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Letters from very happy customers - 2012

12-28-12 - New Jersey


Your customer service is outstanding. I am looking forward to learning to play the pan flute and hope to surprise my pianist daughter with a tune.

Bill Woods

12-26-12 - Minnesota

Words alone cannot begin to thank you enough for your great web site and the high quality pan flutes you offer on it. My fiance (Lou) ordered a Grand Tenor and gave it to me as a Christmas gift and there couldn't have been a bigger smile on my face if I tried. Though visiting your site several times, making beautiful music with a pan flute was only a dream until yesterday. I was first drawn to the beauty of the pan flute after listening to a band called "Andean Fusion" in San Antonio a few years back which led me to your web site. Now, thanks to your web site (not to mention a great Sweetheart) I have it within my reach to enjoy the enchanting sounds that I've fallen in love with. Thank you, Brad!

Jim Denn

12-21-12 - Holtsville, New York

Thank You so much, you two seem like loving people that care about your customers. Will keep in touch as myself will be purchasing more pan flutes with more pipes maybe in the future for my father. Thank You. - Mike

12-19-12 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha Brad, just received my pan flute, thank you for your prompt delivery. My wife is not a musical person like I am trying to be, but appreciates fine wood work, she was impressed, thank you for that too. Looking forward to getting to know my new instrument and will get in touch with you when I need. Thank you again.

Aloha from Hawaii Kai, Ron.

12-18-12 - Fort Collins, Colorado

Hi Melinda,

The flute arrived and I love it. I'm doing fine with it. I'm an old man (71) who has played many instruments including the silver flute (along with the recorder, NAF, sax and clarinet) so the only problem is moving to the correct note. I'm on a fixed income but as soon as I have the money I plan on ordering your Grand Tenor. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the Pocket Pipe and the Fun Pipe I purchased from you.

Thank you and Brad,


12-16-12 - Alberta, Canada

Hi Brad,

 I received the beautiful "gift" today, otherwise it may have been hung up in customs for another two weeks, thank you.

 It arrived in fine condition (very well packaged -- thanks, Melinda) with no extra added postal charges. Your workmanship is excellent and obviously crafted with fine attention to detail. I found it to be highly responsive and sweet in tone. Soon I will order your soft case for it. Now I must do it justice and apply my knowledge and experience to the technique required.

 I played through "Sally Garden" but it sounded like a split lip and a punctured lung! I will improve.......

Thank you very much, cheers, Andy.

12-12-12 - Ontario, Canada

Hello Brad & Melinda,

It arrived, and I’m thrilled! Thank you kindly for also providing the music and instruction CD with it to encourage success. No notes came out at first, but it’s coming along!! Looking forward to many happy years with it, practicing alongside our kids’ piano lessons. It’s such a wonderful, uncomplicated, portable instrument that can produce such an intriguing musical sound, yet offers plenty of challenge!

Your customer service has been terrific, and it’s great to know it’ll continue to be available if I have any further questions.

Thank you so much,


12-11-12 - Belgium

Hi Melinda, Brad,

I have received the panflute just yesterday!

It is fantastic! The sampler CD is also superb....


12-10-12 - Rochester, New York

Purchased a Grand Tenor three yeas ago. Of the several instruments I have played, it is the only one to allow me the privilege of becoming one with it and the music it plays--what a "high"!

Thank you for making such a quality product, for the excellent teaching materials and for the promp serviced you provide.


12-9-12 - Worthington, Minnesota

I received it today and love it!!!!! My son loves it more though and has already figured out some Christmas tunes by ear. He has a Irish Tin whistle coming from England so I hope to get my flute back soon. Thanks again.

Bill Bolt

12-8-12 - Garner, North Carolina

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I received the panflute today and am very excited to get started.

I wanted to thank you for the CD sampler, the songs, and the Hawaii movie. I have been to Hawaii twice and the pictures brought back wonderful memories.

When I browsed through the book I noticed, and was quite satisfied, that the book starts at the very beginning. English not being my mother tongue, this will help with music terminology.

Panflute does not look like an easy instrument to play, but it's going to be an interesting journey :-))

Best regards

Marina Coppedge

12-6-12 - Kamban, Australia

Hi Brad

I would just like to thank you for the care you put into my purchase.

Incredibly thoughtful and beautifully presented. I am so grateful for your efforts - plus, I'm REALLY crap at gift wrapping, so am especially delighted!

You have far exceeded all my expectations, and without doubt will be highly recommended to all.

All the best to you and your family this Christmas, and safe travels.

Your gifts will become our great pleasure!

Kindest regards


12-5-12 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dear Brad and Melinda,

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I received my Pan Flute this morning. Despite the fact that it's supposed to be a Christmas present, I opened it immediately (I did order it myself, after all). It is, of course, a beautiful instrument that appears to be solidly made. I had no problem playing each pipe straight out of the box. I found the smaller pipes a bit harder to blow, but I'm sure a little practice will fix that.

Thank you for your prompt service. I'll be in touch as I begin to learn to play it.

Thanks again.

Richard Cory

12-3-12 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Brad. Just received my panflute here in Nova Scotia, Canada. It feels and sounds like a real quality instrument. Can't wait to learn to some tunes!




12-1-12 - Maine

Hahaha---thanks for the heads up! You guys seem very "real" and add a personal touch to all you do. It is nice to work with that kind of establishment. I got the panflute for my son who is quite musically minded. He asked for one awhile back but the one we got was more of a toy.

Thanks for doing business as you do---it almost feels like I "know" you. You probably get that a lot---well keep it up! It is a good thing! - Jacki

11-29-12 - San Francisco, California

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I got the well packed package after work today.

Thank you for all your warm comment.

I opened package and played the flute.

I have never played the instrument only the toy pan flute but the sounds came out easily. I like the sounds.

I enjoyed playing some music sheets on the book of you can teach yourself before dinner and will some more after dinner and listen to your CD.

Thank you!!


11-19-12 - Lakewood, New Jersey

Hi Melinda and Brad,

We've received the flute (Grand Inlay).

Thank you very much!

The care you've put into instrument and everything between my call to order and today - are praiseworthy!

If you will ever need a live recommendation to your product - do not hesitate to give my email for that purpose to your future customers.

Best regards,

Pinchas Tishyn

11-17-12 - Holly, Michigan

Dear Brad,

Just a note to let you know I've ordered another 18 Pipe Tenor for my 40 yr.old son. He'd heard about my pan flute and couldn't wait to see it! He's a gifted musician; plays guitar, ukelele, piano and anything he can get his hands on WITHOUT A SINGLE LESSON. When he first heard me play, he teared up and asked if he could try it; blew into it without anything but air coming out. I showed him how to shape his lips and position the flute, he started to get a little sound out of it, but blowing too hard. I asked him to gently blow as he would into a wine or soda bottle and he immediately produced some notes. He loved what he'd done and I knew this was what I was buying him as a Christmas gift!

I am now able to pick up my Tenor and play anything by ear. With practice, the notes become clearer and clearer, finding the correct tube almost immediately. My speed at note changes are getting better with time and practice. I find myself playing for hours at a time because I can't put it down. Far from mastering my Tenor, I hope to someday play in duet with my future wife, Eva, who is a concert pianist and singer.

Thanks for everything!

Terry W

Holly, Michigan

11-14-12 - Carindale, Australia

Hi Brad,

 My panpipes arrived yesterday, the craftsmanship is excellent. After playing the basic South American ones for 7 years, it only took an hour to get the hang of them. The quality and the range of the notes is great, thanks Brad.

- Raphael

11-9-12 - Taiwan

dear Brad White:

A good news for you, I got the panflutes the seventh in November in Taiwan.

thank a lot, I like it more than the Chinese made panflutes. because I have some made from Chinese.

A few days later, I could ask you some skill about the panflutes because I am a new player.

aloha, macgasen weng.

11-7-12 - Ixelles, Belgium



This morning I received a nice package from far away in the Pacific Ocean with an immaculate panflute inside. I loved immediately my nice panflute with its clear and perfect sound. I feel that it will be a true companion every day of my life. I am really very happy for it.

Many, many thanks to you both. If one day you feel the desire to have a visit to Brussels, you are welcome and I will be your guide to show you some marvelous things, for instance the museum of musical instruments, the unforgettable Great Place etc.. You'll taste the Belgian chocolate made with the best cocoa of the world. With a lift you'll climb up to the highest sphere of the "Atomium" to discover the whole panorama of our nice capital while enjoying a delicious ice-cream. Many people speak English here so you'll feel at home. Life is much cheaper than in the USA.

Very friendly yours.

José Devos

11-6-12 - Glenrothes, United Kingdom

Hi Brad & Melinda,

Just to let you know that I have received my panflute today, very impressed with the quality of instrument and exemplary service. From first contact through to this point of receipt, Pan flute was well packaged and I thank brad for CD it is a personal touch not seen very often. Was able to play notes from lower register from out of box but will follow your excellent instructions to follow the correct leaning curve. Thank you both for making my first steps with the pan flute an easy one, there is no doubt that i will get many hours of pleasure from this new venture.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to all my friends and colleages



11-5-12 - New South Wales, Australia


I just want to let you know that I have just received the pan-flute.

Also want to mention that it looks great!!!



11-5-12 - Streetsboro, Ohio


I received the pan flute today..Now this is a Pan Flute &

worth every penny spent for it...Thank you for the amazing service..And THANK YOU for the CD and the lessons on the DVD....

Thank You so much for everything, Don DeCoursey, Sr.

11-4-12 - Gainsville, Florida

I received my G tenor pan flute on Friday; I love it; great sound and workmanship. I am able to get a good sound on all 22 pipes but have not even come close to achieving sharps or flats. I play a native American Flute and didgeridoo and realize that a few weeks should solve the problem

- Dave

10-28-12 - Tahiti, French Polynesia

Hi Melinda,

My panflute arrived yesterday in a perfect condition and no problem with customs.

Thank you for the complimentary CD.


Sylvain KOAN

10-27-12 - Montana

Melinda, Brad

Thank you for everything. The package arrived Friday afternoon. As stated many times on your web site, the outstanding workmanship was a delight. I particularly appreciated the extra gift Brad included. I am sure my family and myself will soon wear the album out from numerous hours of listening pleasure. Your service and products are outstanding. I look forward towards purchasing new items from you. By the way, what kind of electronics are you using? Great set up.

Thank you both.


10-17-12 - Omaha, Nebraska

Oh, Brad, I am SO excited! I can't believe how quickly the panflute got to arrived Monday! The first night, I was able to play each note, which absolutely shocked me. I have finished practicing for tonight....and was able to play a rough version of "Danny Boy," and was even able to add a little vibrato! As you know, I had some real doubts as to whether I could produce enough air, due to my right vocal cord being frozen. But I am able to, and I really think at some point I will even be able to play very well, as long as I continue practicing daily. I have never, ever played a musical instrument in my life and, at age 60, am just overjoyed to finally find something that I can play and which an unlimited potential for the future! Please know that, when I get accomplished on this panflute, I want to go ahead and purchase one with three octaves so I can play anything a silver flute can play. You've got a devoted customer, Brad, and thank you again so much for all your help!



10-14-12 - Chicago, IL


I received the panpipe Friday. It's a beautiful piece of machinery, built very solid, right in tune, and plays beautifully. Thank you for the fast service, great communication, and wonderful instrument!


Jim Conway

10-11-12 - Kuwait

I received my flutes yesterday. Again, they are a work of art in the quailty of craftsmanship and the sound they produce.


Vincent L. Grimes


10-8-12 - NSW, Australia

Dear Brad and Melinda White

Thank you for your e-mail and your pan flute.

I have received the pan flute yesterday.

It is so beautiful and greater sound than I expected.

Thank you again and I will enjoy playing the panflute.

Kind regards,


10-5-12 - Kuwait

This is Vincent from Kuwait again. I have one 22 pipe and four 12 pipe pan flutes.

I have not expressed how much I love playing your flutes. The response I receive from folks in Kuwait and my occassional trips to India have been overwhelmingly positive.

I want to order more.

Please let me know. I am ready to order as soon as you reply back to me.

Thanks again for your prompt and awesome customer service. I thank God for finding you guys. I have always wanted to play the pan flute, but I had always found bamboo flutes only. I always had a negative desire to purchase a bamboo one. When I found your website I was excited. After buying your flutes, I have fallen in love with the quality and sound they produce in my music with praising God each time I play. Thanks again.

May God continue to bless your business and music endeavors.

Thanks again. - Vincent L. Grimes

P.S. I have been asked by many to produce a CD of my Pan Flute, American Indian Flute, Harmonica, and Trumpet playing. I am currently coordinating for a flute CD in November.

9-25-12 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Just wonderful Brad. I very much enjoyed chatting with you. Thank you so much for sharing your lore and great enthusiasm for the music you champion. It really shines through.

Le deagh dhurachd (Scot. Gaelic: With best wishes),

Jason Horton

9-16-12 - Scituate, Massachusetts

Dear Melinda and Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that we just received the panflute. It looks beautiful and survived the long trip to Boston.

My son is giving it to his girlfriend for her 20th birthday next week and I know she will enjoy learning how to play it.

Take care and thank you.


Lynn & Rocco Ferrera

9-10-12 - Waterford, Michigan

Dear Maestro White,

I've received your Tenor Pan Flute that my lady, Eva had ordered for me. It came quickly and it is beautiful.

Now, following your instructions, I'm making headway. I'm captivated by the haunting, hollowed sounds that come from this instrument made of wood. I definitely want to play it well and captivate this same lady who has my heart.

Thank you for the Pan Flute, your Great Music, and I remain,

Very Truly Yours,

Terry Ward

9-2-12 - California

Hi, Brad and Melinda. I wanted to share with you that I went to my monthly flute group today and the flute you sent me was the biggest hit. I gave everyone your web site... so maybe you'll get some orders out of it. My flute group thought your flute was incredibly well-made.

I'm not sure if you've heard of Mary Youngblood, she is a Grammy award winning Native American flute player. She was at our group today and played the flute you sent me.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you both. Thanks for such a great instrument. Many people are enjoying it. I even had one teenage boy try it today and he sounded like a natural right off the bat. Everyone stated the construction and tone were great. They were very impressed.

Thanks again for such a great instrument, and all you sent me. Much love to you both.


9-1-12 - Pleasant Hill, California

Dear Brad:

Just a note to say that I've really enjoyed the tenor pan flute that I received from you two months ago. Thank you!

I have only been able to devote about 30 minutes per week to it, but I've made some decent progress and thought I'd share this video of your lovely tenor pan flute in action (as you've invited your customers to do):

Click Here

I've been considering asking you about lessons through Skype, but it might not be for a few months until I can budget for that. : )

Thanks again, and if you have any quick tips for me, they would be most appreciated!

Kind regards,


8-29-12 - Wellington, New Zealand

Hello Mr White,

I am so greatful when I finished work today and the first thing that makes me feel better during the long day at work was the brown box was sitting on my bed with my name on it. This is a great gift for fathers day on this weekend. Once again I thank you so much for this beautiful intrument, I will do my best to study and learn how to play the panflute. May God bless you and your family for doing a good job.


Sianava Sianava.

8-22-12 - Singapore

Hi Brad W,

I've recieved the beautiful panpipe that you sent this morning. I love it!! The arrival was faster than you mentioned..

Thank you very much and i will order one more soon.


Arthur Chua

8-20-12 - Norway

Hi, Today i got my Grand Tenor panflute. Now I have a lot to learn to play with this beautiful instrument.

And thanks for your cd.

Sidaras Andrius

8-18-12 - Bangalore, India

Hi Melinda,

I just arrived back in India from London after performing at some of the venues during the Olympics. I received the Panflute!



Dr. K. Benny Prasad,

8-16-12 - Adelaide, Australia

Hi Brad,

I received my cherry pan pipes today they are awsome and they look good, sound good, and nice to hold. Thank you so much Brad and also thank you for the pan pipe cd, "what i have listend to so far is great!" thanks for that, Brad could you keep me informed of any new pan pipes you maybe adding to your shop in the future, I just love my new Pan Pipes cheers.

Blessings Willie Kingi (Adelaide Australia)

8-14-12 - Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania

Hi Brad and Melinda

The pan flute arrived today! From Hawaii to the top of the Appalachian Mountain in PA.

It's beautiful!!

I have already viewed the intro on the DVD and will/am practicing. :)

I must tell you that I played the harp for a church congregation this past Sunday ( my first time playing there) and upon wheeling the harp out to my car I passed through the folks having a social time.

Well, a lady said as I passed by "Now you need to play the flute."

She really caught me off guard as no one has ever said that before!

I had a quick response though and replied that I actually had one on order.

I thought, "Wow,God, you're really trying to tell me something!"

So thanks so much.

I really have my work cut out for me learning to use my breath and mouth instead of my fingers!



8-5-12 - New Brunswick, Canada

Hi Brad,

It arrived today and now the work begins ;)

Your instructional DVD is excellent and very helpful.

The sound is awesome and I am going to spend the Winter months trying to become worthy of this beautiful instrument.



7-30-12 - Mt Pleasant, Michigan

Thanks Brad!

I just received the pan flute today :) I'm very pleased with it.

My sister had given me a pan flute that she had purchased when she was visiting Mexico. I couldn't get it to sound very nice, so I resorted to youtube: "how to play a pan flute;" consequently, I found your video, consequently, I wanted your Fun-Pipes.

These sound beautiful!

Anyway, thanks again!


7-26-12 - Aqaba, Jordan

Dearest Melinda & Brad

Many thaaaaaaaaaaanks, i'm really really too happy, i have just recieved my pan flute, it's lovley cute & quite, really i love it,now i'm watching your instructional DVD, & i will ask for a day off tomorrow to listen to your music

Many thanks for you & wish you the best luck

Sent from Ammar's Samsung Mobile

7-23-12 - Lehigh, Florida

Hi this is Jonah, I just wanted to say that the pan flute has arrived. The craftsmanship is quite amazing. I will keep you posted on my progress.


7-22-12 - Sabadell, Spain

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I wanna let you know that wednesdey I recieved your panflute.Thank you very much

for mailing it so quick and thank you brad for giving me the dvd and your cd.

The sound of the pipe is verry clear and strong,I love it.We are studing very hard.

Saludos from Spain.Lucian Dumitru.

7-21-12 - Bangalor, India

O yes I got my panflute today! Thanks so much, Melinda. To me, this panflute means a lot. I don't know how to play it yet. But someday, I will be good. A lifelong search just ended for me, and now the music begins.

You and Brad are like God's instruments. I will keep in touch with you. :)

Thanks so much. God bless you both. You are just great.

I'm so happy. :)

God bless you two wonderful souls.



7-20-12 - Grants Pass, Oregon

Hello Brad and Melinda,

My panflute arrived today and it is beautiful!!! I hope to get started learning to play right away. I appreciate your promptness in getting the order out and also your willingness to help me learn.

Great people! – May the Lord richly bless!

Judi Kendall

7-18-12 - Malaysia

Just to let you know that the 15-pipes pan-flute arrived today and my wife really loves it!

Thank you also for the soft case, book and DVDs, which were wrapped so nicely.

That was a great experience for us, and I am sure that my wife will enjoy it a lot.

Best wishes,

Saeid (& Somi)


Dear Melinda and Brad,

I just wanted to thank you for the whole package. Specially thanks for very nice wrappings and the card. My pan-flute is awesome and it is the best gift I have ever received. Playing pan flute was one of my dreams that came true today.

Best Regards,


7-16-12 - New South Wales, Australia

Hello Brad

The Cherry Wood Panflute arrived today, that's 1 week from when I ordered.

It is beautiful and has such a wonderful sound.

Thank you for the CD.



Thank you also Melinda for the great service you and Brad have provided

7-7-12 - Rome, Italy

Dear Melinda,

thank you very much for your kind help and patience!

I have a very good news to communicate: I went personally to the local

delivery service store ... and I have the flute!

I am getting to know it now and it is a great pleasure. Thank you

again for everything you have done for me: it was very nice of you and

I am very grateful. Have a wonderful Summer!

Frantisek Fudaly

7-3-12 - Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Brad

The Cherry Wood Alto pan flute you shipped to me arrived today (9-30am NZ time) and it is gorgeous. I've had a introductory play on it and it has great potential. It will be a real challenge to be able to tighten my embouchure (make it smaller) so that I can sound the upper register cleaner and crisper. I am used to playing my Grand Tenor which has much larger pipes and requires a larger embrochure. Many thanks for the "sampler C.D." you sent. I listened to it this morning and I was impressed - you play real well !!! Many thanks for your prompt and helpful service; it's been a pleasure to do business with you and your good wife.

Kind Regards


7-2-12 - Raleigh, North Carolina

I just received my flute in the mail and I just want to say that it is awesome! thank you so much


6-27-12 Leesburg Virginia

Brad, thank you for spending time on the phone with me last night. I never expected to find an online vendor that I can call up and ask pan flute questions, but I found one with you. You obviously love the instrument and care about your customers, and we thank you for it. The grand tenor pan flute is beautiful. My 18-year son (and fellow musician) was as excited to see it arrive as I was! It is very solidly built, carefully crafted, and sounds great. This is my first pan flute but, as you know, not my first instrument, and I am very impressed by it. If anybody is reading this and trying to decide whether to buy from Brad, quit putting it off and just do it. You will not be disappointed!

Gary Bisaga

My general background: Lots of music including flute/sax/clarinet, guitar, piano, etc.

6-20-12 - Taichung City, Taiwan

Hi Melinda;

The pan flute package has been received on last Saturday (16th of June).

Many Cities have been suffered by the flood last week and a typhoon with super heavy rains is hitting here now.

Thanks for the package and I have heard my niece playing with it very happily from downstairs in the same apartment building.

Best Regards

Denis TSAI

6-15-12 - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Brad and Melinda,

I was anxiously waiting for my pan flute. Got it today. What a beautiful work of art. Sound - Wow! It is so much richer and mellower than the bamboo one that I have. I thought I sounded pretty good on my old pan flute. But the workmanship and quality really matters. I looked at the instructional DVD. Very well done! Very detailed and easy to understand. I have taught myself by observing Zamfir and others and have been playing it for over 20 years. I am definitely going to enjoy my new friend.

Thanks to both of you for the best customer service that a person can experience. I feel like I have known you for a long time.

As one musician to another musician, Bravo!

I have not listened to your CD yet but I did listen to your selections on your website and I loved every song that you posted.

John Skorich,

Terry Sanford High School Orchestra Director

Fayetteville, North Carolina

6-9-12 - Kalahari, South Africa

Haloha Brad

Just to let you know that my panflute has arrived! It was 4weeks for delivery here in my small town in the Kalahari, South Africa.

I took it out...tried it out and is playing my first song, YOU RAISE ME UP.

Thank you again for the excellent service and friendly assistance. If any queries,I'll pop you an email.

Take care,


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