like with toys, or whatever, nah, don't need the instructions, I can do it). Well, rude awakening...... but there is hope just minutes after giving in to Brad's written instructions I was on my way : ).. So, now I begin my journey and hopefully, in time, I will entertain family and friends.

Thanks so much for the timely delivery. The entire ensemble is all I had hoped for. Best wishes to you both and thank you for providing me something to look forward to. Should my better half and I ever return to your beautiful island we will make every effort to meet you in person, meanwhile.


Larry Torino

6-14-13 - Wee Waa, Australia

Dear Melinda,

Panflute arrived yesterday morning. Well packaged and thanks for the small message from Brad on the packaging.

Love it! and spend a few hours last night driving the kids and wife mad trying to play big classics like the “Titanic” and “El condor passa”.

Maybe a bit ambitious for the first day but it was fun.

Will now start practising scales and building up some good tones, for a few weeks, before trying big songs again.

Great instrument and beautifully finished.

Thanks Brad, Melinda and your team for great service and quality product.

Regards Peter

6-13-13 - Fort Pierce, Florida

Thank You Brad, Melinda, and Associates,

Received my pan-flute today, you have created a Beautiful instrument.

Spent three hours right away familiarizing myself with it and was able to play the notes, (find my lip placement) pretty quick (had watched videos on-line, on how to play, before ordering) the higher notes are harder to accomplish..

Looking forward to making it sound like.. "music"..

Brad, You play so Beautifully,

Love the "Dream Scapes" dvd.. wow !!

Thank You*

Everything was wrapped So Pretty, very sweet*

Thank You*

The Construction is superb..

Thank You*

Music (and sewing) are "my thing"

been a singer/soloist since childhood

played Hand-Bells, Loved that..

Was a Great experience!

Your courtesy, personableness, and ever so quick delivery

have so impressed us..!!

Thank You Very Much !!


6-11-13 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Melinda,

I am writing to let you know that the Panflute just arrived this morning at 10:00 am. It was delivered by the regular postman and I didn't have to pay any extra charges for duty….thanks so much. The package was in excellent condition and everything inside was packed well and undamaged. I am impressed with how quickly it got to me. Thank you so much.

I am looking forward to learning how to play this beautiful instrument. I tested it out and the tone is just lovely. It is so nicely made and I love that Brad has signed it too.

Thank you so much. I will definitely enjoy learning to play this beautifully crafted instrument.



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