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Letters from very happy customers - 2009

12-30-09 - Milwaukee Oregon


Thank you for the Grand Tenor, I have not stopped playing. I am quite amazed at the beauty and sound quality.

I have two other pan flutes both out of tune, and much smaller tubes. I have always have had a difficulty playing consistently producing sound.

I have watched all the teaching video's on you tube.When I received the DVD I watched it. When you said to blow as if spitting a pumpkin seed, I tried it, it works all my notes are now crystal clear.

I currently minister on a worship team at, in Damascus, I am a singer and the drummer and (pan-flute,double ocarina,tin flute,double Indian flute.

Thank you again

In Christ's love

Doug Lawrence

12-29-09 - Milwaukee, Oregon

Brad, Thank you . I wanted to say how beautiful this instrument is. I just received the Grand Tenor today. I am very impressed with the sound quality. Everyone in the house says it is time to go to bed,I said I'm just getting started I've only been playing for 10 hours. I've got this week off and will be playing till my heart is content.



12-28-09 - Sackets Harbor, New York


Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas has settled some, I want to take a moment to thank you for your generosity and kindness. The pan flute I ordered from you came in plenty of time for Christmas, thanks to your willingness to ship it out express, even though I was having such trouble with my card that evening! My Paypal payment went through first thing the very next morning, but you had no way of knowing for certain that it would and still you shipped my gift anyway. In doing so, you made my twelve year old son a very happy boy, and you further instilled the spirit of Christmas in my whole family! People like you are rare gems in this world, and I am blessed to have been touched by your spirit. Thank you again for taking such great care of me. Your kindness will never be forgotten; it shall be added to my list of greatest Christmas stories.



12-28-09 - Ontario, Canada

Hello Brad,

I bought your 15-pipe pan flute 8 months ago. My family just got me your special 22 Grand Tenor pan flute that was sent to my son Jordan, for me at Chrstmas. What a surprise! I still can't believe I got it, Thank- You Brad. I'm always on your site to learn something new.

Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!

Brian, Ontario, Canada

12-27-09 - Fayetteville, Georgia

Dear Brad & Melinda,

What a lovely way to send a gift. Thank you so much for the personalized way you sent the pan flute to my Granddaughter. I was in Fayetteville for Christmas and was wrapping all the gifts that I had sent there when I picked up the box from you. The note you wrote on the outside of the flute box was very nice. My Granddaughter kept it because it came 'all the way from Hawaii' . And you had said 'Aloha' on there.

Thanks for your kindness and professional way of doing your business.

All the best in 2010,


12-26-09 - Tooele, Utah

Thanks Brad,

My wife was just looking for a stand for my diderjido as a Christmas present, when she happened to find your website. She had an inspiration of purchasing your flutes, and she had the opportunity of talking with you. I'd like to give you a history of who I am. I am a native american flutist and play many different indigenous instruments. I love to listen to the pan flutes and now that I have one of yours, I have found how fun and exciting it is to learn how to play. Here it is one day after Christmas and we are playing, "Greensleeves and Amazing Grace." I though I would let you know that I never say no to anything because it may come back and bite you on the *!*. Some day we may meet, thanks again and may your heart soar like an eagle.

Ole Wilson

Ska Wa Ha cnaka

12-26-09 - Gunnison, Colorado

Happy Holidays

Just writing to say thanks for the "Fun Pipes" they sound

great. After I feel efficient with my flute I may want to purchase

another from you in the near future. I am able to produce great sound

with mine, but I never learned to read music so learning songs may be

difficult. As of now I am improvising and playing by ear, which is

working very well. Again thanks for awesome instrument,

Justin Pepitone

12-24-09 - Petoskey, Michigan

Hello Brad and Melinda :)

I received my pan-flute the day before yesterday! Yea! Thank you tremendously for the speedy service!

I've managed to get pretty strong solid tones out of all but the shortest/highest 5-6 tubes, which I'm really happy about. I know I'll get all of them in due time.

The sound from this thing is *gorgeous*!

I've even found it convenient to be able to practice *quietly* (just moving from tone/tube to tone/tube accurately), simply by blowing softly instead of full force.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!


12-23-09 - Green Forest, Arkansas

Hi Brad and Melinda,

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my five CD's yesterday and have already listened to them all and I'm starting through them a second time. They are beautiful and so soothing to listen to. My husband who is more inclined to bluegrass and country western really enjoyed them and can't wait until I can learn to play my pan-flute that good. Well, I'm not so sure about that, but I am hoping to play well enough to impress him, and me too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Johnson

12-22-09 - Singapore

Hi, Brad & Melinda,

I am impressed that the pan flute arrived safely and smoothly within a week's time.

It was really an exciting moment when I received it from the delivery man. I managed to pick up some tips from the DVD and started playing with it. The sound of the flute is fantastic. It is soulful and soothing. It is really the best gift for the Christmas.

Meantime, Aloha and wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Best regards,

Gek Chin LEE


12-19-09 - Chatanooga, Tennessee

Dear Mr. and Mrs. White,

I have gotten the pan flute and I thank you again. Thought I would let you know that I got a 97 on my project that I used it for. I also have an idea for a new pan flute model if you're interested.

Yours truly,


12-17-09 - Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Hi Brad

Panflute arrived last week but I've so busy I haven't had much of a chance to have a go but my initial impression is it is going to be fun!

I got a good sound straight away (maybe because of my flute ability) and managed to play easy tunes. It is a beautiful instrument and I'm looking forward to doing it some justice in the New Year. I especially enjoy playing 'The Lonely Shepherd' and in a large room it sounds very convincing. I'm going to make myself a backing track when I have time.

Haven't tried it with a mic and effect yet but looking forward to doing so.

Have a fantastic Christmas - hope it snows!

Thanks again


I'm a professional wind player - mostly sax and clarinet but I do play flute to a reasonable level.

12-14-09 - Sabetha, Kansas

Dear Brad

Your package arrived today. What a nice surprise to see them all beautifully wrapped, the girls are going to be so excited!! Thank you so much.


12-13-09 - Stockholm, Sweden

Hej Melinda,

The flute arrived in the morning of December 2.

As I opened the box I really looked forward to see and test the flute...

But you had done such a fantastic job wrapping the parcels, that I could not bring myself to open them!

So now I have to wait for Christmas eve, when my daughter will open them. And by the way, my daughter loves the type of candy bar you stuck on the outside.

This Sunday we dressed our Christmas tree and my daughter said that the thing she wished for the most this year was a pan flute. She wanted it even more badly than new games for the Nintendo...

So, once again thank you for your excellent service and I'll send you a picture of a very happy 7-year-old girl :-)


/Stefan Jelvin

12-11-09 - Victora, Australia

Hi Melinda!

Just a short note to let you and Brad know that my "Grand tenor" pan flute has just this morning arrived, and to thank you once more for the great service and quick delivery times here "downunder" in Australia.

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010.

Kindest regards

Merv' Daye


12-8-09 - Illinois

Hi Melinda,

Your box arrived yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to open it today. I was trying to think how I could make a Hawaiian type Christmas card to go with the flute while I was cutting open the USPS box. WOW! What a surprise! I never expected that it would be wrapped ... AND,.. a Hawaiian Christmas card too!!

Well, as much as I'd like to open it and see the flute, I'm not going to disturb your great Christmas wrapping!

I'll be looking forward to seeing Bob open it on Christmas!

Thanks so very very much!

Happy Holidays!


12-5-09 - Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Hi Brad and Melinda

The pan flute arrived to-day, thank you. I have already managed to get a reasonable sound out of it. Brad's DVD is very helpful. The problem is my breathing at the moment, I cannot hold a note very long but no doubt that will improve.

Kind regards,


12-4-09 - Barbados

Yo Brad - got the flutes. Just want to congratulate you on an excellent product. Nicely made, nicely presented. Very very nice. TX for 'wrapping' the flute for my sister. think she'll love it. (Hope so) !

Best wishes to you and family.


12-4-09 - Lampertheim, Germany

Dear Mr. and Mrs. White,

Thank you very much for your friendly emails. Nice to meet both of you.

What a wonderful surprise to receive your package from Hawaii from the postman today! The delivery was really fast.

Unfortunately, I have not had enough time to do more than to open your package and to look at all the great things in there very quickly... but as soon as I have finished sending you this mail, I will have a closer look at everything and try to work through at least the first step of Lesson 1 of the course. I feel extremely curious and really happy right now.

Thank you so much for your nice hand-written note on the box containing the pan flute, Mr. White. What a nice surprise!

When I saw my new pan flute for the very first time I could hardly believe my eyes... first of all because I have never ever seen a pan flute except on television or on the Internet and because it is much bigger than I had expected. What a wonderful instrument! It looks great and it feels interesting to touch the wood.

You see, I love the sound of pan flutes so much. All these melodies are so touchy. I have been playing keyboards for a couple of years now and I now have my second instrument, which has a pan flute sound I use very often. How much I hope I will be able to play "El Condor Pasa" on my real pan flute one day!

Thank you so much for giving me permission to contact you if I have questions! I will do my very best to not disturb you very often. And I will keep you posted on my progress (hoping there will be something like that).

Have a nice weekend. May God bless you.

Greetings from Germany,


12-2-09 - Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda,

I received the parcel today with the panflute inside, first off i would like to say thank you to both you and Brad for the amazing service, the transaction couldn't have gone any smoother. Now i opened the box to find the amazing panflute inside, amazing work and it sounds beautiful. Pleasure dealing with you both.

Thanks again,


12-1-09 - Swansea United Kingdom


Hi Brad. Received your pan pipes today they're fantastic. I can't get over how well made they are, and the sound they produce is great.

Thanks again brad, and all the best to you and your family. Heath.

11-23-09 [Before]

Hi brad. I recently bought a set of panpipes off ebay for $15 and I cannot make a good sound come from them. Is it because they are cheap and nasty, I would gladly invest in your fun pipes if they will make a great differents.

Many Thanks. Heath.

12-1-09 - Queensland, Australia


My name is Chris Hulbert; I am 15 years old. I bought one of your pan-flutes (a wonderfull instrument) about a year ago, but never really got time to use it. Now that I am enjoying the Christmas holidays, I can practise every day! I am having so much fun with it, sometimes I stay up quite late at night with it, just playing around. Even though I am not very good at the moment, I hope one day I will be able to play songs that are easy on the ear! I would like to say, thank you for introducing me to this incredible experience and I hope to be able to play as well as you someday.


Chris Hulbert

11-28-09 - Warner Robins, Georgia

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I just wanted to let you know that my flute arrived today. I am very excited. It is beautifully made. I couldn't wait to get home to open it. I was able to get sound immediately. Amazing grace/my chains unbound plays great. I look forward to watching the dvd lessons as well. i am also looking forward to ordering a grand tenor very soon. I was tickled that the flute arrived so quickly considering it was a holiday week. Ordered Tuesday 11/24/09 and received it Saturday 11/28/09. I bet it would have been here on the 27th had it not been for Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Will be keeping in touch with you

May Adonai richly bless you

Renee Smith

Warner Robins, GA

11-25-09 - Kassel, Germany

Hi Melinda and Brad,

My panflute arrived yesterday, in great condition.

I am so happy, thank you very much! It looks and sounds wonderful.

Thanks for your DVD - how to play it.

Kind regards


11-25-09 - Mountain View, California

Melinda and Brad,

The pan flute arrived...and i am sooo happy! it sounds beautiful. I'm already almost through the book thanks to previous musical experience - now its just practice practice practice. Getting those special sounds and hitting the right notes. I am amazed at how natural it feels to me.

Thank you!! and have a great thanksgiving!


11-24-09 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hi Melinda and Brad,

My Panflute has arrived, much sooner than I expected. It's beautiful! And I can make some sound with it. Still a long way to go, but I just like the sound anyhow.

Thank you very much both.

ps: The post worked beautifully, I didn't have to pay anything extra.


11-23-09 - Papakura, New Zealand

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for the panflute. It arrived at 7.30am this morning. Thankyou for the way you packaged it so well and for your great customer service. Will let you know how we get on.

Many thanks

Sharon Nepe

11-22-09 - Worcestershire, UK

Hi there Brad & Aloha,

Just to let you know that my panflute arrived on Friday quicker than I thought which is good. I have managed to get a few notes out of it, its harder than it looks I am going to watch the dvds sometime this week so hoping that will help! Yes so thanks lots I will be in touch, I would love to be able to play it in church at some point in the future as it would be great in worship !

A happy customer


11-21-09 - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Hi Brad ,

Just got the flute and I have a new appreciation to your playing ... I love the sound and I can see the potential.

I have not looked at any of the material yet I am going to do it right now .!

So , thanks for the great package you created and I am looking forward to staying in touch as I progress .

Peace , Avi .

11-21-09 - Czech Republic

Hi Melinda,

we have received the panflute Saturday, Nov 21, at 7:00 GMT.

Thank you very much.

Ladislav Krivanek

11-20-09 - Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

hi, just writing to inform you that my panpipe arrived yesterday. it sounds great.



11-16-09 - Toluca Lake, California

I just received my panflute and it is beautiful!! I'll be working hard to do it justice!

Thanks again,

Michealene Melus

11-12-09 - Timaru, New Zealand

Hi Melinda... James flute has arrived safe and sound!! Thank you, he is driving

us crazy now- every spare minute he plays along to all his fav cds that he

couldn't before, due to the small and restrictive size of his old pan flute!!

Thanks again for such prompt and friendly service. - Alison

11-8-09 - Finland


The flute arrived on November 2nd.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


11-7-09 - Belevue, Washington

Thank you for the great instrument! I am learning a bit each day. The sound is great!

I am working on a album and will be using the pan flute in it. As I get better I hope to be able to use it to dominate the tracks.

I did a song I used your panflute in, just a couple parts and some backgrounds, not as much as i would have liked to put in... its on YOU TUBE the songs called Alone at sea by David Lundin

I would love to colab on a song with you, maybe you could bless one of my songs sometime!! Love your sound!!

Thanks again for the Quality, and great customer service

Thanks, David

11-6-09 - Peru, Venezuela

GOOD NIGHT BRAD AND MELINDA FRIDAY Yesterday 06/11/09 I received my FLUTE DE PAN, very nice!


11-5-09 - Mumbai, India

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for the reply. My friend has picked up the panflute for me from the postoffice.



11-3-09 - Ontario, Canada

Hi Melinda,

I read some of the comments on your website about your EXCEPTIONAL customer service… I’ve experienced it first-hand. My thanks to you and Brad for your speedy and friendly communications.

I’ll let you know when it arrives.

Regards, Ian

11-2-09 - Glascow, Scotland

Hi Melinda,

The Pipes arrived this morning, great, have just got a little tune out of them, now I need to practise, many thanks.

Best Wishes


11-1-09 - Springfield, Illinois

Melinda & Brad,

My Panflute arrived day before yesterday. I've spent considerable time with it already and have been able to create some consistent and continuous sounds, which I didn't think I'd master so quickly. Can't wait to get back to my learning. The dvd is quite helpful.

That's my progress to date. Look forward to getting back to practice.

Dale B.

10-29-09 - New Hyde Park, New York

Hi Brad,

Thank goodness for Youtube. Without it I may never have discovered you. It's so nice to be able to see and hear you play different songs. It does a lot to inspire, and to bring the instrument with all its possibilities alive. You seem to be a dedicated musician and a compassionate human being. Please continue to use your gift of music to bring comfort to people.

It's been a pleasure to do business with my new friend from Hawaii.



10-28-09 - Springfield, Ilinois

Dear Mr. White,

I just wanted to let you know I received the flute yesterday. I immediately played the instructional dvd that came with the book and watched the beginning of it, stopping at the intervals section. After two hours with the flute, I could play all of the studies and most of the songs up to page 37. Thank you so much for recommending this set for beginners. My husband has also taken an interest! I've been practicing and after a few hours today, it sounds much better than when I first picked it up. Thank you again and we look forward to purchasing more flutes in the future! And thank you for sending me the link for "May it Be". After a bit more practice, I will hopefully be able to perform that song just as beautifully.


Jenet Courtney

10-27-09 - San Diego, California

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful music you've brought into my life. Your DVD video lesson is great and I enjoyed our phone conversation.

It's hard for me to express the joy & feelings of peace I get from just playing, even at my very basic level, & hearing these beautiful instruments. Now I need to practice and that in itself is a joy.



San Diego, CA

10-25-09 - Syracuse, New York

Aloha Brad & Melinda! I can play all the notes on my grand-tenor and am now able to get a lot of the sharps and flats! I just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond customer service. Your help and kindess has truly been a blessing! Also for anyone that reads this and are worried or nervous about purchasing a pan flute online...don't be! Purchasing a pan flute from Brad and Melinda is the way to go!

- John Ginn

10-23-09 - Wisconsin, USA

Thank you very much. I wish all business worked as you folks do. Wonderful

Brad.. Well today started off bad. The weather was bad. I went and had a root canal done at the dentist office. But....when I got home, USPS had been here and my flute arrived. Boy am I impressed with the way you do business. I only had a short time to look it over and blow through it. The workmanship is great and I even got sound out of it. And I thought that only a big engine or my model A cars could get me excited. I will get after it later.

Thanks so much for the great service and turning my day around

Russ Cederholm

10-20-09 - Adrian, Michigan

Hello Brad and Melinda,

I just bought the 18 pipe tenor and on my 1st day I was able to hit all 18 notes, I LOVE IT! I can stumble through The Heart Will Go On as well as Unchained Melody (I think that is the name). I'll continue to work on my form but after just 2 days I think I'm off to a great start.

Can you suggest some books/videos that would explain the notes and reading sheet music?

I'm working a lot of hours right now but I will always look forward to getting back home so I can practice.

I'm so happy :o) Thank you!

Best wishes my friends,

Trent Campbell.

10-17-09 - South Australia

Hi Melinda and Brad

My pan flute has just arrived ( very Speedy mail, less than a week) Thanks very much I can't wait to get playing.

I'll go and start practising right now.

Cheers Pauline

10-14-09 - Kempton, Pennsylvania


I just wanted you to know the pan flute arrived here safely today. I just got home and opened it and read the instruction sheet and am watching the video basics as I write this. VERY cool instrument I can't wait to get a handle on it.

Its nice that its in C major by default - and I was absolutely shocked reading in your instructions that I can learn to get semitones out of it! Thus to play F major i just hit a Bb or G major hit an F# and I won't even have to retune!



10-09-09 - Charlotte, North Carolina

I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying my beautiful tenor pan flute, now one of my favorite instruments. Thanks for the assistance ordering over the phone and the speedy shipping from Hawaii to NC. Mahalo.

--Henry Sanders--

10-08-09 - Middlesex, United Kingdom

Hi Brad,

I was actually using your DVD when your mail came in. You are an awesome teacher! I even managed to play The Old Rugged Cross, complete with a vague vibrato from my diaphragm. The Good Lord blessed me with the ear to play what I remember so, once I get the hang of it I will play along with Classic FM on the radio.

Thank you for such a wonderful instrument and your inspiration.

With Best Wishes and Aloha,


10-03-09 - Louisville, Tennessee

Hi Brad and Melinda

Thought I would let you guys know that my left hand grand tenor arrive today.

Its all that I hoped for and then some.

Now I am in the process of unlearning bad habits. Its back to practicing for me. Ill pop in from time to time to let you know how I am doing.

Thanks for all the support


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